Visited October 20-22 for my birthday with my Mom (left hubby at home to babysit). Stayed at Imperial Palace because we use our slot and VP points to comp buffets (for breakfast and dinner, our only two meals). Visited Paris in the daytime and at night--what a sight the Eiffel tower! Enjoyed the free Cabaret performances while we gambled. Especially enjoyed the "Second Chance Poker" slots that keep your winnings but give a second change for an even better hand with one or more additional coins. Check out the Paris bakery if you have a chance--the food is wonderful! A little on the high side, but our afternoon snacks were beautiful and delicious. Also visited Bellagio, which is pretty, but seems overrated. The most beautiful things about Bellagio are the water shows (which happen every 30 minutes in the daytime and every 15 minutes after dark), and the Conservatory, which I understand they change monthly to get a different floral theme. However, the "guards" that kept you away from the steps of the wedding chapel were a little aggressive--a simple "you cannot enter" would have been enough, but they acted like we were storming the castle by trying to get a glimpse of the flowers on the landing. Sheesh!

Won a $200 jackpot on a $1 20x pay slot on my second pull at Harrah's--split with my mother, as we both contributed a $1 for the chance to "see what would happen". Also hit a $250 jackpot on a Blazing 7's machine in the back of the Imperial Palace right before bed (both on my birthday-happy birthday to me!). Visited the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and the Grand Canal Shops at The Venetian for a little birthday shopping, both of which I loved. These are two of the most beautiful casinos in town, in my opinion. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. All in all, had a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to visiting again next October for my 32nd birthday--Alladin 2000 will be open by then, and I'll venture farther down the strip again. Good deals: as always, the volcano at The Mirage, the pirate battle at Treasure Island, a new fountain show in the addition at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace, Bellagio's fountain shows, and the concerts every day at Harrah's--all free, all the time. Go and enjoy!