Excellent business trip. Stayed two nights at the Luxor, which was nice, but the standard rooms do not have bathtubs which was a disappointment. Ask for a room higher up in the pyramid, that way you don't have to walk as far to the elevators which can get annoying (I was on floor 6). Wherever you are staying, I would recommend renting a car - distances are great, even to monorail stations and taxis are expensive, plus most hotels have plenty of free parking - a car pays for itself for most. The new hotels are impressive, especially the big three - Paris, Bellagio, and Venetian. The blown glass sculpture in the lobby of Bellagio is by a Northwest artist and is gorgeous. I didn't eat at the Bellago buffet, but had the both the Mandalay Bay and Paris Buffets, I would rate Mandalay much higher and less expensive, better ambience, great desserts. For those young muchachos also on business (or not), don't miss The Beach, Ra at the Luxor and Club Rio - great ways to pass the time and nice eye candy. Finally, the Airport is excellent in Las Vegas, big, efficient, close to the strip and Southwest Airlines has great vacation deals. If you stay at a number of Strip hotels you can even check your luggage and get your boarding pass at the hotel so you can hang out longer rather than spend your last precious hours in Vegas sitting in the airport. I will be back, this time to the Golden Nugget - just to see if it lives up to all the great recommendations on this site. Viva las Vegas!!