Very evenful trip with the best gambling luck I have ever had. Stayed at a pyramid room at the Luxor. Nice room, with subdued ancient Egyptian decor, but not very luxurious and a very ordinary bathroom. The Tower rooms sound nicer. 

My friend met me at the hotel, and his girlfriend and her friend from Europe were staying at Mandalay Bay. They had a room with an fantastic view of the strip, and the room was incredibly nice. Stone entrance, with large bathroom with separate tub & shower, plus marlbe floors in the bathroom.

The Luxor has drastically improved over the years. The lobby, and check-in area is stunning with large statues and lots of marble and cherrywood in the check-in area. I was down about $150 after the first full day of gambling, but the next morning I played the electronic roulette machine at Luxor. Put in a $20 bill, stayed there over 2 hours and left with $289. Also had similar luck playing regular roulette that day. Had lunch buffet that day at Luxor, and it was good, but nothing to brag about. Fresh food, with a good Mexican station, a not so enticing Chinese station, and no real premium items. Carving board featured ham and turkey, but no roast beef or prime rib. Very friendly service was a nice bonus though.

MINI-DINING REVIEWS: Had lunch the next day at Caesar's Palatium buffet and it was surpringly good for the small selection. Loved the chocolate cake with the edible Caesars medallion on it. The first night I took everyone to San Remo for their prime rib special for $5.95 (great price for a complete dinner, plus it is a 24 hour a day special). My friend had the NY strip steak/shrimp
special at Mr. Luckys at Hard Rock Casino. He liked it so much he had the same thing the next day. Only 3 shrimp, but they were truly jumbo size. Mr. Luckys also has a special late night menu, but the steak & shrimp special is available 24 hours a day. My last meal in town was at the Regale Italian restaurant at Excalibur (formerly Lance-A-Lotta Pasta). I had the linguini with clams in red sauce. Unfortunately, they goofed up and gave me white sauce, which was returned, and the entree was very good when it finally arrived. Still my favorite Italian restaurant in Vegas.

The rooms at Venetian are incredible, but I still think I prefer Mandalay Bay, but not by much. Another big plus for Mandalay Bay is their huge wave pool (fronted by a large sand beach). To one side of the wave pool is a lazy river. This has to be the best pool complex in Vegas. We were all impressed by the fountain show at Bellagio, as well as their botanical garden. Had dessert at Paris, but didn't spend much time there (at least enough to form an opinion anyway).

My friends girl and her friend checked out of Mandalay Bay after the first night, and stayed at Motel 6 (close to San Remo). They told us the next day they received several obscene phone calls that night. Not only obscene calls, but the caller described what they were wearing that night!!!!!! Eventually they called the front desk, and they advised disconnecting the phone.

I was in LA when the quake hit, but returned to LV on the 17th for my flight out later that night. Had more good luck at Luxor (winning at roulette & elec. roulette). Also cashed in a couple winning sports bets, but I got slaughtered when the Packers lost to the Broncos. I also lost at roulette playing at the Tropicana in the afternoon, and playing blackjack at San Remo. Overall though it was a good gambling experience to leave town being on the upside in gambling.