Ours was a short trip to Vegas, only 3 days. My brother and myself decided we needed to get away from work and relax in vegas.... Hope my report isn't too long winded for yall :)

Day one. Our trip starts at 5:30 in the morning from Alabama... A short flight of 30 minutes to Atlanta, then a 4 hour jaunt into Vegas, let me tell you folks, four hours in a seat when your 6ft 5 can become MIGHTY uncomfortable, but i digress...

The weather in Vegas was actually quite nice and as always, McCarren airport was JAMMED with people, took us a good 30 minutes to get our baggage after we landed. After getting the rental car, it was off to our favorite hotel to stay, the MGM Grand. I know some of the people on the list don't like the MGM, but i've stayed several places *Caesar's, Mirage* and i like the MGM the best. The slots were calling my name and unfortunately for me, i wish they weren't! I lost 40 bucks in about an hour and my brother actually was winning about 5 feet from me, i told him since he was the winner, HE had to buy dinner :)

Dinner was in the MGM grand that night at a place called Ricardo's. WOW, this place was actually very good! I had a steak type dinner and a HUGE strawberry Margarita. Although a dinner for two set me back 45 or so bucks, this is a nice place to eat inside the MGM grand. *I relented and bought dinner since my brother wasn't feeling too well :) *

Day two The day started out with a breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe. This by FAR is the best experience of las vegas. Although the breakfast menu is small, the food was excellent and the scenery and the animatronics were very cool, even to a 29 year old. My brother and I were very impressed and checked out a dinner menu just to see what it said, we were impressed and decided to hit this place again before we leave. I'll get back to this in a moment....

After a nice breakfast, we decided to do some walking on the strip. We took the MGM monorail to Bally's and across the street to Ceaser's Palace. But as we were walking over, we noticed how HUGE the Bellagio was, very, very impressive looking. After some slots in Caesar's and of course some more losses by me, we decided to check out the Forum Shops again. The number of people that come thru this place in a day is staggering, i believe it's upwards of 30,000! Anyway, after some shirts were bought at Planet Hollywood *VERY expensive by the way, overpriced in my opinion but they are for friends, so money is taken out of the equation*, we decided to head on over to the deli. Now i'm not sure of the name of this place in Caesar's but it's a deli shop, along with some other small walk up eateries. They have a sandwich that is absolutely incredible. My brother and i shared one and it's a very good HEAVY snack if your tooling around Caesar's and are hungry.

To walk off our snack we headed on over to the Bellagio via the catwalk. An amazing place! It's absolutely HUGE. The architecture is very very impressive and i'm sure it's an exquisite place to stay. The pool looked HUGE and the staff was overly friendly to me. I did like the no children under 18 in the hotel unless they are children of a registered guest.

Found a 5 dollar roulette wheel and spent 30 or so minutes losing my 20 dollars but hey, it was fun!

Actually, got a little lost in the Bellagio and my brother and i had to do a little backtracking to get back to the Casino floor. We ended up down by some of the meeting rooms as they were preparing for the New Year celebration.

Walking out of the Bellagio, I noticed the wonderful lake that is out there. It's a nice little walk out of this establishment if you wanna see the new hotel going up. It's the one with the eiffel tower. I wanna say Mandalay Bay but i'm sure i'm probably incorrect on that assumption.

After a brisk walk back to the MGM Grand, I stopped in at the Coke Museum to buy some more gifts for Family members. Nice place, would have loved to take the tour but the number of people inside this place is staggering....BTW, the M&M place isn't any better, since it's next door. I stuck my head in for a sec , saw the commotion and got out toot sweet...

Dinner that evening was spent inside the MGM grand gambling and grabbing a quick chilli dog from Nathans. For all the people uninitiated about the MGM there is a food court past all the sit down resteraunts *Pizza, McDonalds, Chinese, Nathan's* Not bad if your in a hurry or wanna eat relatively cheap.

Day 3 Well, time to go home on this trip, our plane is at 3:45. We got up for a lunch encounter at the Rainforest Cafe. WOW, WOW, WOW, it's better for lunch believe me. I had the Planet Earth Pasta and my brother had the pork chops and BOTH were exquisite. The waiter said we picked the two best items on the menu for lunch. I believe him....

After some roulette and some more slots, i FINALLY started to win. Just my luck, leaving in an hour and NOW i start to win. So we finally head off to the airport to leave Vegas.

The flight from Vegas was probably the best i've ever had. Between getting the row of seats right behind first class *Most leg room i've had in YEARS* and the VERY nice flight attendent *Thanks Cindy from Delta!!!!!!!!* I had an extremely nice 4 hour flight to Atlanta. The trip home to Huntsville was short but a long time in coming!

All in all a very nice trip to vegas!