The wife and I head out to our favorite city for a few days to get away from work and to do a couple hard-core days of binge-drinking and gambling (mostly just me but she tries to keep up).

We are both 27 and we got married @ Monte Carlo earlier this year in May. Wedding ceremony was very good and we couldn't wait to get back for a little more so here we are again in October planning a last minute trip. We scheduled a week off of work and actually planned to do nothing but hang out at home but you know what happens next-I get an email from travelocity saying flights are down to $203 direct and I'm booking a trip the same day I get the email.

So we get the flight and next off to the room search. We've stayed @ Monte Carlo the past few times we've been there but we like the mid-strip area better so I booked a room @ Flamingo using their 20% Visa discount (from and got a very good room rate. Never been here before but wanted to see what it was like. We've stayed @ IP, Plaza, Harrah's and a few others so I knew it couldn't be too much worse than these places.

We arrive in Vegas around 6:30 pm and head to check-in while wifey picks up bags. I slip a $20 between ccard and DL and she asks "Did you mean to put this here?" I've never tried this before, but I said-a little flustered- "Yes, that is for you for your help and any upgrade would be appreciated." She was a younger girl, about 23, nice and sweet. I'm sure she knew what it was for but just wanted to make sure. She does a little research and finds us a room right by the elevators on the 27th floor-#27106. She says it normally goes for $45-$50 extra/nt but we should be very happy with it. I said my thanks and off we go!!!!!!

Cab it to hotel and find our room all the way at the end of the hall from the elevators we took up. Pretty pissed off we have to walk all this way just to get to our room. We drop our bags off in the room and I go patrolling the hotel. I come to find out there is another bank of elevators right around the corner from our room which actually come out right by the pool and Lindy's Cafe. That lifts my spirits a lot.
The room has about an extra 6-7 feet added on to it compared to the normal rooms. I'm sure most of you have seen how the top 2 floors of the Flamingo jut out a little farther than the rest of the hotel. The furniture was a little worn but everything was pretty clean and I would definitely stay there again.

We go down to the cafe and get a burger (2-4-1 from connections booklet) and we cruise around the casino playing a little here and a little there. I mostly play craps and VP while she will play just about anything that will accept her money. Sound familiar to anyone out there??? We find a couple banks of mutli-play VP machines and play there for a while, not winning but not losing too much. I go buy in for a quick hunj @ a $5 craps table and lose that within about 10-15 minutes. I typically bet the passline, take full odds, and place the 6 & 8 for $12 a piece. Will come bet on and off but I like to stick with these bets most of the time. Not many points are hit and I'm out before I know it-a sign of the rest of the trip for me @ craps.

I go find wifey and we play a little until she decides to hit the hay. I'm in Vegas and it's not even midnight so I'm going cruising. I decide to check futures bets for the Super Bowl (will be going back out for my first Super Bowl trip in January) so I start @ Bellagio. Get some numbers-I'm taking the Titans to win it all this year- and drop a $20 in a $1 DWVP and lose that in a blink of an eye. Head to Caesars and do the same. Get a few lines here and lose another $40 @ DWVP. Continue on down to Mirage, Harrah's and IP to get my last lines. (I never did bet the Titans-the best line I found was 92) I figure the night is young (2ish) so I buy in at another craps table @ Flamingo. Lose a quick $150 and walk to bed with a good buzz and a few less $$$ in the wallet.

Next morning we plan on going over to the Orleans to use our buffet coupons for breakfast so we get an eye-opener (Cranberry n Grey Goose) and wait for the shuttle to come outside Barbary Coast. We were about the 6th group in line and waited until almost 10am and the shuttle never came. It was hotter than hell out already and we were standing directly in the sun so we say to hell with it and decide to use a couple free McD's breakfast sandwich coupons down between Harrah's and Casino Royale.

Here's where our trip starts to get fuzzy (at least for a lot of Wednesday). We have breakfast and say we may as well go to Casino Royale since we know they have $1 Michelob's all day and their mixed drinks are $1.50 when you're not gambling. I love the craps games here, they can be a little slow at times but $2 mins with 100X odds!!!!! I won't usually play any more then 30-40X but there's always that chance that I may want to bump it up.
I buy a couple vodka & OJ's for me and a vodka & 7 for her. We find a good bank of multi-game VP machines and sit down for a few hours. Before you know it we're on our 6th or 10th(me) drink and it's 2pm. I get up and go play craps for a while until I lose another quick $100 and we head back to lay by the pool.

Of course we are feeling pretty well so we buy a few drinks and go find a couple seats in the sun. Stay for about an hour and decide it's time to continue on with our adventure.

***One note***

The pool area at the Flamingo is really nice, except for the penguin crap smell when you first walk in, but there was only one small pool open until Friday when it got really busy. I didn't find this out until I went splashing into an empty pool and got chased down by a security guard telling me there was no swimming allowed. What the hell!!!!!!! It's f'in 92 degrees and the pools are closed! Oh well, just another reason to go belly-up to a VP bar and start the party all over again.

We get cleaned up and head out to the Oktoberfest they have going on @ Flamingo. We each get a sandwich and a beer and take in the experience. All of a sudden we hear "THE ONE THE ONLY---------BIG ELVIS!!!!!!!" coming from the Barbary Coast. I've never seen him before but have read so much about him in these boards. We walk in to this gigantic man sitting on the end of the stage just a whalin out Elvis like he wrote the songs. He does have a very good singing voice but his sets were pretty short because his stamina seems pretty low. We were entertained for a long time while we plopped down at a 1c VP machine and played for a while. We had a few drinks playing pennies and decide it's time to place a few sports bets. The World Series is going on as well as West Virginia vs. Va Tech in college football. I usually blow when it comes to picking sports bets so I ask her who she likes. She says to take the fish over the Yankees and I decide I like WV's chances of pulling off a big time upset since they almost beat Miami a few weeks before. I bet the money line on both-fish(+150) for $50 and WV(+600) for $20. WV was a 14 pt dog so the payoff would be nice if they could win outright.

We head out of BC and meander our way down the strip. Stop in Oshea's for a drink ($1 draft Bud's) and then cruise through IP & Harrah's. You know where we end up again-back @ the ROYALE for $1 Mich's and cheap gambling. So we are both feeling pretty good AGAIN-damn, weren't we just here!!!!! We decide we don't feel real lucky right now so we belly-up to the bar and go ahead and pay the normal price for drinks and watch the games we bet.
WVU rolls Va Tech 28-7 for a nice, quick profit-that seemed way too easy!!!!
We watch some more of the World Series but it goes into extra innings and we feel like gambling some more now.
Imagine that, we consume numerous cheap drinks and we feel like feeding $100's into the VP machine-that's weird ain't it???

Anyways, we play numerous DD & DW machines to no avail-no big wins but didn't lose our asses either that so was nice. I try my luck @ craps again and it's choppy as hell until my buy-in is gone. It's been one long-ass day so we venture on back towards home-base and and we go pick up our winnings from the sports bets. She's ready to call it a night and of course I want to get back at the craps gods so I buy in at a table at the Flamingo and proceed to lose back most of the sports bet winnings over a very short time. I finally wise-up (with a Bud in my hand) and decide I'm pretty tired after 15 or so hours of non-stop drinking and multiple hours of gambling.

One thing I would suggest if staying in the area and you don't have a rental car is to walk down Flamingo behind the Hilton time-share building-there are a couple of decent convenience stores there. I bought a 6-pack from the gift shop at the Flamingo and spent something like $14 for it. They have big gallons of water and lots of other drinks (beer also) and snacks there for pretty good prices.

The next day we are both hurting a little from the festivities we partook in the previous day. I had a couple of coupons from billhere for Kahunaville @ TI so we walk down there and have a really good breakfast. If you've never used billhere he really does have some good coupons that can save you a good amount of $$$. I know most of the things can be found by rooting through the coupon books along the strip but I figured I'd pay him a couple dollars and get all the coupons I wanted. I ordered around $50 worth of 2-4-1's and discounted buffets and paid under $5 for all of them. Anyways, I had an omelet and she had Belgian waffles. Both were very good and they were ENORMOUS. We could have easily split one of them and been happy with that. She probably ate less than half of hers and I forced down a little over half of mine. I swear the omelet had at least five eggs and was filled with everything. we'll be going back there for sure on our next trip.

We take the tram back to Mirage and walk across to Harrah's. We play a little hit-n-run VP as we work our way back to Flamingo. Head out to the pool for a little more sun and a quick nap. we're still feeling the repercussions from yesterday so we spend some time in the room trying to regain some strength (sleeping). We get up and the sun's already going down so we hurry up and get ready to head out for the night. Nothing was really planned for the night so we stop down and play some DW in our casino. This is sad but I hit our biggest win of the whole trip here on quad deuces for $250. These machines were fairly generous but no royals yet!!! They were back by the burger joint-set back from the main casino floor a little-on your left if you're walking towards the pool and sports book area. Cashed out a $275 profit and we go grab a beer @ Oktoberfest. we're getting hungry so we head back to the food court at Oshea's and I get some pizza while she gets Chinese. Go into IP and play a little here. I will say this-the Legends Pit they have going on really draws a crowd and the players seemed to be having a really good time. They had a Ricky Martin dealer that was pretty good while we were there. I tried my luck at craps again and left with my tail between my legs.

I've never had any luck here but I always have to stop in and see if I can change that around. Sort of like playing anything @ NYNY, I keep on playing when I go there but I always lose my shirt. We tried a little Caribbean Stud and I lost most of my $$$ while wifey held her own for a while. I went and turned my $10 into about $60 or so on roulette and was happy to leave with a few chips in my pocket. we're not feeling very good mojo so we head to Harrah's. Play a couple slots and check out a couple scores at the book. At this point we're actually up a little for the day so we try our luck at .25 WOF for a while at Casino Royale. She gives back a few hunj throughout the night but damn it we're trying to hit that progressive so we can pay off a few bills and quit working for a while. Everyone knows the outcome here, lighter wallet and drooping head. I played craps for a few hours getting up for a while but give most of it back.

we're headed home around 2 or 3 and decide what the hell, let's go have a cheap breakfast. So we head over to Barbary Coast for their breakfast special. It's pretty good, especially after another long period of free vodkas and whatever they'll mix with it. The bill comes from a little over $6 for both of us, well worth the price and the room is pretty nice that you eat in. The wait can sometimes be a little long but you can give them your name and they'll call you over the loudspeaker in-house so you go gamble more while you wait. Aren't they nice????? We crash around 4ish.

So here we are, our last full day-everyone knows this crappy feeling I'm sure. We get up a little late so we decide to try the brunch @ Flamingo. The dining area is decent, it overlooks part of the wildlife habitat. The food was so-so. I had a biscuit with some grave on it and it was like eating a ball of chalk. MMMMM!!!!!!! There were 2 sides to it so food was pretty accessible. I would say most of the food was average at best, nothing that I really remember thinking I would rally want to return for. It was nice to be able to pick between breakfast and lunch but I almost always enjoy breakfast buffets better than lunch. Especially when it's the Orleans and the total bill is around $7-$8 for two when you use the coupon that can be found in the casino.

Spend some time in our casino after we eat playing some slots and VP-nothing going good for either of us. So I stroll over to Barbary Coast to throw dice for a while-that turns into about 15 minutes of fun and I'm out again. Walk back to Flamingo and buy in for a couple Benji's. These tables have been like blocks of ice all trip and they are no different this time. I lose most of my buy-in and walk over to give away the rest of my short stack of red chips to the roulette wheel. I head up to the room to mope around and lick my wounds for a while. Watch a little news and see that it's like 20 degrees below normal back home-that's always a good feeling when the weather's sucks and you're not there-at least for me-especially because I'm STILL IN VEGAS!!!!!!

I decide at this point that my dice-throwing is finished for this trip, I'm gonna concentrate on Deuces Wild and winning any kind of progressive I can. We try to go to the pool for a little sun but there is very little sun around and the only seats open are under trees. Wife takes a little nap and I head down to Monte Carlo to pick up a little bit of money from the slot club that we've built up over the past few years. It's a long walk so I pick up a nice big 24oz Heineken Keg Can from the store in between Bellagio and the Boardwalk. That makes the walk a little less stressful trying to dodge strollers and packs of rude people blocking the whole f'in sidewalk. Of course I pick up the money and give most of it back before I leave the casino-oh well it feels like free money to me. I get back to Flamingo and we get ready for our last night out. We were headed over to Bellagio's book but got sidetracked into Caesar's to check a few lines. Not much going on besides hockey so we decide to head over to Harrah's book. It's more of a sports bar that you can bet at instead of a book. We each order a sandwich-she gets a club melt and I get Cuban, both were very good. I had wings here back in March and they were good also. After eating we play some slots here to no avail. Hang out in Harrah's for a while longer but we both feel that magnetic pull of Casino Royale.

She heads straight for a group of multi-play quarter DDB machines and I head to my favorite $2 craps table in the world!!! I know I wasn't going to play any more but what the hell it's my last night in Vegas for a couple of months so I have to try my luck again. I actually make some good hits here and at one time had about $120 or so riding between my PL w/odds and placing the inside. I take some profits down and they continue to build until the dreaded 3+4 show up on the dice. I played for a while getting a good 6-8 drinks in me and she is doing OK over on her machine. She did come over once and tell me that she was playing 1 quarter and hit quad deuces-boy does that just suck ass!!!!! I cash out with about what I bought in at-which is the first time all trip that I walked away with more than about $40 from the craps table. We go play some more VP and I try my luck at a quarter Jeopardy machine while she plays some WOF. I get hammered in a hurry so I walk over to her and she's spinning the wheel for about the fourth time in only a few minutes. Nothing real big but more than she put in-if you are a new slot club member here you get a couple coupons that give you free money if you spin the wheel for a certain amount. She used one of these and got something like a free $10 on one spin over a certain amount. Hey why not use it, it's free!!!! We buy a handful of Mich's and sit down at our favorite multi-game machines here. We played for a long time, both of us getting pretty well drunk. Cash out with a small loss for this session but we got more than our $$$ worth in drinks. Start heading towards home and stop back in IP to throw dice again. I have her buy-in with me and I have about $50 or so worth of chips left over from a previous night that I add to my rack. Getting killed quickly she leaves to find some good VP. She can't find any open so she arrives back to the table just in time to see my last chip being raked in by the dealer.

Venture on closer to home around 2 so we decide 'why not go have breakfast again?' It was good just like last night and we're headed to sleep for our last night in town L. We stop by the bank on VP machines I hit the quad on but they are hungry by this point in the night. Call it a night and off to bed.

Get up, do the video checkout and off via cab to the airport. Luckily we checked in over the Internet for our flight and we got seats in an empty row with no one between us. Flight was delayed a few hours but is there any better city to be delayed in that VEGAS??? I doubt it unless you're flat broke. We did get vouchers for our flight being late to use on a future flight so I'm sure I'll be using those for our Super Bowl trip.

*****************************FINAL THOUGHTS*************************

Continental has great flight direct out of Cleveland with decent food also (we had BBQ chicken sandwiches both ways). Flamingo is OK, I'd stay there again. It's showing it's age in places but it's still in good shape for being an older joint. I love the center-strip location. With the tram being down at Monte Carlo it is a long walk from that area to IP/Harrah's/Mirage. We lost about $1500 gambling this trip between the two of us but we had a hell of a time doing it. Besides my 1 quad we won nothing to speak of, which isn't normal-usually each of us have 1 or 2 decent hits throughout each trip. Slots seem tighter almost everywhere, but I normally don't play them that much anyways. Can't wait to get back to MECCA for the Super Bowl!
Hope the trip report didn't bore anyone.