Myself and two buddies go on an annual trip, for the first time we chose Vegas. We head to Lampert for an early Friday afternoon Southwest flight. We go through security fairly quickly, so we are left with an hour of extra time. So we eat at Burger King. Our flight was on time and uneventful. You got to love that feeling when your almost there. VEGAS BABY!!!!

So we arrive on time and take that airport shuttle to the bag claim area. NOTE: if you are on a Southwest flight you baggage claim area is past all the other claim areas, therefore when you do get your baggage you need to walk back to the the other area to hail a cab. Because the doors by the Southweast BCA only have Limos and Shuttles. So we arrived at Harrah's, where they proceed to charge me and extra $50 a night for incidentals they I MAY use. "But they will be credited back to your account if the funds are not used". OK whatever! I have been to Vegas many times and have never noticed this before, but the Hotel Receptionist said it was industry standard.

So we get setup in our rooms, and go down to get something quick to eat. We eat in the little Sportsbook Cafe are at Harrah's.It left alot to be desired. After that we gamble a little, lose a little. We get ready and prepare for dinner at the Range (at Harrah's). I made reservations beforehand so there was no wait. Food was superior. The bone-in filet and king crab are excellent choices. Gambled at Mote Carlo and Casino Roylae we all broke about even. Then we took a cab To Mandalay Bay to go to Rumjungle. $20 covers plus $30 rounds for drinks. The enviroment was very cool but way to small of a club for the amount of people that were there.

Saturday we woke up hungry. So we went loking for something to eat. There is a food court between Harrah's and Casino Royale. McDonalds, Panda Express, Pizza etc. Very,very average only stop by if you need a very quick meal. WE werea a little indecisive on what to do next. Went to Caesar's to walk around the mall. Enjoyed yard long Strawberry Margaritas from LaSalsa's. Did not do much gambling with the exception of making many sports bets. That evening we ate at Outback Steakhouse (Casino Royale). Service was down right horrible. We took Harrah's free shuttle to the Rio. We thought about our buddy Jim back at home, because the scenery was amazing. I'll leave it at that. We went to some club there it was a little better than Rumjungle, but pretty average. Went back to Harrah's and ate at there 24 hour diner. Esther and Sally were totally cool. But there was a really crabby lady at the register.

Sunday was all about football. Went to the sportsbook at the Venetian which had a full capacity. Played some craps and blackjack also. Slept part of the early evening away. Woke up to watch the Sunday night game. Made some easy money thanks to K.C Chiefs.

Monday gamble a lot. Ate dinner at place right next to to the sportsbook at the Mirage. Excellent pizza and pasta. Watch Monday night football and gambled the night away. Flight home uneventful.