Got there at 7:40am the day after christmas this was our christmas present to each other. stay at the RIO it was great for 3 nights kind of$$$ geuss it was worth they ended up comp the last two night with were $130.00 a frist we could win nothing nothing to brag about left there and went harrahs play some tripple ddb poker 25cent had that machine up to 1300+ credits and lost it trying to hit royal couldnt do it.put a nother $20.00 and got it up to 1600 credits and lost it could hit the big one long story short i got down to $90.00 HAD ALL NIGHT THURDAY AND ALL DAY FRIDAY TO GO GOT A BRAKE HIT 320.00 ON A$DDMACHINE HIT$400.OO ON A BLACK&WHITE DOUBLE JACKPOT 25 CENT WENT TO another dd 25cent machine which took 5 coins hit the jack pot 5000 coin back in the game i won 1600.oo in two wife won all together$1400.oo and we still lost out of $4000.oo we came home with 1600.00 at least something going back in july and get my mony back you think.