Hello Vegas Nuts! I think you might all be happy to know I just joined your club, (or cult as one had put it.)

My wife and I had never been to Vegas prior to Dec 18 2000. We do take a trip somewhere every year and this was THE trip for this year. We paid for it like 4 or 5 months in advance through MLT Vacations. We got a super cheap trip (which is good), but a terrible airplane ride (which is bad).

So we are very excited, of course. Peery's (Peery is my wife) Dad came with us. He is a seasoned Vegas Junkie. Goes almost every year. He had taught us the basic courtesies and lingo allowed in the Casinos. We also practiced blackjack over the months prior to the trip. So we are very excited as I had said and we woke up got the kids to school, were already packed and had the neighbors all lined out for pet care instructions and the sitters all lined out for kid care instructions. We head to pick up Randy (Peery's Dad)and get to the airport at 1:30 for our 3:30 flight. We waited for damn ever and noticed also that our flight actually left at 4:30 (oops). So we finally fly out on Champion Air, which was 20 minutes delayed, and we were crammed in like sardines. Ive never had worse service from an airline. I would bitch a lot about that but I want to talk about VEGAS.

So we arrive and right off the plane there are slot machines and lights and ding ding this and money hitting metal trays that. OH MY GOD! This is crazy. This is the most awesome thing i've ever seen. Quite overwelming. So we go to the Stardust and register. The rooms were nice, 20th floor west tower with a great view of the strip, and for only 15 bucks a night! We rested for about an hour before we decided to all go hit the scene.

We weren't even going to play at the Stardust, just because P's dad never does, though he always stays there, but P couldn't resist dropping a dollar coin in a slot machine as we went by. WOW! This thing is damn cool! 50 more dollar coins plopped out. Where else but in this town can you make 1 dollar into 50 in three seconds! We didnt even stick around, she cashed them in and we headed down the strip.

We walked through the Riveria, then Circus Circus (catching a cool acrobat act) and then into Slots of Fun. Slots of fun, a pretty small casino with no overhead hotel and no front doors was where we decided to stick for a few. It seemed casual and low class (MY KINDA PLACE)!!

Randy and I sat down at a $3 BJ table next to the door where the breeze was just perfect. P just watched us play for a long time. I lost sixty dollars in about 30 minutes and had it not been for all the rum/cokes I would have probably been depressed. I got up and took a break and we all went to eat. I came back about an hour later and turned 40 bucks into $160! I Love this town.

We played all night and P seemed scared to play. After Several hours of watching us she hit the Roulette table and in two spins won over $140 dollars. Forget all that BJ she practiced for, she found a new game!

Every day and night that is how it was; I always went to the room with 50, 100, or 150 more than I came with. Peery won almost everything she touched. We spent the days touring all the Hotels and the nights gambling them all. For some reason we couldn't sleep. We would lie in our hotel bed with the TV on and were very comfortable, but we were wide awake. We finally decided they were putting Coke or Speed in our drinks.

We've never had so much fun. We want to go like every month now. Not just because we won a lot, but the city that never sleeps just draws you there. I now understand all the stories I've heard. The awe of everything spectacular is just something you have to see and experience. Gambling is my new favorite pasttime!