Part One- Let me begin by telling you my wife and I gamble so much we can't keep track of every session. We play Blackjack, craps, and V.P..

We had a good flight from Flint, ( other then ATA scheduling a last minute stop in Detroit) and went off Alamo for our Grand Am. 45 minutes after walking out of the airport we were in the car heading for Vacation Village, I think this was a record for us at Alamo. It was the first time we tried to spin for our air fare. My wife won $1 and I pulled in $5 . It was a lot of fun. We quickly ran through a roll of quarters in a couple 10/7 machines and headed out to the Golden Gate for a shrimp fix.
After the shrimp we played some craps. $2 min with 5 times odds. We play here often but this wasn't a real hot session. After quite a while we finally gave up down about $35.
Off to the Main Street Station where we will stay. It was only 12:00 but they let us check in. They have been very good about letting us check in early in the past but this being the beginning of a busy weekend we were worried but there was no problem. Got a room facing the The Cal & Plaza with the Strat sitting right between them off in the distance.

Once settled we hit the bar for some Pale ale and VP. We racked up some points mand quit a little ahead. We followed up with several wins that day. A nice 150+ win at the crap table and another win for both of us at the double Deck BJ.
I also started to fill a blackjack card. It was a promotion where if you got 15 blackjacks in 24 hours you won a jacket. I drank many pale ales and got the card half filled the first night before I had to call it quits. Wife suggested maybe it was time to go to bed. Early the next morning I filled my card and won a jacket. I think we were more fired up about that then anything else.

Before I end this first installment I want to thank the people from Thunder Bay that sent us the coupons.