Stayed At Carriage House.Nice Big Rooms.Pool A Bit Small But Staff Great. Vacation Village For Half Of Airfare Is Okay. Roberta's For Dinner Okay. Arizona Charlies Great Great Place.Love The Place. Coffee Shop Is A Hidden Gem.Sunday Went To Primm And Jean Nevada (Had A Car). Best One Of The Lot There Is Buffalo Bills.Maxim In The Afternoon Is One Of My Favorites.San Remo Coffee Shop Has A Great Prime Rib Dinner. Boulder Station And Showboat Have Very Friendly Crew.Saw Amazing Jnathan At The Sahara. Hysterical Doesn't Begin To Describe The Show.Monday Orleans Breakfast Buffett Is Incredible.Great Pictures At The Stratosphere.Gamblers Book Shop Is A Must For Playersof Any Game.Battista's Hole In Wall Is My Favorite Italian Resturant Period. Sams Town Is A Fun Place And Has Very Good Games And Slots.Tuesday Gold Coast Ham And Eggs In The Coffee Shop For Breakfast Can Be Considered Breakfast Lunch And Dinner.North Las Vegas Casinos Are Small. Best Of Bunch Is Jerry Nugget.Emeril's At The Mgm Grand Is A Special Special Place.Expensive But Worth Every Penny.Circus Circus Is Nice For Families And Has Good Cheap Games.Wed.Northwest Area Of Vegas Fiesta, Fantastic Buffet Texas Station And Sante Fe Have Real Nice And Friendly Crews.It Is Worth The Trip.
Traveled Into The Summerlin Area. Construction Is Amazing. Will Giv 2nd Half Of Trip On The Next Webpage.

Had 10 days there with a car. Spent a lot in the casinos and a ton in the adult nightclub. See those reviews in the appropriate sections for lvol.
Wed northwest vegas casinos shoul be on everyone' list if they have a car fiesta buffet is a killer it's so good. Texas station and sante fe have real friendly personnel. Toured summerlin area. Construction is amazing. Keifer for dinner has a great viewand food, coconut shrimp to die for and expensive drinks. Go for food and view not the drinks. Hard rock for weird al yankovich show fun fun fun show.Now onto the dealers at this wonderful casino. They s***. They made so many mistakes (break ins?????) at every roll of the dice.They were more interestedd in skirt chasing than working (so was I to a point but I wasn't working).Perhaps if they turned down the boom box just a little and gave a damn and not flirting with the skirts they would do a better job dealing. And they had an attitude. Let's just say I won't play at tables any time soon. However the bar and the coffee shop were great.Thurs. Arizona charlies. Don'tknow what is better the food value or the friendly people. Downtown casinos provide great value for all or any players. Main street buffett is the best downtown by a mile.Folks you must do this one if you stop downtown. San remo prime rib at4am friday was okay, sunday' s was better but at 4 am and right by were you're staying who cares??

Friday my best friend came in at 11. Went to in out burger for quick lunch. Bonanza gift shop is fun albeit hokey. Treasure island and mirage are beautiful. Battista for dinner again best italian trhere is. I know i'm italian and sicilian. Venetian was nice go to the wax museum show it is great. Did the entire mid- strip do not go to the omnimax theatre right after dinner. Great ride but will rock your socks.Wanted to see cook e jarr at casino royale show starts att11pm. Waited an hour and a half. The guy's mike blew up. A twenty year qentertainer did not have a backup mike. That is hideous at best. Folks I was a roadie for awhile and the first rule of thumb is always have a backup. A girl sitting next to became a waitress. The waitress was in another world (hot looking but elevator didn't rise to the top). Was a tad bit upset. Harrah coffee shop okay. Then went to beach. I w as told my shorts were too long?????????????????????????????????????????? A bomb should drop on this place none too soon to make me happy. I guess that meant I could walked in with my underwear or naked and would have been granted admission. I'm not in a gang nor do associate with such. If need be i'll talk to made guy in the families if you know what I mean( but why bother? Let the country hicks and gang bangers have their fun. I'll party elsewhere.

Left carriage house.Paris is beautiful. Imperial palace auto show is a must see(had the batmobile). Riviera snackbar in nickletown is a great value. Checked into union plaza for last 3 days. Room was nice. Had some miles on it. Hard rock for a couple of drinks. Search out bartender named tony from syracuse ny. Guy was an absolute pisser. Crying we were laughing so hard. Everyone else was in another world. Mandalay bay nice.Luxor nice.Wound up at binion buffett. All others swamped. It was okay. Sunday. Binion coffee shop rules. Just do it. Nyny okay. Coca-cola and mm is fun.Pasta pirate at the cal was fantasic. Hidden ge. Saw steve wyrick. Go see him. Binion coffee shop at night is a must for the midnight steak special. Best value in a town full of them.Monday goldengate shrimp cocktail are a steal for a buck. Bellagio has best dice dealers this side of binions.If you play dice go there.It ain't cheap but the dealer just are unbelievable.Fast and very efficent. Main street buffett was fantastic again. So folks there you have it, and this was the short version.Let me know what you all think. Can be emailed at above address. Later,