Mike's Trip Report
December 29, 1999 - January 5, 2000

Hello everyone,

I'm Michael and this is going to be my very first trip report about Las Vegas. Rebecca ( My better half ) and I have been to Vegas several times before and as we do not consider ourselves as newbies we also don't consider ourselves experts. I'm doing this report because I've enjoyed all the reports I've read on the internet. This is my small way to say thanks to everyone who has taken time to fill out a trip report. 

We consider ourselves to be low rollers and look for ways to get comps as much as possible but we don't play for comps or do I include them in my win/lost finance report. My advise to anyone would be to get to know the folks who can write you comps and don't be shy to ask for meals, cigars or what ever. If your going to spend your hard earned money at a casino the least they could do is offer you a meal.

Normally,  Rebecca is a $1 slot person I like table games $5 to $10 a hand And $1 slots

Please forgive me if my dates seem to be in a jumble ( or the entire report ). I didn't take notes during our stay. It was our vacation. Thank you.

Here we go:

Day 1: 29 & 30 Dec,

Departed Heathrow Air Port at 1730hrs 29 Dec. Flight was a little rough over Scotland. My poor wife Rebecca hates turbulence and it really bounced us about. After Scotland the remainder of the trip was smooth. We flew on American Air Lines the entire trip. After changing planes in O'Hara ( sp ) we landed in Vegas 2350 ( on time ). Got our Bags and caught a Taxi to the Imperial Palace. Our choice, As long as you stay away from the buffet this is a great Casino. No it's not new and yes it's just like a Motel 6 but location, location, location. It's right in the middle of the strip. You can walk to catch the sea battle, fountains. Close to the new Casinos popping up all over the place. It's just perfect. Most of the employees are nice and helpful. After checking into our room. It's called a love tub suite. Huge bath tub for those romantic soaking together. We hit the tables. Now you have to remember we just got of a plane and we are working on 6 hours of airplane sleep. We hit the slots, they have this bank of slots called money time. It's where you can hit extra cash when the money time goes off. Well Rebecca and myself are drinking hard at this point and just feeding the slots. We are holding our own when BANG money time goes off. We look around us and notice we are the only ones that have slots eligible so what this means is we start to win all the extra cash. I hit $10 Rebecca hits $25. And this goes on for about 10 minutes when the BIG ONE comes my way $1,000 hits on my machine. Once in a life time is all I could say at this point. I walk away from pay Handpay and hit a slot in the same bank for $400 Big ones 3 times. I look towards the Wife and she is feeding the slots no luck at all after the last time money time hit. She is down about $600 and I'm up about $2,000. So all in all a good couple of hours at the slots. I get bored and walk away to try my luck at roulette. I buy in for $300 and get $5 chips Hey I figure with the way my luck is going I might as well. After a couple of good hits I get a feeling and play my number ( 34 ) placing $30 on it. And yes it does happen 34 pops up. Yes I yell to myself $1,050. And it just keeps on coming. I spend about two hours at the table and get comped a cigar and Buffet ( smoked the cigar gave the buffet comps to a nice elderly couple that was heading their anyway ). Walked away from the table with $1,800 profit. Went to find Rebecca and she is about $800 down. Poor baby she just had bad luck that day. Thank God I was hitting. We were getting hungry and went the Tea House upstairs. Had the Roast Beef sandwich. Tender and tasty. It's about 1500hrs and we are wide awake so we go back down to the Casino and play some more slots. Poor Rebecca keeps on losing and I keep on hitting. After one more comped Cigar and a quite a few drinks we head upstairs to our room 2000hrs and fall asleep after our bath. 

Day 2: 31 Dec 1 Jan, We got up about 0100hrs and hit the Casinos after a small breakfast at the Tea house. ( I have to say we never really got our time right until the day we were leaving ) we went to bed early and got up very early the entire trip. This is where we started to sign up for slot clubs. The only slot club we belong to was IP at this point in time. So we walked over to Harrah's ( sp ) and got theirs. Now the only reason I did this was because I read on the net if you go to the RIO and show them your Harrah's slot card when you sign up for their card you get a free buffet. I've read several trip reports about this buffet and we wanted to give it a try ( for free of course ) Played a little at Harrah's about 5 minutes and left. I just didn't like to feel of the place no real reason?? Go figure.. Then we walked over to Caesars Palace sign up for slot club played a bit down here and walk to the shopping area we spend about 3 hours walking around window shopping got hungry and hit the Cheese Cake Factory. Wow do they know how to load up a plate. I have the ribeye Rebecca has the fried shrimp. It is more then we can eat. ( I have to say this, if your going to eat their order one meal for two adults with a appetizer and that will be plenty). The food was great and the service was outstanding. We waddled away and headed over to the Mirage to sign up for the slot club and played a little. Ok this is our first Brain Fart. For some stupid reason we decided to play $100 each in $5 wheel – of – fortune slots Rebecca hit $175 on her first spin, puts it all back in within 2 minutes. I lost my $100 in two minutes without even a win. We walk away humbled and our tail between our legs. It was good in a strange way because it snapped us back to reality. We played a few hours more and got comped 4 buffets line pass, and drinks. The line pass was used since the regular line was about 1 hour wait. after 10 minutes in line we are seated and walking up to the food. Food was excellent and the service was outstanding. I played my KENO and came up $15 ahead. This was a real nice buffet and I will recommend this to anyone ( sorry I don't know the cost since we were comped ). I don't know why the IP doesn't do something with their buffet? Maybe they need a new chef? After dinner we headed back to the room took a power nap ( about 3 hours ) and got ready for the big night. What a let down. We walked the strip from 0030 until 0500hrs their was a lot of people on the strip but no fire works??? I mean come on now this is Vegas they have fireworks for anything!! Nope not tonight, nothing, nada, zip, zero. No problem we still enjoy ourselves walking the night away and enjoying each others company. About 0600hrs we walk into the Venetian WoW is this place nice. Signed up for the slot club and put some money into the slots. I get bored and walk over to the roulette. Buy in for $20 and walk away with $500 profit. Yep you guessed it number 34 hits ( I love that number ). After about 5 hours we take a walk through the shops ( Very Nice ). IMHO It's the free stuff that's the best, you can spend a few hours in here the decoration is outstanding and the feel of the place is just right. After a cup of coffee we take off to the RIO. Now this place is fun the show in the sky was fantastic. Of course we signed up for the slot club I flash my Harrah's card and get two buffets comped. We find some triple play VP and proceed to clean up I mean we are getting dealt 4 of a kind , flushes and full houses ( The only place where Rebecca really had any luck ) . After several hours and quite a few drinks we head on over to the buffet. WoW do this buffet if you only do one buffet in Vegas do this one. One small tip the shrimp is to the right as you look at the buffet. We ate and ate and ate till we could eat no more. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed the Titanic exhibit it is well worth the $15 entrance fee. Try to make the time to see this. Headed back to the Casino played more slots smoked a cigar or two and enjoyed ourselves till about 2200hrs. Went back to the room and crashed.

Day 3, 2nd Jan

Got up about 0300hrs (still on England time). Went to the Tea House had a nice breakfast. Great food and service. Headed back to Treasure Island signed up for slot club and gambled a bit. Here is where we found some monopoly slots. WoW these things are fun we made some money off of them but the entertainment factor was WAY up. Headed to the buffet ( I think I gained 6 lbs this trip ) it was excellent and pretty much stayed at TI all day. Didn't really do much this day we were just a little tired. 

Day 4, 3rd Jan

After breakfast we got the camera and headed to the RIO. Found the monopoly slots and proceed to kick some butt. We couldn't loose, drinking, smoked a cigar or two and enjoyed. ( I enjoyed the eye candy at this casino thanks to all the guys on the net who recommended it). I will say that the IP eye candy is still my best but the RIO comes in a close 2nd.Oh yea back to the trip report. After what seemed a long time ( I think we saw 2 or 3 shows ) we headed to the stratosphere casino. Very open and a Ok place for some reason I did not sign up for their slot club? Maybe a little to much drink? Went up the tower. WoW the view was great. If you have the time Do this. I think it cost around $6 or $8 each but well worth it. They have two rides up their. One that shoots you into the air sort of like a bungy ( sp ) thing and a roller coaster. We didn't do either maybe next time? Also we want to see the beautiful view at night so the stratosphere gets bump up on our to do list next trip. After about a hour we headed off to the Hilton for my number 1 on my thing to do list. Ride the Star Trek ride. Would you believe!!! Tell me it ain't so!!Closed!!!! Ok no problem we have a couple of days left. Would you believe it the ride is closed down for two weeks????? I never did find out why . After this news we headed to Quarks it was very cool. Went into the casino and saw that this place was a little run down. Smelly carpet, walls needed a touch up or at least a good cleaning… Rebecca hit the slots lost I hit the roulette table lost. After about 30 min we decide to go. This casino just didn't feel right? I can't put my finger on this feeling I mean the employs treated us ok. I would recommend this casino to anyone but for Rebecca and myself we will leave it off our casino list. However, I will be back for my Star Trek ride!!!!! I promise ScoTTie. Headed back to the IP decided to go watch the water show at Bellagio enjoy the view of Paris from the outside and decide to check this out in a couple of hours. Head back to the IP order room service. Hot wings, club sandwich, and fries ( Not Bad not bad at all). Good nite!! 

Day 5, 4th Jan After about 4 hours of sleep ( God do we abuse our bodies in this Town )  We head over to Paris NICE, NICE, NICE. It's not big but it felt just fine to us. Signed up for the slot club hit the slots for a bit and enjoyed the place. It's looks like a open park… sort of like NYNY but not so dark.. Part of the tower coming through the ceiling, by the way the ceiling is painted like the forum (sp) shops which really opens up the entire casino area. The floor is made to look like cobble stones and all the signs that mark your way look like something out of the 19th century. All in all we really enjoyed the way the place looked. All the employees treated us very well. They all seem to go out of their way to ensure our stay was a pleasant one, and it was. Left to explore the rest of the casino/shops. Found what I thought was mimes acting like they were painting nope I was wrong they were statues. Very cool if you get a chance walk around this place and you will discover several surprises. All in all we enjoyed this place. After a few hours ( for you gambles reading this I hit $800 on wheel-of fortune .50 cent poor Rebecca nada ). Headed towards Bellagio watched the water show again, this is quickly becoming one of our favorite free things to do. Walked over to see the pirate battle lots of fun. Get there early so you can see the show. I've heard that if you have dinner at one of restaurants in Treasure Island you have an excellent dinner and a great dinner show? I will explore this further and place this at the top of our things to do list for our next visit. I read on the net about a cigar shop close to the Luxor. We spent some time looking for it. No luck. So we walked into the Luxor sign up for the slot club and hit the tables. Tried some Caribbean stud poker for a few hours No big win at all. Rebecca headed to the slots I went to play KINO. After a few hours we got hungry and hit the deli or sandwich shop Rebecca had the Ham/Cheese can't remember what I had but I do remember we enjoyed it. The drinks were strong the service was fast but we never hit anything to speak of. However, we will be back, once again the place just felt right. After what seemed a very long time we headed back to the IP and hit the hay. 

Day 6, 5th Jan ( last day ) 

Got up about 6am headed to the Tea House in the IP. Had steak and eggs ( Excellent ) coffee and we planed our last day in our town. Decided that Bellagio would be it. Now This place is nice. No you don't have to act like a high roller as a matter of fact we were treated pretty well here. All we played was .25cent wheel-of-fortune spent a few hours never lost or won. Went back to the room packed and hit the road. Flight was just fine all the way back to UK. Waiting for our next visit.

1st Sorry this report is so late the military sent me to Africa 11 days after we returned. 2nd This is my very first trip report. The lesson I learned was TAKE NOTES.


Imperial Palace, 
Love tub room/suite Room COMP
All meals Tea house, room service Excellent COMP

Gambling, I was hot Rebecca had some streaks $3,400 (our first winning trip)

Never eat the IP buffet
All the rest were either excellent or outstanding
I don't remember paying for a single meal this entire trip.

Always sign up for the slot club. ( next time Rebecca will do the joining )