Well I finally got around to writing my report of my recent visit to the "City of Dreams" (or nightmares, depending upon the circumstances), anyway this trip was filled with more unusual circumstances and happenings than any other trip I have made to Vegas.

Day 1, Saturday, Oct 2: Arrive in Vegas about 8 p.m., by 10 p.m. we are checked into our room and head downtown to Binion's to grab one of those steak specials. Great food, good service. After eating, my wife heads for the slots and I find a crap table.
During the game, a drunk with more money than brains came up to the table with an oriental hooker. She made the first bet for him, $100 each on the 4 and 10. They lost that bet, then he bet $200 each on the 4 and 10 - lost again, he raised his bet to $500 each on the 4 and 10 lost again. At that time the Pit Boss came over and got his name, address, SSN and DOB to rate him. His bets then went to $1,000 on each number. In a matter of a few minutes, he managed to loose over $32,000 before he won. At that time he was betting $3,000 each on the 4 and 10. When he finally won, ($6,000) he pulled his bets off both the 4 and 10, and watched as the shooter repeated five times on the 4 and twice on the 10 before he sevened out.

He took his $12,000 in chips, handed them to the hooker and told her to cash them in and meet him in the bar -- needless to say she never made it to the bar, as he came back to the table about an hour later to see if she was there.
While watching his play, I got careless and failed to concentrate on my own play and ended up droping $139.

Day 2, Sunday, October 3: Breakfast at Mandaly Bay. Kind of pricey and nothing to speak about - Service was slow, as we sat at the dividing line between servers - neither of which could make up their mind to inquire if we were ready to order. Was just about ready to go elsewhere when they finally came to take our order.
Next stop the Monte Carlo. Wife hits the slots and I seek out the Crap Table - Not much action because of the early hour but I come away an $85 winner.
Lunch at Sam's Town and then a short session at the tables - $210 winner. Would like to stay longer but the wife insists on taking in "The Best of the Folies Bergere" show at the Tropican that night at 8 p.m.
Nice show, beutiful costumes (or lack of them) and loads of lovely ladies to get the blood racing through this lecherous old man! Dinner at the Island Buffet after the show and then a brief stint at the slots. As uusal I lose - this time about $60. Then back to our room at Polo Towers.

Day 3, Monday October 4: The morning wasted with the usual Owner's meetings and Continental breakfast at the Polo Towers. After the meetings we head for the Monte Carlo, have lunch at the Beer Pub (excellent beers) I had the sampler 5 four ounce glasses of the standard brews. The wife had the house special, which I found to be a little fruity for my taste but still a very nice brew. Then the Tram to the Bellagio. My wife hit the slots for $800 and I picked up $99 at the Crap Table with about two hours play.
Our next stop, dinner at the Flamingo. Good food, excellent service. After dinner, I hit the tables while the wife played her slots. After a couple of hours, the wife wanted to return to the room - I left the table losing $25. After dropping the wife off, I returned to the Frontier to try my luck, which hadn't been all that great this trip. After four hours of play, I was down $90 and decided to call it a night.
While at the table, I observed the Security personnel photograph and escort an individual out of the casino whom they had caught stealing chips from an elderly player at the table. It was quite efficient and I don't believe many of the players knew what was happening, it happened so fast and quiet.

Day 4, Tuesday October 5: A quiet breakfast in the room before heading for "Paris" The first half hour was spend browsing through the shopping mall with the wife, then on to the floor looking for the Crap table. Play was kinda slow - subdued not the usual activity found around the crap table. Could have been the early hour and a weekday. The dealers were courteous but were not active with the players. Left about two hours later ahead $180.
Lunch at the Flamingo - again very good food and service. After lunch we walked outside to view the birds, fish, and the feeding of the penguins. A brief session at the slots, where I again lost $60.
We then took a quick excursion out to Sam's Town where the wife won $150 on the slots and I picked up $240 at the crap table. We had to leave early to get out to the Fiesta for Bob Dancer's class on "Joker's Wild, Kings or Better, Video Poker" Very informative class, but I was unable to test his program at the Fiesta because all of the Joker's Wild machines were taken by other participants in the class before I could get to a machine.
I lost $18 on the other machines before the wife asked me to take her back to the room.
On the way back, we stopped at the Sahara. I hadn't been in there for a couple of years and wanted to see some of the renovations. The wife won about $60 on the slots, while I picked up $480 at the crap table. I was impressed with the dealers at the table who were explaining the game to some new players, and actually advising them properly on how to place their bets, and odds on the bets. I really like the improvements to the entrance to the casino as well.

Day 5, Wednesday, October 6: A brief visit to the Clark County Courthouse to review the files of a party involved in a suit with one of my clients. I have come to the conclusion that I would not want to be a paralegal in Las Vegas. Too much hassle to review records and what a maze to reach the various record keeping areas.
At approximately 11:30 a.m. I dropped by the Office of Vegas.Comm to see Razor Ramon. He wasn't in (reportedly taking care of personal busines - Banking Hours maybe?) anyway I talked to Jennifer who was kind enough to give me some Mouse Pads, a hat and a cup. Unfortunately my kids made off with everthing but the hat before I could get them home. {Hey Raxor could you send me a couple more mouse pads?]
Stopped by the Tropicana to visit with a friend who had flown down from Anchorage on Monday and was heading back to the frozen North that evening. Then out to the Airport to pick up my oldest son and our youngest grandaughter, who had just celebrated her 7th birthday. Back to our room early to visit with our grandaughter.

Day 6, Thursday October 7: Breakfast at the Tropicana Island Buffet - After breakfast we stroll through the bird display, viewing the Flamingo's - Crested Cranes and other birds on display. We then take the overpass to the MGM and meander through the Lion's Lair, not nearly as impressive as I had expected. Most of their cats were not in the habitat. Only two young lions and the two cubs. We discovered that the theme park was closed for the year (Bumer, as we had hoped that our grandaughter could experience some of its rides. Then on to the Excalibur - while my son and wife took our grandaughter through the arcade, I hit the Crap Table. After 2 hours, I left a winner of $30. Back to the Tropican for the 4 p.m. session of the Rick Thomas magic show. A very entertaining show.
Then to Ceasar's Palace where we spent a couple of hours roaming the Forum Mall - never did get to the tables or slots. After taking the wife and grandaughter home to rest my son and I headed back to the Sahara where he lost $30 on the slots while I picked up $125 at the same crap table I had played earlier in the week.

Day 7, Friday, October 8: Breakfast in our room, then a leisurly drive out to Red Rock Canyon. Very colorful and worth the trip out, approximately 25 miles from Vegas straight out Charleston. Lunch on the way back to town at my Grandaughter's favorite eating place. McDonald's felt queasy the rest of the day. definitely not my favorite eatery - doesn't even fall within the top 800. Then on to my grandaughter's favorite site in Las Vegas (This is her 3rd trip) Circus Circus - about an hour in the Grand Slam Canyon, then on to the arcade and the circus acts. While my wife and son escort my grandaughter through the Arcade, I hit the Crap Table. Up and down all afternoon leaving about 6:30 up $10. Back to the room waiting for my Sister and her husband to arrive.
After Sis and her hubby arrive, we head out again. We walk over to the Monte Carlo, taking the Tram to the Bellagio. My son and wife along with our grandaughter take in the water show - the eruption at the Mirage, stroll through Paris and walk back to the Polo Towers.
My sister and her husband hit the slots at the Bellagio while I start playing at one of the Crap tables. Table limit minimum $10 with only double odds - a game I don't usually play. I like to play where the minimum is lower and the odds 5x or 10x.
This was the beginning of the unpleasant experience of this trip. After playing for about 2 hours, down about $200, a player at the adjoining table collapsed. They closed our table down and moved us to another table. They didn't tell us we had to show our cards again to be rated at the second table. As soon as I got to the new table, and placed by pass line bet, the shooter at the other end of the table threw crap dice - $10 down, he repeated a total of 7 craps in a row which cost me $70. I then decided to bet the Don't pass and he threw 4 sevens and three 11's before he made a point. By this time I was down a total of $130 at that table plus the $200 at the other table. Taking maximum odds on my pass line bet, and a $10 come bet, I had another $40 at risk, another point comes up, max odds and another come bet. He never repeated a number and I had all six of the numbers covered when he sevens out. The next two shooters repeated the same action, Suddenly I was down $870 so I decided to quit for the night.
Since my Sis and her husband had not eaten that night, I asked the pit boss for a comp for three breadfasts. I was told that I did not have enough play for three meals - he first tried to stiff me without a comp - but I persisted, he then offered one meal, and I started to make a fuss, he then came back and offered 2 meals only stating that was the best he could do.
We had what I considered a mediocre meal, the food was only lukewarm and the sevice was lousy - they came by to fill our coffee cups only once after the initial cup.
We then proceeded to the Monte Carlo where my Sis and her husband played the .25 slots and I played the $1 slots. From 2:30 a.m to 6:30 a.m. the cocktail waitress came near the machines I was playing only once, and that time I had to yell to her to get her over to my machine. My sister said she never saw a cocktail waitress the whole time she was playing.

About 5 a.m. the Casino maintenace people came around, asked me to step away from the machine I was playing, removed a metal box from the machine and replaced it with another. It appeared to be some computer component - All I know was that prior to the changing of the box I was ahead about $70 and the machine appeared to pay off on a regular basis. In over an hour of playing I had seen only two times when cherries showed in the pay line, paying only 2 coins. About every 5th to 7th coin resulted in a payout of ten coins. After the change out, the cherries were more frequent and for over an hour, I never received a 10 credit payout. It was always 2 or 5 credits won - I not only lost the $70 I had been ahead but an additional $60

Saturday morning we all went to the Venitian for a leisurly meal - excellent food and service. After eating, we wandered through the shopping mall for an hour or so. We spent an hour or so at the $1 slots, dropping $40 then to the Airport for a 4:00 departure to Seattle - then home to Alaska.
All in all - a fun trip even though I didn't get to spend as much time at the tables as I would have liked.

Because of the two experiences at the Bellagio and Monte Carlo, I doubt that they will ever see any of my play again unless I receive some apology from management.

After being back to the grindstone for a week in preparation for a trial starting Tuesday, and putting out small forest fires for my clients, I can only say -- "To Hell With Work - Let's Go To Vegas"