Imperial Palace is only in name. One low class sardine
can for budget travellers. Nothing "Imperial" there.
The Buffet there is acceptable but the pastries are
below grade.

Talking about pastries, the JJ Boulangerie at Paris
Las Vegas the supposedly authentic French pastry shop
served one of the worst Vanilla Napoleon you can imagine
for $4.25. Instead of a fine egg custard
a cheap starch glue in a soggy pastry. Imitation Vanilla
flavouring, and for this we had to line up.
How much better a chocolate bar could have been! I would have
complained to someone but there was only some overworked
staff trying to dish out the crappy food and no management
types, who could even speak English.

The Gelato ice-cream shop in the Belaggio Hotel is excellent
and when you ask for a double scoop you better be prepared
for a lot of gelato and for big taste.