This report may not be suitable for fancy taste and people who look down on partiers.
If this concerns you please hit your back button now!!!!

December 04, 2000

Now on with the experience. Up out of bed at 11:30 P.M. on Dec. 3 after a unrestful 2 hours sleep. Shower and finish packing and several cups of coffee and out the door at 1:00 A. M. First stop for my car is at friends house who will be called D from now on, then on to a small town to pick up 2 more friend from now on called E and B. We start the journey to Omaha to catch our plane. We arrive in the long term parking at 4:30 and catch the bus to the terminal and as we leave the question arises did I shut the doom light off after reading the map? The answer later.

We check in at AW with the e-tickets I purchased in august at the great rate of $167 for round trip with all taxes included. Attempt to get D on our flight as his was to leave 3 hours later. D and I go outside and have our last smoke before boarding. D is able to get on our flight as several seats are empty. Little did D know this would be one of the last things he would be lucky at for the entire trip. Uneventful flight to Phoenix and arrive on schedule and again try to get D on our flight. Winner again as he gets the last seat!!! Arrive in the promise land on time at 8:45. After D and I stop for a quick smoke it is out the door to catch the Alomo bus. Arrive to get our Dodge Intrepid at the good rate of 19 a day. A little trouble with quick silver plus B has to add me as an additional driver. We unload our luggage in the trunk and off we go.

First stop is to Sunset Station as I have never been there and have heard good things. Well it is now almost 10:00 and we have not had a beer yet. Time to get started. B and E and I sit down to a BJ table while D takes off for his VP machines. Forgot to mention we all sign up for the card and E and B get 15 for 10 buyin. I have a LVA book and use the 115 for 100 buyin. After about 2 hours of play and numerous beers (why does it taste even better in Vegas?) we meet up to go try the buffet. I did drop $125 while B and E make some small profits. D was hit hard at the VP machine. I use a free buffet coupon and buy dinner for all since I figure next meal someone else would buy. Mistake on my part as this would be the last meal all of us would eat together. The buffet is well worth the money and the smoked beef briskque would just fall off the fork. This buffet is very similar to the Orleans in my opinion. As I would later realize this would also be the last decent meal my body would devour.

Out the door and on to our home of the 4 Queens. B and I had a rate of 15 and because of this they would not allow me to use my upgrade coupon from LVA. D had the rate of 19 and E was going to pay 29. We were checked in to dirty room and told to leave our bags in the room and the maid will get to them sometime. I was surprised at this. Since I was told my upgrade did not work at 15 I told E to go try it at his rate. He went down to the front desk and they said no problem and put him up in the newer tower in a very nice room. 2 couches, spacious bathroom and coffee maker. E and I walk down to the local 7 & 11 to get some V8 and OG for the Vodka he had brought along. We went back to his suite and enjoyed several cocktails since we had not drank for almost an hour since we ate.

We all get settled in to our now cleaned room and I call down to the front desk and see if I could get one of those coffee makers in my room as experience has told me I will need it. They denied my request which perturbed me a little. Another loss for me, hope this is not a sign to come. We meet up down stairs and start more gambling and switch back to my Miller Lites which now have started tasting too good.E and I sit down to a Bj table and play double deck and consume. Finally time to move on along with an extra 50. I need a shower to freshen up first while B stays at the table and continues with screwdrivers. Come back down a find E not feeling any pain and inform the cocktail waitress to just bring OJ and he would never know. He didn't. I sit down and play a little more and convince E we need to go to Golden gate. I again leave with an extra 25. Not much but a win is a win.

D joins us as he is getting his butt kicked at VP. At the golden gate I have a coupon from LVA that pays me 2 for 1 on my blackjacks for one hour of play. They first tell me I was in earlier that day and used this coupon. I have a double in Vegas? Poor fella as you can tell from the meet photo of Dec 7. Convince them I am not a scam artist and they allow. I think my now very happy (intoxicated) attitude helped. One mistake was E and D sat down to play with me and because of the slowing effect screwdrivers have on a brain it did slow down the number of hands played in 1 hour. Should mention they do have good drink service here and most every place I went. Seems the cocktails waitresses always notice us. I'm not sure why, but then again we have the same problems with the pit bosses. Humm

Well in my one hour I did get a liitle hot and received 6 BJ. Each time the pit stiffs would look at their watches. The last one they came over to inform me I had only 4 minutes left. D got tired at E and I telling him how stupid his play was so he left losing and stopped for a bite and I think he went to bed. Who knows I wasn't his mother that day. Plus he had been spanked hard for his first day and he had to survive till Friday. E and I played and drank hard for a while longer then for some reason I looked at my chips and realized I had almost stacked them to recover from my sunset station losses. My goal in Vegas on my first day is to survive with minimal losses and break my stomach in for the day. So after my discovery I color up and cash out 150 in the black. If you are wondering I am a 5-20 player with most at 10.

Got E to stand up which by now is a problem for both of us. We stumble over to the plush(ha ha) Las Vegas Club. I will mention they have finally put new felt on the craps table so you actually see the numbers and not just faded squares. At this time I needed bright numbers. Cocktail servers noticed us again. Notice a pattern yet. I was playing 2 on the pass and come lines with 10-20 odds behind. Quickly I was down close to 100 and E was losing and took off on me. I stayed to teach the craps gods they were not going to get me this trip like they did in Aug.(listed under tr reports). I flipped the dice harder with every beer and recovered my losses and cashed out with a 30 profit. Small win again but a win and plus I had sent a warning to the craps god that I was in town. I looked around for E but found nothing that looked like I remembered him as on the plane. So out the door, as I wasn't his mother that day either.

You may be wondering where B had gone to but I really can't report because I know he gambled somewhere downtown and ended up in his bed. Since E was no where to be found I zig zagged my way down freemont street and found the 4 queens. Another win for me. Headed up to my room slipped my key in and crashed at around midnight. I was on the 18th floor so the freemont noise did not bother me. Not quite sure if any thing would at this point. I was disappointed to quit at this time but with our flight schedule I had only 3 hours sleep in the past 2 days and my poor 41 year old body had lost to the Miller Lite. I'll try to get them tomorrow.

Results from day one.

BJ One loss of 125 Total wins of 225

Craps one win of 30

Gambling profit for the day 130 plus all the generous tips to waitresses's

Beers drank UNKNOWN

Pit bosses who remember us ALL

Total sleep 3 hours

Day two to follow when we finally get this trip off the ground. It will probably be tomorrow as my body still is shaking a little and have some work to catch up on. Hope you enjoyed it , if not please do not open the ones to follow as they will have somewhat the same theme. Remember for the fancy folks though I did walk into the plush LVC.

December 05, 2000

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read the disclaimer from trip report day one.

As you remember I fell into bed at the early hour of midnight. Well I got up at 6:00 and was reminded rudely by my body and head that I am 41. I really needed that coffee pot that they denied me. I put on some articles of clothing that were laying around and blurred my way down the halls to the pop machine and put 1.50 in and out came a can of diet coke. A winner!!!!!!!!!! Back to the room I go.

I should review the 4 queens since this was the second time I have used them for the guy trip. E's suite was nice and adequate for the common wife and husband but still probably not up to the standards of upper income people. the average rooms I stay in are not adequate for my trips with the wife. They are clean but very small and showing their age. as you can tell time in the room is not on my schedule. The bathrooms are the size where when using the facilities the door would hit you if moved while sitting. Good water pressure in shower though. I did notice compared to last year I did not hear the plumbing like I did before. I have a good relationship with the maids here. Before leaving the room I left a note with $3 and said how bad I needed that coffee maker. Told them to have a good day and was hoping the maids have more power than the front desk.

Finally got my head to stop moving and made a quick call to the other boys and found E still asleep but he did make it home. B and D were out of the room. Told E I was headed over to Binions to try to play poker and they could find me there. Went over and no games had started so I sat down to a new BJ game. I could get some wins going when playing alone then new people would join and I would lose.So I was patient as I drank coffee as fast as the waitress would bring it. Finally the boys found me and was ready to head out. After about 2 hours and many very good coffees I stood up even.

Out to the rental car we went. I had printed 4 coupons off the Internet for a free beer at the holy cow brewery. we stopped and ordered up at 11:00. Now this is sipping beer which I enjoy and even today it was good. E made a loud statement that he did not like it and got the waitress mad. For some reason E always gets women mad at him maybe that is why he is going through a divorce.HUM!!! The other 3 played some VP and D actually won. His first win but very small. Time to leave as we can not pay regular price for sipping beer. Too fancy for us.

We headed over to the strat and signed up for the cards where they cover the losses for 30 minutes and pay back 110%. I have heard good things back on this promo. We all split up to hit the machines and get drink service, since you can't stop now that we started. I do not play machines but with this deal I figured I would try. Sat down to a $1 VP machine. 8&5 I think. Slipped a 20 in and the credits showed up. Another win!!!! Well I played between 1 and 5 credits depending how I felt and generally played really slow as you only needed 30 minutes not a specific amount of play. I should mention I had very good drink service in here as well. Well I be darn but I quit in 32 minutes and I was up 40. Good enough for me so I quit to find the others or another beer whichever comes first. If you go at the bottom of the escalators you will find a portable bar set up selling bottles of beer for $1. Just bud or bud light. Not my brand , but, I'm not proud the price is right. Rounded up (rodeo in town you know) the boys. We all check to be sure we have 30 minutes in as they do not pay on anything less. D is really cussing this casino out by now as his butt got kicked again. Goes over to the escalator and is going to drink cheap beer until the other 2 are ready. B and D had small losses.

We head out to valet to retrieve our car and discuss what is next on the plan. D is pissed at gambling so I am forced to tag along to Olympic Gardens (OG). I mention to the door man that I knew JR in CONN and he said no cover. thanks JR!!!!!!! Everybody must have known JR though because they did not pay cover either. HUM!!!!! It was now around 1:00. I will give a brief review of this place now , so, if you do not care skip to the next paragraph. Beers cost $5 and the entertainers are very nice. Sometimes the cover is 10 and you get 2 drink coupons and in the night it is 20 and you get 2 drink coupons. The girls are Not pushy and will take no for an answer. This place is a class act and very clean. if you think you want a hooker do not bother coming here as it is all legal. The upstairs after 8:00 has dancers for the women. I have been told on Friday and Saturday nights there are 200-300 entertainers in here. at this time there was probably 25. I noticed more silicon in here than in silicon valley though. I prefer this joint the best as you will tell from the rest of my reports. If anyone has specific questions about OG please feel free to e-mail me.

After a couple of relaxing hours it was time to move on. it was decided to go to the luxor. E hates this place as he never has had any luck but the rest of us have had luck over the years. We discussed eating and it was decided by D and I (D had breakfast) that we did not have time to waste. B being the designated driver took off in search of a sandwich. E and I head to a BJ table while D hits the VP machines. E and I end up at different table opposite each other with a very nice pitboss between us. she got to know us very good running back and forth hearing our stories about each other. well I was having a blast but getting my butt kicked . O well. Good drink service again. These cocktail waitresses I swear must see us walk in the door. After a couple hours they all find me and I was going to cash out but somebody had taken all my chips. Can't trust a hot dealer. Another BJ loss of the trip. This one for 200. OUCH!!!!!

We thought it was time to head back closer to home as B was losing his designation driver status. Back at the 4 Queens We all go our separate ways and I head up to my room to freshen up with a quick shower and fancier duds as I was going to Mandalay Bay for some poker play. Noticed with great delight my coffee maker was sitting proudly on the dresser. Gotta like the maids. stopped at the bar and drank a few with D and E before heading out.

I took off in the rental and jumped on the interstate and was driving when I noticed the strip was getting farther away. HUM!!!! No problem. I was going to get off and get right back on in the opposite direction. Off I went , only there was no ramp going back on. So down some side streets with my landmark(strat tower) in front of me. Eventually I hit another interstate (maybe same one I dunno) and make good progress now to my poker room. Find the west valet and give the keys over.

Found a full stud game 1-5 and took a seat. Couldn't get any hand forever ,but, thankfully they were so bad I was never staying in. You must be patient in this game and not force the cards. I should mention the drink service is outstanding in this poker room. You are treated very nice even at the 1-5 tables. this was a good table with many bettors and good hands. the person next to me had 2 4of a kinds. They have a pot for this here and he got 80 and 90 extra for them. I finally did get some good hands the last few hours and started stacking chips up. Somewhere around 1:30 I cash out 101 ahead. This is a good win in this limit action.

I head out to get my car and head home using the interstate. I have no problems and arrive quickly. A win!!!!!!!! My stomach reminds me that it has been since yesterday morning since it has received anything solid. I agreed it would be a good idea so I went to the plush LVC and order up the steak and egg special for 2.99. Nothing fancy but edible. You get what you pay for. I couldn't enjoy anything fancy anyway. I zig zag down freemont again (I'm getting good at this) to find the 4 Queens (Another win!!!!). Up to my room at 2:30 and out before my head hits the pillow.

VP at the strat 40 plus

BJ at the luxor 200 minus BJ at binions 0

Poker at Mandalay 101 plus

Gambling for the day 59 minus

Beers drank Still Unknown

Pit bosses who know us All Special mention to Brenda at Luxor

Sleep 6 hours Plenty but will be needed after the next day

Hope you are enjoying this old fashioned TR report. Tomorrow we finally have a full day and get the full effect of the city. We head down to south strip!!!!!!! Till tomorrow then Happy gambling.

December 06, 2000

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I feel the need to explain the disclaimer again as some people read day two and did not take my warning seriously and still read the report(calypso). This report is guys drinking and partying and does not contain fancy food and sights. If this will offend you please hit your back button now.

As I left you my head hit the pillow at 2:30 A.M. My eyes were pried open at 6:45 and again I had this rude warning from my old (and I guess ugly to some) that I must have had fun the day before. The difference today was my gut was in so much pain I swear I had eaten barb wire. I was in some pain. Sat up and saw that coffee pot left from my great maid and saw a chance for life. Made the first 2 cups and it was getting better. As I was slowly getting cleaned up I told myself to take it a little slower today and maybe my eating schedule should involve some food.

I took my shaky body out the room down to the casino and decided to hit the BJ table and partake in some more coffee. Before long D and E found me and D and B had already eaten. E asked me if I wanted to eat and I thought I would give it a try even though I was still in pain. Cashed out my chips and I was down 78. Oh well. Headed over to Freemont and it was now 10:20 and they switch from breakfast to dinner at 10:30 and close to 11:00. I did not want left overs for food so we left and headed to Binions. they serve breakfast buffet until 12:00. Sat down and ordered up a diet Pepsi as the coffee was not helping my stomach problem out but was helping my head out. Why can't I get this whole body to feel good together? Picked out some grub and slowly ate it as with every bite my stomach would send a strong signal back to the brain. E went back for more and when he returned he saw me starring at my food and wondered if I would live today. We sat there for probably 40 minutes as I slowly got my gut to absorb food. I should review this from E side as I couldn't be fair. He said it was just fair food and the best was some porkchops they had. Nothing fancy just norm breakfast food.

Headed out and decided to try some craps here. Played for a while at 2 table and cashed out 19 plus. Another craps win!!! Small but I was beginning to dream about a trip with no craps losses. You'll learn later if I was dreaming. For those of you who did not read my Aug trip report it showed I won good at BJ and Lost big at craps that trip. Stopped by the sports book to check out the line on my ISU bowl game. It was a pickem , so I laid 11 down to win 10. Half this bet is my oldest daughters. Big spenders aren't we? ISU hasn't been to a bowl game for 21 years. I was attending there then. LONG TIME AGO. Time to head over to the Fitz and check-in to my comp room they had sent me. Did not figure on sleeping here but thought I should use the comp. Plus I was curious what the room looked like. I was impresses. They were very nice and a large bathroom. I would stay here under the right price. With the wife I probably still would pick the nugget. I do not know why they sent me the room because I very seldom gamble in here

We all found each other back at the 4 queens and decided it was time to head to the rich side of the strip. Thought hard where I had parked the car and found it. A win!!!!!!!! Drove down the strip to see it in the daylight and ended up using valet at Balley's. D and E wanted to visit the alladin and paris while B and I had seen them in the last few months and passed. I do not like their BJ rules and as you know by now I'm not into fancy things this trip. Also even though my body was slowly mending I did not want to test it walking all over the place. We split up and agreed on a meeting time. D and E went one way and B and I headed to the Barbary Coast.

We sat down at a BJ table and I could not help but notice the big banner about all beer and well drinks were 1.00. It was now 12:30 and I had been a good boy for almost 6 hours since getting up. I was going to get a beer ,but, they only serve draw beer and I needed a bottle to keep it cold as I figured it would be slow. So on to plan B. Diet Pepsi with a shot of BV in it. Not bad and it went down better than I expected. This could be a bad sign for me. I think I may have forgot my promise to myself. Well B and I were making no progress and he was already down 100 then for some reason I noticed that the dealer was only taking 50% penetration on the shoe. I bounced her about this and she said that was the rules. I may be dumb looking but I'm not stupid. At this penetration it is almost like playing out of a continuos shuffler. I cashed out pissed at myself for being so slow to notice. I was down 50. This day is not going good.

Saw B over at a craps table and decided to give it a try. It was a 2 with 10 odds. just what I like. It was slow at the start and B even had to kick another 100 in to keep going. I rolled several points but left most my winnings on the numbers (pushing the bets) when I 7 ed out. It seemed the only points made were 5 and 9 and no one could get a 6 or 8. The lady next to me had the dice and was rolling numbers. I would keep 2-3 come bets going at all times and after a while I would push the odds up to the full 20 on 2. In 25 minutes she only made 2 points but man were numbers falling. Hindsight I wasn't aggressive enough. And it always hurts when she did 7 out I lost around 80 in bets. Quickly lowered my bets for a few rolls and it was going no where. I have learned one thing in Vegas. A win is a win and when it turns get out. So I cash out plus 112. Finally a decent win. I should note they have better cocktail service at the craps table than the BJ tables. Got B to cash out and time to move on.

I had heard O sheas had low limit craps so we walked down to find it. Next casino down is the Flamingo and decided this was far enough to walk and headed in. I played some DD BJ while B tried a roulette wheel. Cocktail service was fine and I was sticking to my DP and BV. It was getting better with every drink. I had a idiot husband and wife sit down betting 5-10 and using players cards. Talked to the pit boss if I should get a card since I was a 10-20 bettor. She said over a long pull I may get a food comp But it really needed a 25 bet to get anything. just as I thought. Finally got tired of the idiots at the table so I cashed out plus 50. Remember a win is a win. Found B and it was time to head back to Bally's.

On the way back we stopped at the Barbary as we were 15 early and B wanted to play Pai Gow poker. Sat down to watch and try to figure it out. Decided this game did not do anything for me so I just watched and drank. B finally cashed out and over to Balley's we went. Saw D and he had got his butt kicked again. Waited for E to arrive. This is common with him. Decided it was time to make the big move to Beer. 3.50 at the bar. Big problem it tasted good. E arrived and B,D, and I decided it was time for a break from gambling. E wanted to stay around here so we left him on his own as we retrieved the car and drove down the strip.

For some unknown reason the car suddenly stopped in the parking lot at OG. What the heck, we are here so just as well go in. D and B drag me in kicking and screaming. Once calmed down inside (it was now around 4:00) I mention JR in CT name ,but, this man was not impressed and wanted 10 cover. You did get 2 drink coupons though. In we went to socialize with the locals. Time went by. E-mail me if you have questions. After a couple hours we head out. Decided my biggest mistake was I had only had 2 beers before this stop and they were really tasting good so I ended up drinking way too many at 5 a pop.

decided to spread ourselves around a check out crazy horse 2. This place is also very clean and ran professionally. I think we paid a cover but can't remember for sure. Stayed a while before leaving. My review is that I prefer OG better for several reasons. But this place will work in a bind. It was very busy. Get in the car and B drives us back to home base the 4 Queens.

I told B I was in the mood for poker again and was headed over to Binions. later he met me there and joined the table I was on. No exciting hands here for me in 5 1/2 hours. But like at the Mandalay very few decent enough to get sucked in. Special mention to cocktail waitress's since drink service was good. One thing different here is their are always plenty of locals who play here compared to the MB. Beer was flowing and overall a good time was had. Time to move on. Couldn't believe I sat at one table for that long. I did have a good time with the female dealers though and I think I helped them enjoy it. Cashed out 20 plus. Small but a win plus all beer tips were taken out of chips. Walked over and talked to the guy in charge and asked for a comp, figured I would need it later. he said no problem as he had noticed I was there a long time. I wonder how he noticed me? HMMM Gave me a $9 comp at coffee shop good for 24 hours. For you other poker players at Binions after 3 hours play a comp is easy to get. Do not be afraid to ask.

Out the door as this place was packed. Too many cowboys to get at a BJ table. Headed over to the Golden Gate and thought I must have a shrimp cocktail I have heard so much about. For a buck it is good. See I told you I would eat more today. sat down to a SD BJ table and began play with a cute dealer which must have came out of school 1 hour before. I think if I had said boo she would have fell over. She would count so carefully and concentrating so hard I felt sorry for her. She was so involved dealing I couldn't carry on a conversation with her. But luckily the same pitboss from before was there and she enjoyed my conversation. (I think) 3 rich spoiled women sat down and they were idiot players. This is where one doubled 12 against a dealer 10. of course she lost. She was bragging to her mom about making sure dealers received 300 in tips the night before. I thought if they were so great and rich why were they staying at the LVC. Some people really try hard to impress people with money. I was not impressed and took delight in seeing them lose. One more note the cocktail service was good again if you haven't guesses it already. Got tired of the rich gals and cashed out minus 23.

Decided to try craps here for a while. 2 with 10 odds. I think the idiot bus must have had a stop here. Slow craps dealers and people would play pass line with no odds then play the big 6 and 8 instead of placing the bet. Field bets all over the place. You true craps players know what I am talking about. Got tired of the slow dice and cashed out. Plus 9.

Headed over to the plush LVC. Tried my craps again. 2 with 10 odds. Good drinks again. In this place if you always give a buck they think you are a high roller and will always be back. One warning for beginners I would not recommend this place. Every time I play here I have caught a mistake in getting paid on a bet. The dealers are generally new at it. Played for a while and it was time to move on. nothing exciting. Cashed out plus 25. Hey another craps win!!!!!!! No losers all trip. Will it last?

Back over to Binions and tried the Bj again. Idiot bus made a stop here too. Some cowboys must be doing all right because they were having a good time loseing.I give them credit for having fun. After a few beers I cashed out minus 40. Starting to see a theme here.

Decided to see if the dice will give it back to me. One note to craps players, I have never been exposed to an inexperienced dealer here. Good cowboys here and played for a couple beers and going no where. Remembered my promise to stomach and cashed out. Plus 21. Small again ,but, another win.

Headed up to coffee shop to use my comp. Steak special for 5.99. I had $9 so ordered up a bowl of veg soup on the side. Binions is not great for food, but , this soup was outstanding. It was loaded with everything. steak was so so and not worth the price.

Zig Zag back to the Queens. This is getting easier every night. I would mention I saw more panhandlers on this trip then in a long tome. Stopped once when 2 security guards were only 5 feet away. they did nothing. Hope they do not let it get out of hand. They do not bother me much as I can say no real easy. Plopped down to a BJ table,DD. Time to switch over to bloody mary's. After several I was getting my butt kicked and cashed out minus 75. This Bj is rough on me in this casino. I guess I'm paying for this $15 room.

Remembered I had a room at the Fitz and thought I should checkout in case I forget later. Walked over and no problems and no charge. Decided time for a nap and up to the room at 4:00. Out. Phone rings at 4:45. E still going and ready for more. Convince him to hit his bed and another day is left. Damm, couldn't get back to sleep so up and shower and decide maybe some entertainment would calm me down. Back to OG for some ice and tomatoe juice. At 5:30 they still wanted 10 cover.(2 drinks included) No alcholol for me just plain juice. stayed till about 6:30 and head back home. This place still had people coming and going. only in Vegas.

Hit the bed at 7:00. This time for good. No phone calls!!!!!

Tomorrow the meet and a little slower day. Hard to believe.

Total sleep for day including nap 5 hours

Number of drinks and beer Still unknown (don't think I want to know)

Pitbosses special mention to the gal at GG and female poker dealers at Binions

BJ 4 queens -78 Barbary -50 flamingo +50 golden gate -23 binions -40 4 Queens -75

Loss for the day 216

Craps binions +19 barbary +112 Golden +9 LVC +25 binions +21

Gain for the day 186

Poker at binions +20

Gambling for the day minus 10

Not bad considering. hope you are enjoying. only 1 full day left. I appreciate the kind words in the responses and will not let some negative post deter me from reporting to the majority who take it as it was intended. Best to all , Until tomorrow. One side note to those concerned about me. I have not had a drop of alcohol since I have been home.

December 07, 2000

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please see disclaimer in day one or two. Thanks for the overwhelming e-mails I have received. We are in a blizzard now so I have been trying to answer them all. I could not get the mail to work for Baker who wanted the free beer site so I will post it here. Go to www.holycowbrewery.com/freebeer.htm

When I left you last I finally gave up the battle at 7:00 A.M. Suddenly woke up and took al look at the watch (no clocks in room) and saw 3:50. Damm missed the meet and most of the day. Opened eyes again and then saw 10:20. Whew I already felt better. Out of bed and first thing get some of that coffee from my now favorite maid. Best $3 I ever spent. I should mention I tipped every day after too. this is norm for me as I feel maids are underappreciated. Took another shower and more coffee. Head a little dizzy but to my surprise stomach feels rather normal, that veg soup at the binions must have done the trick. finally got it together around 11:30 and down to the casino.

Saw D at the bar sulking as he was ready for the plane home. He had really hit hard times all trip. Playing $1 VP 5 at a time can get real expensive. That is why you have not heard him mentioned often. he has spent most of his time in his room or sitting at the bar. Joined him at the bar and gave him a recount of my night. he called me crazy. Oh well I was having fun. Time for a bloody mary and requested my olives with it. if you could not guess the bartenders here had got to know us very well and know what we drink plus we always leave tips. Soon later E joined us and we spent sometime joking about our experiences. Seems E 2 nights earlier had too many screwdrivers and when he went to the bathroom he made a stop at a slot machine for a nap and the security would not allow it. So he decided to use his room instead. Last night he got lost at Binions and walked into the wrong facilities. Startled a lady but no harm done. One day he will call us from jail. In his defense he is going through a divorce and this has been the one thing he has been looking forward to in some time. B has just been bouncing around at night playing any and all games. He is a light drinker and I never worry about him. After several BM it was time to hit the tables with E.

Sat down to DD BJ at the queens and was having a good time. Did I mention we have good service here. By now the cocktail waitress's have gotten to know our drinks and tips left behind. Played for a while and noticed the time. Had a meet at 1:00 and E thought he would eat at the nugget. Wanted me to show him where it was since that is where the meet was. Cashed out plus 51. Finally money from this joint.

D and B had eaten earlier so off E and I left. We were to meet back at the bar around 2:30. Enjoyed meeting everyone at the meet. Sorry if I looked like death warmed over but now you know why. Enjoyed several more BM at the nugget and the discussions. Sorry I had to leave when I did but the guys were ready. Apologies to Dusty for having to take my picture.

Met the guys back at the bar and it was time to switch back to miller lites. just enough BM's because the beer went good. Overall I felt like a champ. So off to more DD BJ at the queens. Found a friendly dealer. Had a good visit with her and really enjoyed myself. Only problem is she took me for 100. I had fun though.

back to the bar to drink with D as he was still sulking. Thought I would try a shrimp cocktail here , since, my promise 2 days ago to eat more. Compared to the Golden Gate the shrimp were bigger but not as many of them. I would pick GG for the best. Went down good with miller's. E and B joined us and the discussion about what to do next. E wanted to gamble downtown. D and B wanted OG and I felt like a nap.(seriously) D and B would not allow it and convinced me to go with them besides I knew where the car was.

Made our way to OG and was getting out of the party mood so I just drank and entertained myself with 4 cowboys and their wives at one of the stages. these women were really getting into this. I envied their husbands later. they were going upstairs for the male strippers at 8:00. Well finally convinced the boys to take me home.

When I got back to the queens I found E and headed over to binions. Found a nice SD BJ with a good group of cowboys playing green. They did not come off the idiot bus. Good players. Well even good players can lose. I was down close to a 100 and they decided It was my time to cut. Boy did this turn around. After several cuts and many beers I cashed out plus 50. I think a good recovery. E went somewhere so I lost him.

found the car and a quick trip back to OG to see if I would be more in the mood. This place was packed. They remembered me at the door.HMMMM So no cover for me. Stayed for about 2 beers and it was still so crowded I could hardly find a chair so I headed home. parked the car and headed toward food.

Went to the plush LVC for late night. I headed up the escalators and security said that it was closed. I said I ate up here 2 days ago didn't I? Well yes but we moved it down here now. they really shouldn't change things while I am in town. I think I will write the visitor council about letting them know when I am in town and they keep changes down to a minimum. Had the fried chicken special. ordered up from a very very gay guy. Not something I needed since I just came from OG. It was food and a pretty good buy for 2.95. Felt better and paid the bill and even left a $1 tip.

Zig Zag my way back to the Queens after ignoring several panhandlers. Directly up to my room and out at 2:00.

Total sleep for the day 3 1/2 hours

No new pitbosses but some nice new BJ dealers

BJ gambling 4 Queens +51 4 Queens -100 Binions +50

$1 profit plus beers at the table

BM's and beer consumed. Unknown but not as many. Gotta sleep less!!!

Sorry for the short day, we seemed to sit around the bar more and converse and my gambling sessions were much longer than in other days.

tomorrow the flight home and my final thoughts. positives and negatives. Any questions All e-mails will be answered. Good luck to all!!!!!!!!


December 08, 2000

No warning necessary for this final report.

As I left you I had given up the battle at 2:00 A.M. I think the days had finally caught up with this old body. Woke up to the wake-up call at 5:15. Up and to that coffee maker. Head and body felt about the best since I had got to town. HMMM maybe I should stay another day ? Got my gear thrown into my carry on and thought I should hit the casino one more time. Gave a quick call to E and woke him up and told him to get going.

Went downstairs and found a DD BJ with this friendly dealer who took my money the day before. Playing 10, one on one. Table was decent and I admit I was gun-shy(rodeo still in town) to push the bets. If you remember this place has been rough to me. Had a nice visit with the dealer and pitgal and when they changed dealers and I was up 75 I said I am out of here. Always like to end my trip on a good note.

E and D went out to breakfast and we were to meet back at 7:45 to head out. Up to the room and did the TV checkout. I love this invention. Had one last cup of coffee. Never did see my maid so I could thank her in person. Hope the tips showed my gratitude. Grabbed the bags and went to meet at the bar(where else). B and I went to promotion booth to get our free gift for the special rate we were on. Didn't expect much ,but , it was a nice hot plate stand. Rounded up the boys (rodeo) and out to the rental.

B said he knew how to get to Alamo so I did not need to look at the map. Wrong. Well after the long way to Alamo and a quick fill of gas ($10) we grabbed the bus to the terminal. It was now just 45 minutes to takeoff and closer than I like with e-tickets,Thanks B for the long way. since we had just carryon we hit the gate after long wait through security. A win!!!! they did not have any warrants out for any of us. We can go home. Get our seats and one of the last on the plane. Sitting Sitting???????? Pilot explains one toilet isn't working so we need it checked out. After maintenance says they can't fix it the pilot thinks we can get by with 2 toilets for a 45 minute flight. No kidding.

In to phoenix with 30 minutes to spare. Found the gate and get seats assigned. D and I run for a quick smoke and $3 pop. Load on the plane and SIT,SIT. Someone comes on and says we may need to wait until we have a pilot. Excuse me, They have to know before we load the plane that we do not have a pilot!! We sit at the gate for over one hour until he arrives. If you have forgotten this is America West. Arrive in Omaha after some short naps and off to the long term shuttle.

Remember my dome light question. Well when we got there the dome light was off. No problems. Opened the door ,S##T no dome light now either. B calls AAA and they say 90 minutes. Damm it was cold here compared to Vegas. Told the shuttle driver and he called someone to jump us. After about 30 minutes and trip back to terminal for relief we are on our way. Stopped once for gas and D wanted some beer. I said no thankyou I am done for a while. Get everyone dropped off at homes and in my driveway at 10:00 P.M.

Gambling for the day BJ +75

For the trip BJ -240 craps +216 every one a winner record for me poker +121 VP +40

Best winning casino Golden Gate honorable mention Mandalay Bay Worst losing casino Luxor(boy did I have fun there though) Honorable mention Sunset Funnest place to play Binions Honorable mention OG

Net for the trip +137 Small but a win. I didn't push it this trip. My plan was to only get agressive once I was up something decent. My largest Bj was only 50 and largest odds in craps was 40 I started keeping track last trip and find it interesting. the last trip was just the opposite with BJ having more wins than the rest of the losses. What should I play next trip ?

Hours slept for 5 days 20 3/4 must sleep less next time. Too valuable

Meals 1 lunch 1 breakfast 3 late night specials 2 shrimp cocktails See I ate once a day. More than I thought. Must have been the shrimp that got me through it. good snack. GG the best.

Total trip cost, room flight,car rental,gas and out of pocket expenses less wins 525 not bad for 5 days. Do you think I had $105 a day fun?????

Final thoughts: I would first like to publicly thank my perfect wife and 3 teenage daughters for allowing me this annual trip. It helps me put and end to a full season of farming and clean my mind for the next.

Second I want to thank this board for their help and mainly kind posts and e-mails.

Third I want to assure everyone my health is back to normal. I still have not drank since my return. And have enjoyed some fine meals with the family.

I hope you enjoyed my adventure as much as I have writing it for you(one way to relive it)
It will be posted on tr reports if you have a friend who may want to read it. Hope to meet some of you on further adventures. I plan on one trip this winter with the wife and a possibility of one with E when his divorce is final.