First I must say that I so thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's trip reports and reviews, because they help me choose the winners and losers for my next trip to LV. That is why I am including my report as well, as boring as it may be.

First, I booked with funjet vacations for a pretty well priced package at the Luxor. I found that everything ran very smooth for such a great price. It was my fiance's birthday so I reserved a limo for pick-up at the airport to make this a first class trip from the beginning. I found the $50 wasn't necessary because the same Limo company had a Limo that would take three or four parties to their hotels for $5 per person. Besides, when the Limo driver dropped us, and waited at the Luxor for a quick check-in then a trip to the LV Hilton to see the Star Trek Exhibit he was harassed to the point of almost arrest by LUXOR security, and luxor security detained us for interview to find out if we had hired the limo driver, or if he was trying to solicit our business. We spent twenty minutes trying to straighten out the mess, insisting he was waiting for us, before we were able to go on our way. ( I found this very unprofessional of the Luxor security. I know that they must have a problem with unwanted cabbies or Limo drivers trying to get business, but there is no reason why we - their guests - had to go through such a negative experience the first hour we had been in Vegas).

Anyway, the Luxor had no rooms available at 1 pm, so we went to the Star Trek exhibit after the hold-up. We listened the whole way to the driver complain about the harassment he recieved, not only there, but at a lot of other hotels,(We adjusted his tip accordingly).

The STAR TREK exhibit was neat. I've never really watched star Trek, but my fiance was really into them so I walked through the pictorial display, read the timeline from the first episode till now, and saw a lot of the original costumes and paraphanalia from all the shows while we waited in line for about a half hour to the ride. (We were there 15 minutes before we they opened). The ride was composed of actors that prepared you for the experience, and then a neat simulator ride. I felt it was kind of hokey, but I knew my fiance liked it. Worth the money the first time you see it. When we left then line had doubled into an hour wait.

Afterwards we headed to the Quark bar and had a very large concoction, blue, alchoholic with two straws and smoke coming from it, served by a very strange looking character ( a Romulin if I remember right). It was a little expensive $12, but was a neat experience, and I felt a little tipsy after drinking it. Passed by the small Trekky casino figuring it was a tourist trap, but it looked fun for Trekky enthusiasts. Afterwards we thought we'd walk to the strip, then head back to the LUXOR. Not! The map makes things looks much closer than what they are. Passed by the Marriott Suites which I had considered staying in before the trip, and found them isolated in a seedy area away from the strip with a pool the size of my living room. Caught a cab back to the LUXOR.

Our room was a Hot Tub Suite. It was pretty nice but I paid way more than I should have ($400 a night). We were in the pyramid rooms, so the windows were slanted inwards at a great degree. We had a pool/mountain view, yet had to press my nose against the window to see the pool below. I feel the room was worth $150 at the best, but you live and learn. At one point I told my fiance I felt I was walking uphill to the the t.v. from the bed, he said he noticed the space above the door widened from right to left. Well we took a plastic coke bottle and put it on the floor against the wall and let go of it. Gravity alone pulled it downhill towards the bed. After we returned I learned from a construction worker on the LUXOR site that the main pyramid had sinking problems, and that they built the additional towers to anchor the pyramid from sinking further. I knew we weren't crazy!

Don't get me wrong, the LUXOR is a very unique, classy place that isn't as crowded as the other casinos. If you get a decent room rate it's the best on the strip. The pool is very big and nice for adults with one main rectangular olympic size? Pool with columns cascading water from them, and then a somewhat circular like pool with different cascading waterfalls at all angles(not much exciting for kids though), and it is not open year round. We also found a very nice blackjack dealer that turned my $50 into $700 the last couple of hours of my trip. Finding my way to my room also was very confusing with trying to find the certain inclinator that would bring me there, but it was not terribly exhausting like some of the other large hotels. The RA nightclub was neat but had a long line waiting to get in. (1 hr) The breakfast buffet was visually exciting (columns, heiroglyphics,sphynxs etc. but the food consisted of several main breakfast staples - French toast, cube hash browns, sorry sausage links etc. (The same as in the frozen section of your local grocery store) repeated from one end to the other.

We took the walkway to the Excalibur which seemed a bit "cheap" if that's the word. Did'nt stay for long before we walked through "New York, New York", got lost, a little confusing. They had a really neat, extremely large arcade for kids (even though a lot of the games and motion simulator rides were a buck each, which could bankrupt a parent fairly quickly). Then we went on the roller coaster which was about an hour wait at 9pm. People said that was nothing compared to what it usually is. It was fun, but nothing better than other Great America Coasters I'd Been on. We saw the dueling pianos at the bar downstairs by elbowing our way through the crowd standing at the door to the bar inside where there were seats. It was an exciting, free fun show. A definate must do!

MGM was very large. After we got halfway through the casino we figured we better head back before we were lost.

Went to the Rio for brunch the next day. Got there a 15 minutes before opening and enjoyed the best buffet ever. Everything you ever thought of eating was there and it was cooked very well. I only wished my stomach was 4 times larger to hold all that I wanted to eat! They also had enormous margaritas in souveneir glasses practically the size of a suitcase. The whole way home on the plane we were constantly trying not to break them. We made it though! Their pool area wasn't open, but looked very nice with sandy beachlike entrances to small/medium sized pools with water falls etc. Also a beach volleyball ball, and a small stage that it looked like musical perormers could play on. It looked like it could be kickin' at the right time of year. We played their blackjack tables - did well- personable employees, and my fiance almost fell off the stool everytime the waitress brought him a drink. The waitresses have these leotard-thong like uniforms, and are very shapely. He announced that we would be gambling here more often! We would have stayed here the next trip however in the cab ride over we saw that there was no sidewalk from the Rio to the strip which isn't that far away. It's like a highway with guardrails close to the road so your sort of isolated, and you would'nt walk to the strip unless you had a death wish.

Last day we stopped at DIVE! by the Fashion Show Mall for lunch before we headed to the airport. Steven Spielberg's creation was very unique, and had lots of different frozen drinks which I like. Halfway through your meal, a horn sounds, water falls and you feel like your on a downed sub. They had french fries with lots of unique dipping sauces, and are a definate must see.

Anyway, I hope you have as nice of a trip as I did. I'll be coming back the first week of June "99, but this time I'll be staying a little longer.

I'll let ya know how things went then. Until, thanks everyone for the reviews and I'll talk to ya in a couple of months!