We just got back from New Years in Vegas!!!! Staying at the T.I. New Years fireworks were incredible!!! From Mandalay Bay down to Stratosphere and Downtown the lights in the sky was all fireworks. I think they are going to do it every year!! We took our 22 year old son with us this time, his first time there when he could actually gamble, but you know he's been to Vegas a gazillion times since he was 6 months old. Because that's the kind of parents we are... he he he... and my 16 year old, who is 6 ft. tall and gorgeous.
Becky Tipton and her Sports Book husband and 24 yr. old GQ looking son, Mark, were there also. He is really a nice person for a 24 year old, his manners are impeccable. You just want to thank God for putting him near us on earth. He loves his Mother to death and it shows.
Becky and I almost got thrown out of the Terrace Cafe for laughing so loud and carrying on so... But it was late enough that there weren't many guests in there. We really have a good time together and gamble the same way.... Cover your ears when we both hit jackpots side by side, or if we hit 4 of a kind, which happens a lot, because we annoy the hell out of everyone who is losing by yelling and carrying on so. We had a few moments like that. She is the luckiest person I have ever met and I come a close second. She is the Queen and I am Queen too. Queen of A's and I'm Queen of Royal Flushes, but didn't get one this time. But my son got 4 A's on the quarter machines. Becky did too, well a couple of times actually... We usually don't let anyone hang with us, but we let him, because he was bringing us luck and winning also. He's the King, but Becky called him the Prince. Either way he was more fun to gamble with than I thought he would be. The Video Poke machines were really treating us nice, most of the time.
They are almost finished with the outside walk way from TI to Venetian so that will be nice, I've watched them since last Summer building it.
I Took my son over to the Venetian and Mirage and set him up with a players card and when he gets enough points to qualify for a host, one will be appointed to him. He qualified at TI by getting 100 points on his card so he got ten dollars back and a kick in the head, I mean and two free meals, which he can use on his next trip. Now when he comes to Vegas with his friends he will get a good deal and be better informed. Frank and Patricia and Mimi were very helpfull at the Slot club too, also a new gal named April seemed to know what she was doing. But RoseMarie is mine and wouldn't change for even a jackpot. And that's saying a lot......
With the MGM taking over all of the Mirage properties we could see the changes just in TI. They took out 90% of the old familiar machines that I used to hit big on and replaced the areas with GAME MAKER machines or called GAME KING... That's where you can touch the screen and play any game and change the denomination from quarter 50 cent to dollar play. I like to start with the quarter and if it's winning then change it up to dollar if it's the same game, sometimes you have to change game and denomination too.
We ate at the Mirage Buffet and had crab legs and baked salmon, my favorite and all in all I'd rate it an 8 out of 10. 10's being Bellagio and Paris, 9 = Mandalay Bay and Luxor.
All in all it was a great trip, MLTvacations.com was a big help on the internet, we got 4 round trip tickets for $130.00 each and free rooms at TI. Bought the tickets trough my Travel Agent at Dillards, Leta, and didn't have to pay the $49.00 extra for the second room because of my points, I was on double points for three of the 4 days. It's nice to have a Host that takes care of you too, Mine is Rosemarie Strahl at TI and she's the best, even got a Limo ride to the Airport and she would be the one to call if you are a player. Also TI now registers nickel play and quarter play for 10% money back too. Happy New Year Ya'll from Casinobear