Got off the plane at McCarran, walked up to a $5.00 slot, threw $200 in the machine to start. Played max coin until zero credit status. (That took about 4 minutes).

Went to get my luggage, I bet some guy $20.00 standing by the luggage pick up that my bag would come out first. His came first.

I went to pick my rental car at National, opted for the Caddy Escalade, opted not to take the insurance. Got rear-ended at the corner of Paradise and Flamingo. They towed the car away and I haven't gotten the repair bill yet, but returned to National rented a GEO WITH THE INSURANCE THIS TIME.

Arrived at the Bellagio, but wasn't able to get a room because the tow truck driver stole my credit card. I kept going down the strip until I got to the Klondike, checked in and headed to the Klondike casino for gaming action.

I played at the 25 cent slots for a while and hit 777's on the red, white and blue machine, but then the machine wiring started smoking. They didn't pay the jackpot because "malfunction voids all pays".

I thumbed a ride downtown and had a shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate for 99 cents. Very good but not too filling. So I staggered over to the Fremont and stood in the buffet line. By time the hostess got to me, they were closing, so I went into the Second Street Grille. I ordered a fabulous meal, dined and then dashed because I ran out of my bankroll at the Klondike. I didn't get too far. I wound up having to empty trash cans from the casino for 6 hours to pay the meal.

After my "Shift" at the Fremont was over, I got a cup of water at the bar and walked outside. I sat on the bench under the Fremont Street Experience, just contemplating my next move. As I sat there with my empty cup in hand, a nice lady put a dollar in it. I was on to something. Well... after about 2 hours of panhandling, I had enough money to make a run on the nickel slots.

I bought in for two rolls of nickels at the Gold Spike and started playing. I ran out change in about 10 minutes. Taking my last three nickles, I went over to the "haywire" machine and threw them in. One at a time, they dropped in ... chink, chink, chink... then I pulled the handle. Down came the reels... kerchunk... triple bar... kerchunk... triple bar.... kerchunk... and wouldn't you know it! After all my bad luck. After all that had happened to me. I finally got what I deserved... kerchunk... blank space.

Yep. Vegas is one hell of a town.