I always stay on the strip but this time decided to stay downtown so I could gamble cheap and drink and not have to drive back to the hotel. So I stayed at the Lady Luck. Was very impressed with it because I really thought it would be a dive. Got a room on the 24th floor and it was large and had a refrigerator and for some reason all the pay-per-view movies were turned on for free all weekend! I drove from Gilroy and go there about 2am Saturday morning. Self parked in their garage across the street. The Lady Luck casino was full of cowboys. I did not realize it was Rodeo weekend, there were cowboys and country music at every casino all weekend long. The fremont street experience even had country show and also live country band. After I checked in I hit the LL casino and lost a few bucks on the slots had a few drinks, The cocktail waitresses push around their own mini bars and mix them on the spot so no waiting. Then off to bed about 3:30am. Later Sat morning about 10am I woke and headed down to the casino to sign up for the slot card and got a free keychain and another funbook. That made 3 as they gave me 2 when I checked in. The funbook is good has alot of coupons for discount drinks and food and gambling. I only ended up using the free dinner buffet coupon with $50 slot play. More on that later.

Drove up to the north strip and went to Sahara for brunch buffet. It was very good. $7.99+tax. Then gamled in the Sahara for a few hours. Hit for $100 on a quarter spin the wheel slot and cashed out up $20. All downhill from here today. Went up to the MGM grand next just to sightsee. They had a great elvis impersonator playing in the big dome shaped casino. They also have an interesting loin habitat inside the casino. Ended up playing slots here, big mistake, lost $100 in minutes. Then went across the street to NY NY and lost there too. After that I made a quick retreat back to the safety of downtown vowing never to gamble on the strip again!

Back downtown I gambled at the lady luck earning enough points for the free buffet. I had heard some horror storied about this buffet but I just had to see for myself. It was actually not all that bad. I kinda liked it, crab legs and prime rib was good. After I was stuffed I went to fremont street and hit all the casinos and settled on the Fremont. I was taking a break from dollar and quarter slots and was just passing the time with the nickels when I hit 800 nickels. Then a few minutes later hit it again for 800. Wow an $80 hand payout. But it was fun so I played this one bank of nickel machines near the door for about 4 hours. The drink service was fast, steady and friendly and I was quite buzzed when I got up to go out and see the light show that just started. Country jamboree. A sea of 10 gallon hats and boots. Now that I was sufficiently liquored up and feeling no fear I headed for the El cortez and played there for a while, won $100 there, hid my money in my shoe and walked to the Gold Spike! It's a dive but it is very interesting. I played there for about an hour until the stench got too overpowering then went back to the LL for a quick shower and back out again this time to main st station and the plaza. Main st station was nicely decorated and I lost. The plaza people were kinda rude but I won there. I ended the night at 2am with a late night snack at binions coffee shop. It was crowded at that hour and I waited 20 minites to get a table. Food there was as good as the hype and service as bad. But you can do alot worse at that hour so I considered myself lucky. Wobbled back to the LL and hit the hay.

Sunday morning checked out of the LL. Would definately stay here again. These people know they are in a service industry, they were always so friendly.

Hit the Sahara again for Brunch and it was just as good. Gambled a few bucks in there and then hit the road back to california. Made a pit stop at whiskey pete's at stateline for some last chance slots. Took $140 from there to just about break even for the trip.

My Recomendations:
Stay downtown. It's not nearly as scary as people say (if you leave out the gold spike and el cortez) and your money goes so much farther.
If you do go to the strip to gamble do it at the older properties, Sahara, Riviera, Ballys, tropicana. The newer places have to pay for all that marble and steel somehow.
Eat at Binions coffee shop.

Good Luck!