Seven Nights In Sin City

The trip, from Dec. 17th to Dec. 24th returning home on Christmas
Eve to Cleveland, Ohio. This trip consisted of myself, a 46 year old male, and my 19 year old daughter Jennifer. My 4th trip, but first in two years...her first. As she could not gamble, I tried to fill up days
With shows, and tours and stuff for her to do, while I gambled before
She awoke and after she went to sleep. I planned this trip out for almost 4 months. Got great airfare from Southwest, $99 bucks each way. First 2 nights, ( Sunday and Monday ) at the Luxor....$59 bucks each night. Then on to the Stratosphere for 3 nights at $29 bucks a night....then to Binion's Horseshoe for the last two nights at also $29 bucks per night....I figured that airfare and hotel, per person broke down for 7 nights and roundtrip air to about $335 each.....not bad.
I had tickets for Blue Man Group....Mystere...and Danny Gans....
We bought tickets for Rick Thomas at the Tropicana....I won one free
Ticket on the free spin outside and had a coupon for 5 bucks off the other instead of 36 bucks.....I paid 6 dollars for 2 tickets....Yeah!...Also saw Legends in Concert at IP....used the LVA coupon for 2 for 1 for American Superstars at the Strat and also LVA

On Forever Plaid at the Flamingo. Also saw La Cage at the Riv.

All GREAT shows. I would rank them Mystere, Blue Man Group, Danny Gans, Legends in Concert, La Cage, Rick Thomas, Forever Plaid and American Superstars.....Mystere was FABULOUS...not to be missed....I would see it again....and BMG was also be seen again....and I would also see Danny Gans and Legends in concert again....My daughter LOVED BMG!!!!!! We had first row! Awesome!!!! Second row for Mystere! She also raved about that one....she put them both at number one....but just different.
Danny Gans was better than I expected.....Very good. The worst part of the show was when he sang his own sappy song in his voice!!!
Legends was EXCELLENT!!!!! For Legends, American Superstars, and Forever Plaid it was all Maitre D seating, I simply slipped the usher a
Lowly five spot and got GREAT seats each time....right up front for Legends.....all well worth the extra 5 spot!!!!! Right up to the 'Reserved' table....yeah, reserved for those who tip the usher!!!!! Heh. Heh. Rick Thomas I thought was great....he should be playing nights and at a bigger casino....however Jen thought he was kind of cheesy......We made the mistake of seeing Legends and American Superstars on back to back nights.....Legends was by far the
Better show....and American Superstars paled in comparison.....but probably would be better if seen by itself....Legends ended up with Elvis singing Viva Las Vegas and Superstars opened up with the same thing! Legends Elvis, Tom Jones and Shania Twain met with fans afterwards and posed for pics....
Hoover Dam...took the Deluxe Hard Hat Tour from Action Tours.....picked us up in a van.....I had taken the regular tour 3 years ago with a gray line bus and preferred that to the van, seemed like you got more for your money!!!! But this tour went inside the Dam and was interesting....too much on the technical side for me.....I am impressed by the Dam....but after 2 tours have seen enough to last me a times it once.....
Buffets....Breakfast at the Strat....Lunch at Mandalay Bay....and Aladdin....Dinner at Luxor....Paris....and Rio Carnival.......Luxor and the Strat just very average.....( which by the way beats by far any buffet back home!!! ) MB was VERY was the Rio.....Paris and Alladin were both EXCELLENT...if I had to choose, I think I liked the
Offerings at Alladin better....but the ambiance and seating at Paris was superior...and I am comparing lunch to dinner here....Dinner at Paris buffet for 2....47 bucks......whew!
I had wanted to save the mighty Bellagio buffet for last, but although we started out on a Saturday night at 5 pm.....( had a Danny Gans show at the Mirage at 8 ).....waited 45 minutes in line
And it was STILL Very long.....had to pass on the big B because of
The time crunch and opted for a bite at the Carib Café at the Mirage.
It was decent.....20 bucks....should mention Jen is a vegetarian and had no problem finding things to eat.
Top of the World restaurant at the have to do it once....the view is breathtaking....I had a type of shrimp appetizer.....Filet mixed drink....and for dessert a chocolate Stratosphere....Jen had some Veggie bill $123 bucks....they also had a girl come around and take your pic.....yeah...I know it is a rip-off....but

I don't get to Vegas or Top of the World that for a mere 50something bucks the pic was mine complete with genuine fake Stratosphere leather holder! Yeah.
Gambling.....went to Vacation Village for my airfare spin.....BUT mistakenly thought I had 24 hours to do it.....and the reality was it was only missed out on that...but did get to use my LVA coupon on the double the full house VP hand! Still left there minus $7.50 plus busfare!!!!! Oh big hits....180 bucks on a stampede dollar slot machine at the NY2 I stuck 20 bucks in a triple play VP machine and got 4 Jacks for 750 quarters! As the coins started to jingle out....the blonde sitting nearby suddenly got up and wanted to chat with me! Hooker??? I don't know but ignored her as I concentrated on my winnings!.....Tried a 10/7 Double Bonus at the Strat....quarters.....hit the 4 Aces! Woo-Hoo! 800 Quarters!!!!! Yeah! Took the Crap table at the Strat for 300 bucks in one sessions and 124 in the time did not realize this was 'Crapless Craps' I am not sure how this affects the player...but suspect it is bad for them????!!!!! Finally....hit on a 9/6 JOB dollar machine at the 4 Queens on a straight flush for 250 bucks! However I had been down a hundred before that hit!!! 2 Roulette sessions....first time at Luxor lost one hundred....but got it back at the Strat as I hit their single zero table for 240 bucks!!!!!! Heading into the last night I knew I was up a little bit.....(more than I thought actually!) so I decided to go bigger the last night.....okay.....yeah, you guessed it...the losing streak began!!!! A quick 150 bucks down at the BJ table was gone in about 20 minutes....then at Binion's Craps table....350 gone also very fast....I had backed my 5 dollar pass line bets when I got a 6 or 8 with 50 bucks a few times only to see the dreaded 7 take my money!!!! As I got ready to leave the table a very ordinary looking lady ( think Miss Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies ) and indeed she must have been from Beverly Hills because she bought in for 20 thousand bucks! Wow. A dealer later told me that most of the people who have money here dress like bums.
Anyway the final gambling tally for 7 days....( drum roll....) is a mighty MINUS of $36.75.....yes....36 bucks and 75 cents...and no I will not round it off to 37! I had been well ahead until the last night when I pushed my bets up in hopes a large score and lost 500 bucks in the blink of an eye! But still I feel it is not bad for the time I put in and the amounts I times I was really throwing money down! ( for me, anyway! ) Why does the Las Vegas Club advertise the most Liberal BJ rules...but hit on a soft 17???????
Final thoughts....7 days in Vegas was NOT long enough for me! I did not get to do everything!!!!! I did not get to use a lot of coupons!!!!
Enjoyed the Hard Rock....Saw the wax museum at the Venetion...GREAT!....took several free shuttles....saw Sam's Town....did NOT get to make the Elvis or Liberace museums....did not get over to the Grand Canyon....did not get a helicoptor ride over Vegas....did not try Fat Burger...OR the In and Out burger....DID have buffet Sushi at Rio.....very bland and waxy......Approximate gambling totals....( misplaced tally list, but final loss of $36.75 is correct ) Slots....( and I know better! ) down about 20 or 30 bucks....Roulette plus $140 bucks......BJ plus 57 bucks.....VP up about 20 something.....Football Betting down $112 bucks....Craps down $81 bucks.....Video BJ down 20....Viva Las Vegas!
Bob in Cleveland