We have been to Las Vegas many times over the years but this town never ceases to amaze me. Seems to change daily. We arrived after an uneventful flight from Nashville. Lots of little kids on the plane so it was not too peaceful but ok. We picked up our luggage in about l5 minutes, no taxi line and off we went to Caesars Palace. It was about 11:30 am our room was not ready(this was Saturday) but we were given a temporary card for room charges and off we went to relax. Played a couple games of Keno and realized the peanuts and beef jerky (Southwest)were wearing off. We had a lovely lunch at Cafe Roma, by this time our room was ready. A Petite Suite on the 17th floor. The room was out of this world. Hugh the entrance way was 22 feet long and the room itself was 27 X 16. If you are looking for something special, this is definately it. The room had everything you could ask for. The bathrooms were wonderful. Yes, there are "his" and "her" baths joined by a shower for two. Grand!
We ate our main meals in the Cafa Roma. The classier resturants did not open until later in the day which did not fit our schedule. The meals we had were all wonderful. I love the blue cheese dressing. The steaks were great and the lobster was huge, served on a platter that filled half the table. The service was excellent and the presentation very good!

We toured Bellagio, I was a little disappointed. Maybe the hype was too much. It was nice and the Keno lounge chairs are great. The Sportsbook was also very nice. The consevatory was a little smaller then I expected. The flowers were starting to wilt the day we were there. Did not pay to see the art museum. There was a small line. The water show was very good, had a great view from our room. The monorail to Monte Carlo sure makes it nice to get around. The walkway from Caesars to Bellagio helps out too. Did the Coke and MM thing. Neat The Forum Shops are out of this world. A must see no matter how many times you go,you can't see it all in one visit. It's huge. Lot's of good food too. A great place to walk and people watch and take a break.
The weather was fabulous. High 60's and sunny. A lot warmer then it sounds. We were dressed too warm in jeans and long sleeves. You could actually lay out by the pool and be comfortable. Swim too. The pool area at Caesars is magnificent. Three large pools and three tennis courts and a nice place to walk with sidewalks, shrubs and palm trees. Very grand. The service inside the Casino was always good. Didn't have any trouble getting change or drinks when we wanted them. Had a wonderful time. Several nights we were there we were entertained with live music at Cleopatras Barge and at the La Piazza lounge. They play til the wee hours of the morning. It's great. You don't ever have to sleep here. The casino gets going after nine until whenever you give out.
Our trip home was interesting. When we arrived at the departure counter at Southwest we realized we had left our keys and phone in the safe. I called the hotel to see if they could bring them to us, we had only 50 minutes until it was time to depart. There were no more flights and since this was the Thanksgiving weekend we knew that everything would be booked solid the next day. Thanks to the staff at Caesars, they were able to deliver our stuff in time for us to get on that plane. This would never have happened any other place I'm sure. Our trip could not have been better. We had a great time and are looking forward to our next vacation. It will definately be in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.