My trip report begins by saying that Sunset Station Hotel and Casino is the GREATEST!

We decided to stay at Sunset Station in Henderson because it was the highest rated casino in most categories from the ratings on this site. Just let me say that we go to Las Vegas at least once a year for the past 9 years and this was our best trip yet!

Arrived at SS at 11:00am Monday November 8th. Check in was fast and efficient. Total time for checkin was 5 minutes!

The room was great. A good size room with a King size bed. The room was very comfortable and roomy.

We went to the Sunset Cafe for Lunch. The service and food was excellent. We then went to sign up for the Boarding Pass Card. The first machine my Husband sat down at was a Deuces Wild Bonus Poker machine. He hit 4 deuces within 5 minutes for a progressive jackpot of $260! I sat down at the machine next to him later that day and hit the progressive for 4 deuces with an Ace and won $660! What a way to start our trip.

Getting ready that morning the electricity went out in the bathroom of our room. We called the front desk and within 3 minutes an electrician was there! He had to go to the Main breaker and within 5 minutes of the call it was back on with a call saying that if we have any more problems just give them a call. Thats what I call service. We filled out a card that specifies what time we wanted breakfast delivered to our room which was 10:00am. At 9:59am room service was knocking on the door with our breakfast! We were stunned!

My husband continued to play the slots, nickels and quarters. He hit over 10 hand paid jackpots on nickels ranging from $100 - 300. I played Bingo about 3 sessions that day. I'm more conservative and would rather spend $20 for an hour of Bingo than sit at the slots and put in goodness knows how much. After my Bingo session I found my husband at a Sphinx nickel machine. He was doing quite well. I sat down at a Fireworks nickel machine and put $10 in. I hit for 9,000 nickels within 10 minutes! $450.

We got up quite late and went to the Sunset Cafe for breakfast. Wonderful as usual. We decided to go play slots for a while and then I talked him into going to play Bingo with me. I play on the TED machine (The electronic dauber). If you've never played Bingo this is the place to go. I love it. We were playing and my husband keeps saying "I don't know why I have a dauber, they are calling none of my numbers" Of course it was my idea for him to come and play so he was whining. The next game started and behold, my machine tells me *1 away*. I need #62. The next number called was 62! I yelled Bingo and the lady came and verified it as a winner of $400! My husband was hooked after that. (ha ha)

Wonderful nickel slots again and Deuces Wild poker and off to Dinner at Rosalitas. This was a very good restaurant and the portions are huge. Played a little more and off to bed.

We went for a free breakfast which I had comped from our players cards. Then I cashed in some more comps for $20 off in the Gift shop and $10 off my Bingo session. The comps are great at Sunset Station. We decided to play $20 a piece and sat down at some more Deuces wild Bonus poker machines. I hit 3 Five of a kind Aces. Each for $100. He hit 1. So this was our first trip ever to leave and still have travelers checks not cashed and a bucket of quarters. We usually leave with just enough money to get us home in gas. No stopping at a hotel between Las Vegas and Louisiana, we have to drive straight thru because we are totally broke. Not this time! This will be our Home Casino for quite a while I'm sure.

P.S. We didn't step foot out of the Hotel/Casino for 4 days, not even to go to the strip, and we weren't disappointed. Until next time, Sunset Station we love you!