Leaving from Columbus,Ohio 4:30. Took a bump on AW airlines. Already up $500. travel voucher each! Nest plane to leave at 10:30. Get to Vegas a little later but no problem. This is the 22nd and is the wife's birthday. Staying first 3 nights at Harrah's. Get a nice room with desk table chairs small love seat and a refrigerator. Get settled in and go to get the primerib and shrimp special. Now for the gambling. We hit a few machines down by the Party Pit and put a little back for future trips. I'm tired and am still on Ohio time. Go to get a little sleep and the wife is still playing. Get a wake up to I hit 5x5xtriple bars for $350 and 3days 2 nights free stay and an entry into a slot touny in July!! Gues the next trip will be in JUly. We had many small hits this trip,which is very unuual. We have been to Vegas 5-6 times before and this was our trip to just take it easy and see what we wanted or just gamble, very relaxing. Especially since it was 62-64 and home was 0 or so. We hit 5 different Wheel of Fortune machines for 1000 quarter spins. This is totally awsome as we have never done this before. We had good food everywhere we went but nothing that really sticks out as super. We stayed two nights at Paris. They were booked full and could not get an upgrade but our rooms were comped so who cares. Did not eat here as they were so busy the buffet line was huge. 2 hr wait??? I don't thinkj so. Stayed 3 nights at the Golden Nugget. First time staying downtown. Donn't get in the South Tower if you can avoid it. It is very far from the casino and our room was a looooong way from the elavator. We asked to be moved and were with no problem. On the last day we went to Binions where the wife was playing a WOF machine and I went to the Nugget to play BJ. No good at BJ so went back to Binions to find the wife at "her" machine with the light on. I hit for 1000,quarters, and just 2 minuintes ago I hit for 1000!! Being a good hubby I cashed them in for her and then she cashed out 800 credits. Told her to play a $1 machine. $10 in and hit for $360. It was time to jgo to the airport. Hoping toj get another bump we put our names on the list. While waiting we started to watch peoploe playing WOF machines. One guy hit for 250 soj I told the Wife she should play. This fellow was not ready to leave so she started to play another one. He left and I put $20 in the machine he was playing. Wife played hers with no luck and I was down to $10 in the machine. Since she was the one haveing the luckj I told her to play it out. A few hits here and there but back down to $10 she started to cash out. "Play it out" She did and was down ttoj the last 4 quarters,it takes 3 at a time, one more try. 5x5x7's!!WOW that's 3000 quarters. $750 at the AIRPORT!!! time to get on the plane,no bump. Came home with a little more than we left with and two travel vouchers!! 7 Days in total Bliss,no cost. I LOVE THIS TOWN.