We left home on Friday Oct. 9th. Arrived in Las Vegas on the 12th. We stayed at the Imperial Palace. Thank God there was not a line at check-in. Stayed on the 7th floor(non-smoking floor) But no matter where you are it still smells like smoke. The room at least did not. Everyone that we came in contact with that worked there were wonderful. You have to make sure that you put the do not disturb sign out on the door after your room is clean or else the maid will go back in and take any dirty towels and not replace them. We found this out when we went to the car to get our stuff. We also found that our door was not shut tight. So after that the sign went out. The towels were clean but had an awful odor to them. If you stay for a few or more days they do not change the sheets. The air conditioner worked ok.(except the last day ) We were there when the earthquake rumbled and they were efficient to speak over the speakers. Scared the crap out of us. Be prepared to do alot of walking. It was great though. I think the PD should get rid of the hawkers with the sex brochures everywhere you look. There are more families there and personally I do not think it is a place for anyone under 18. If we ever go again we will drve it again and try to stay at the same place. Great location. Had a GREAT TIME.