Hi all and Happy 2001!!!!!!

I always enjoy the values that LV has to offer in Dec. I was there for 9 days/8 nights, all comp'd except for Caesars Palace (which I paid $90 for a Tower room for 2 nights, but got $50 credit to use in ANY of their fine restaurants).

Basically, I still did not have enough time to see and do everything I had planned (with so many casino promos going on, it was hard to play even a few of them....). Plus, I had to meet with some out-of-town newbies, which tied up a portion of my time sight-seeing etc. And I had to visit my retiree uncle, who lives in what was 'rural' Henderson, but now I call it Henderson Station (and pretty soon Las Vegas Station - if they keep buying up all of the surrounding casinos.........).

I did make the 12/18 meet and met Frank the Webmaster - a very humble man who does a lot for this board. I also met some others from the East (James of NY, Bob from Cleveland, and George). This was a 'men's only meet this time, I guess. Enjoyed chatting with these East coast visitors. Missed VG - someday we WILL meet. I also met up with my video poker friends at the Rio on 12/16/00.
These meets are arranged via the Skip Hughes Video Poker chat group, also on website (costs $20-$25 per year, but GREAT value for videopoker players).

Sights: Wonderful views of the Strip at night from all 4 of my hotels (Stratosphere, Palace ST, Stardust, and Caesars). Visited Ethel M-cactus gardens decorated with Christmas lights were beautiful. Also enjoyed Bellagio conservatory and fountain shows, Mirage volcano (I could see it from my room at Caesars), downtown Christmas parade and FSE shows, Casino Legends museum, Blue Man Group @Luxor, and Rick Thomas @Tropicana.

Gambling value: I'm mainly a little BJ-Craps and a lotta video poker player.
In summary: lose, BIG LOSS, lose, little win, bigger win, BIGGEST WIN, lose, lose, WIN. It was good to have a winning trip, although you have to be willing to lose almost 2 out of 3 times in video poker. The winning times will usually cover the losing times, expecially when you consider the comps and cashback earned. I figured if I lost $100/day, I was still getting fair value (the costs of my room, for example). I was actually accomplishing that for 3 of the first 4 days, and cutback on the gambling by Sunday (except for some football bets, which I also lost).
Tuesday was the BIG WIN DAY: For you JOKER POKER players, you're gonna love this---
I was at Ariz. Charlies EAST (out on Boulder Hwy) on 3x pts day playing one of those 4700 machines. I couldn't get anything more than a Flush, maybe one Full House in the first hour. I tried a different machine after losing my first $40. I had the same luck. This time, though, I had TWO 4-cd royal teasers. Neither filled - not even the joker for a joker rf. Did make one fl, though to give me another 5+ hands of play. Was about to quit (having had to toss all 5 cards about 5 times in a row), when I had to hold a solo King of Hearts. Up pops 10, Jack, Ace, Queen of HEARTS ---- "RYL. FLUSH - NO JKR. ----------- JACKPOT!!!! --- C A L L A T T E N D A N T !!!!".
Now we're in business. And a bonus silk jacket to boot. Everything after that was a blur. Blue Man Group show left my senses on overload for a night. Then I was wandering around Bellagio-Bally's Paris/Aladdin the next few days. I remember having one losing day at the site of the big win, but fortunately, I hit quad ACES TWICE (both progressive). The final one was in Jean, NV, one of my favorite watering holes on the way home to California. Based on number of hands I have played, I figured I would probably hit the Ace quads, but the Royal was a bonus.

Hope that was not too long,
will also save in the Trip Reports area,
MM - San Diego.