After hearing about Halloween parties in Las Vegas two friends and I decide to go. We really didn't have the funds to stay on the strip since the trip was last minute. On the recommendation of a co-worker we decided stay at the Vacation Village. The recommendation was right on the money. Great hotel and excellent BJ. We (Silvia and myself) left San Diego at 10 p.m. the night of 10/28/99 to go pick up Patty her cousin. We decide to stay at Patty's house until 5 a.m. Finally we were on our way. The drive was uneventful except for a 18-wheeler that caught on fire with brand new cars on it. We arrived at Vacation Village at 9:30. Knowing check in was not until 3 p.m. we decided we would still ask for an early check in anyways. The lady at the front desk said no problem. We had our room key within 5 minutes. Instead of growing straight to the room Patty and me decide to hit the $2 BJ tables. This was not my first visit to Vegas but it was my first time playing BJ. I know the dealers were going to give us all kind of bad advice but the didn't. They were the nicest people we have meet since going to Vegas. Not one or two dealers but the majority of them. We sat down and played with a dealer named Andrew. Great dealer!!!! He told us when to double down, when to hit, when to stand and basic strategy. Before you know it me and Patty were up a combine 120. At the same time Silvia was playing the slots. She wasn't really into BJ at first but boy did that change. Patty decides she was going to change tables after losing about $20 dollars. I stayed at the same table and for the better part of two hours was up about $260. At this time it was about 5 p.m. and we still hadn't been to the room. I asked if I could be comp a free meal and Anthony (a really cool pit boss) said no problem and I had my comp within 3 hands. That is fast. I decide to get up and look for Patty and Silvia. Where did I find them on another BJ table with about $140 in chips in front of them. This was a really great way to start of a trip. I really wanted to go to the room but when somebody is hot you can't pull them from the table. I know I wouldn't want someone to pull me away. This is where I learned the most important lesson of all my trips to Vegas. When you decide to walk away you walk away. I am up $260 and decide I will sit down at a table. After losing about $40 dollars (betting $10 dollars a hand) I started chasing. I should've got up but I didn't the next thing you know I am down to $60 bucks. I was so pissed but I am glad I learned the lessons soon because it allowed me to leave Vegas ahead $200. I was so made that I lost that I went up to Silvia a demand the room to the key. After taking a shower and calming down I realized 1) I learned a valuable lesson without losing money that I intended to use. (I lost house money) 2) I was now 10 p.m. and the girls stilled hadn't been to the room. I went down to the casino to see that they were learning the same lesson I learned earlier. I had to drag them from the table. At first they were made but the thanked me later. While they were in the room taking naps and showering I went back to the tables. By the time I went to go get so we could go to the strip it was 12 a.m. and I was back up to $220. Damn I love Vegas. I you ever stay at the Vaction Village Anthony and Bill (Pit Bosses) and Andrew, Baliwant, Glenn, Sailor (ex navy), and Jerry McGwire (looks just like Tom Cruise) (dealers). Will take care of you. The next two days were even better.