Have been to LV twelve times overpast eight years usually staying at Caesars or the Mirage(our Absolute Favorite) We decided to give Mandalay Bay a try. What a great facility borrowing the best from both the Mirage and Atlantis(Bahamas). We found the service to be very good and food quality the same. The casino was well laid out, roomy and well ventilated and at all times upbeat! VIP Check-in was outstanding as was everything else except Charley Palmer's Steak House in the Four Seasons Hotel complex. We were comp'd guests accustomed to a certain prof-essionalism regarding reservations. We had reservations for 8:30 and upon arrival were told they were running behind, have a seat in the bar/lounge and we will call you. At 9:30 we had not been called and went to inquire WHY? Immediately we were ushered into a hallway alongside the dinning area to a table that had just been set up(Literally in a box car)Not even an apology, just an obvious pompous attitude. There we sat for another ten minutes before a waiter came with some bread and menus. Another ten minutes went by with no waiter taking a drink order or offering features/specials. At 10:00 we walked out never to return! Mandalay Bay is great and worth a visit just stay away from Charley Palmer's Steakhouse!!