Had a wonderful trip. I left Spokane on SW to and my Parents left Seattle on SW as we met in SLC and flew together to Vegas. Everything went very smooth on the way down no problems at all. I really liked SW.

Arrived in Vegas about Noon on Tuesday and immediately found door #5 to take Las Vegas Limousines to the Flamingo Hilton for our 3 night stay. Rode with 4 other people from Boston who where staying at Treasure Island so we were dropped off first. Checked in at the VIP line since I had a Hilton Honors card, waited until 2pm to get my room. Asked for a strip view but got a sunrise view and pool view instead which ended up being very nice. Checked out the casino and played a bit while waiting for our room playing .5 and .25 machines only. A little luck here and there, but didn't keep track of wins or losses. Dad wanted to rest to Mom and I went up the strip to check out the Venetian. Passed by O'Sheas, Imperial Palace, stopped at Harrah's to get their slot cards, Casino Royal, then Venetian. Venetian is a beautiful place. The gondola guys were very nice singers. It was really hard to hear them since the regular hotel music was also playing. I wish they would turn that down a little. The line for the gondola rides was not bad at all, maybe 10 people. Looks like they could take 4 people at a time. $10 per person. Hotel shops lookes interesting except not to many people in them. Food court was also nice. Walked through the Casino, but nothing must have caught my beacause I really don't remember much about it. Outside was really nice, I remember saying it would look even nicer at night. Walked across the street to Treasure Island to pick up our Mystere Tickets for Thursday night. Caught the 4pm Pirate show. Great. They had the mist machines going since it was hot that day and the people waiting to see the show that were standing underneath them were really getting very wet. Funny. Show was really great but would be even better at night. Caught the tram over to the Mirage, crossed the street to Harrah's and back to the Flamingo to pick up Dad for dinner. Dinner tonight was planned at the Rio. I had heard we could get a free buffett if we had Rio and Harrah's slot cards. Caught the Barbary Coast shuttle (next to the flamingo) over to the Gold Coast and walked over to the Rio. If you like stained glass you will really like the Coast Casino's. Signed up for the Rio cards showed them our Harrah's cards and immediately got out free buffet coupons and got into the VIP line. Were seated immediately and our drink guy was great. Dinner was very good too. make sure you save room for the desserts. YUM!! Caught the 8pm Masquerade show in the sky, caught 4 necklaces they throw to you. Watched the dancers and entertainment too during the show. Quite a show. A must see. Dad found a slot machine under the show that was really good to him. I think it was some kind of apple pie machine. .25. No machines were good to me that night, but I was just happy to have my necklaces. Caught the Rio shuttle back to Harrah's and walked back to the Flamingo and were so tired we hit the sack. We are not stay up late kind of people.

Wednesday up at 6am breakfast at the Victorian Room at the BC. Ok, not a big menu, but not bad. Started our South Strip loop today Ending up at Freemont street at night. Started at the Bellagio-Beautiful Beautiful, beautiful. Very elegant, would love to stay here. Gardens nice, everything very clean and smelled nice. Tram to Monte Carlo, we stayed here last time and really liked it. The tram really adds a positive for this hotel too. Walked through playing a few machines then off to NYNY. Played a big machine for the fun of it, then off to the tram to Mandalay Bay. Too bad it is in front of the Excalibur. We didn't even go into there because the tram was in front. Mandalay bay was really nice too. Nice and open as everyone has mentioned. Slot cards are really pretty. Played a $2 machine by the slot card sign up and it for $40. Yeah. Took tram back and got off at the Luxor. I really like the entrance to this hotel. Seemed a little run down inside, but I really like the architecture of this hotel. How do those elevators work anyway. Tram back to Excalibur and walked over to the MGM. A band was playng in the middle of the day. I really liked that. Had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Great atmosphere too. Lightening storms every 1/2 hour and elephants trumpeting, leopards roaring. Fun.. Food was ok, but not outstanding. Met VG at the showbar lounge along with Frank the Webmaster and another couple Darrin and Lynn from Winnepeg. All Very nice people, and I am glad I made it to a meet. VG is a great guy , very informative too. His hair is not as gray as it looks in the pictures so I almost didn't recognize him. Then off to Bally's via the Tram. (long walk to the tram) Decided to sign up for the slot card and play a little. Glad I did. I hit a double diamond machine .25 for $480. Wow a hand pay. Lots of Fun!!. Headed back to the Flamingo to hit the pool for the afternoon. BRRR. Pool was very cold. Could hardly swim. It was also very crowded, but we were able to relax a little before hitting the casinos again. Dinner tonight is at the Center Stage Restaurant at the Plaza. A glass dome at the end of Freemont Street overlooking the street and show. Great place to see the show and eat. Took a cab from Barbary Coast 13.70 plus a 4 dollar tip. Dinner was Prime Rib and Mom had New York Steak. Very good. Waitiers did everything for you too. Prepared potatoes, ground pepper, Great Service. Walked down Freemont Street catching a few more shows, gambling a bit at the Golden Nuggett. Hit a $1 Haywire machine by the bathrooms for $150. Dad was really getting sore legs and knees so he bought a cane at the western shop there. Headed for the bus back. Last time we did this the bus stop was only one block from the end of the street, this time it was 4 blocks. Dad was really hurting by the time we got to the bus stop. Bus was fine. Sit by a window to see a nice view at night. Gambled a little at the Flamingo again before hitting the sack.
Not much planned today. Breakfast Lindy's lunch at Bugsy's Deli. Played around the hotels near the Flamingo all day. Dinner tonight is at the Cheesecake Factory at the Forum shops. Great dinner. Big portions, great service. Mom's birthday is tonight so we had them sing happy birthday to her. We ordered a Kahlua Almond Fudge Cheesecake, YUM!!. Next stop was our Mystere Show. Show room was beautiful. Show was incredible. Couldn't believe the talents of the performers. A mix of a little comedy too. Fabulous show> Another Must See. Put Dad in a Taxi back to the hotel while Mom and I walked back to the hotel to enjoy the lights and play a little more. One of the tigers was also walking around at the Mirage. Ususally they sleep. Great night for a stroll. Great end to a nice day.
Friday. Mom and Dad had to leave at 11am to catch their flight back to Seattle while mine didn't leave until 5pm. This morning we decided to try the Flamingo Breakfast Buffet. Very nice. No complaints at all, and no line at 8am. Played a little more until paking up and leaving. Mom and Dad quickly caught an airport shuttle to the airport while I decided to hit the pool. Well, too cold so I hit the jazuzzi's and laid in the sun. Nice a relaxing before I had to leave. I called LVL to take me to the airport. They forgot about me so I called again and they were there right away. I was the only one to the airport. I felt like a queen. Fun.
We boarded our flight about 15 minutes late, but sat there for another hour while they fixed the captains seat. They gave us all free drinks so it was a very happy flight home.
Oh I forgot, somewhere in there we saw Paris too. I liked it a lot. Nice and bright with French music playing. Atmosphere was really nice.
That is my report. I really liked Las Vegas, but near the last day was ready to go home to my small town where there weren't as many people and it was quiet again.
Viva Las Vegas!!!