Brought my girlfriend to Vegas for the first time. (My 8th time since
'92). We arrived on a Saturday morning and left for home on a Tuesday

Her: The length of time was just right!
Him: We'll be back to see the stuff we missed.

Treasure Island rooms were nice. We had a room with a king bed. It was
very sturdy. ; ) Our experience with their employees was good. We checked
right in when we arrived at 11:15 a.m. We were able to switch rooms (from
"mountain view" to "battle view") on our second night, since none were
available the first night.

The swimming pool area had many palm trees so there's a lot of shade. The pool
itself was kinda small for such a huge hotel... same for the hot tub. We
thought we read in a prior Trip Report that we could go to Mirage's pool,
being guests at Treasure Island (same owners), but we were wrong.

She was thirsty the entire time we were in Vegas, perhaps due to the dry

Took a walk Saturday afternoon to find the post office which is sort of
behind the Stardust perhaps on Industrial Blvd. I just missed the mailing
cut off time of Saturday noon to try to have my postcards to my kids beat me back home.

Saturday night, ate at the brewpub in the Monte Carlo.

Her: I had a California chicken with cheese, tomato, and avocado on top?
It was good!
Him: Burger and Beer (High Roller Red) both very good.

Sunday, a restaurant we liked was Sir Galahad's in Excalibur. We both
had prime rib which comes with creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, bread,
salad, and Yorkshire pudding (a big puffy crusty bread thing). Some of
the food was saltier than we like it. They carve the prime rib from a
big portable silver thing that is rolled around the restaurant. We don't
know how they know how to cut a 10 ounce portion versus a 12 or 14
ounce portion.

Monday, ate dinner at the Eiffel Tower, the French restaurant that is up
the elevator at the Paris. Had a view of the Bellagio fountains - very

Her: I had a salad that was called 'composition of' something and it was
excellent. I think it had some cooked carrots or sweet potato strips in
it. I had Mahi mahi for my entree and it was good. It came on a bed of
pickled vegetables (that were cut up as small as pickle relish). Didn't
like the vegetables enough to finish them. We split an order of Au Gratin
potatoes. The potatoes were sliced very thin, and the flavor was great.

Him: Had cream of asparagus with New Orleans Crawfish soup, which was very
good (a lot better than it sounds!). Also had the rack of lamb, which was
excellent. The potatoes were good, too. We passed on dessert (too many
buffet breakfasts) though. Be prepared for a big bill if you eat here.

Rented from Dollar Rent a car in Treasure Island right before 3 PM on
Sunday and returned the car to the airport by 3 PM on Tuesday. We used the
car to go to Red Rock Canyon, Fremont Street, and farther casinos.

The weather seemed warm to us because we're from the Midwest. On the way
back from Red Rock Canyon we saw kids getting off of their school buses,
and they were wearing sweatshirts!

We wanted to hear some horns. A cab driver had told us to check out the
Blue Note. We couldn't find it. After we came back home, we found out it
had closed. Didn't get to hear horns in Vegas except for some duo we found
as we were passing by the Las Vegas Club or Binion's Horseshoe on Fremont
Street. There was one big guy singing, and another guy playing the sax,
and they had speakers playing the rest of the music in the songs. There
were a lot of happy (drunk) people dancing, and if the ladies left their
purses on top of the speakers, the singer would take the purses and move
them to his stage so they were safe.

Michael Jackson was shopping at Valentino, so they say, and we stood by the
window for ten minutes but didn't catch a glimpse of him.

Her: I don't know how to play table games, and the slots get boring, so I
didn't spend too much at the casinos! Also the slots with the touch
screens seemed to not be paying correctly, based on the touch screen payout

Him: We didn't have much time to gamble a whole lot with all the site-
seeing we did. It was nice to see some strip casinos offering single-
and double-deck black jack.

The Treasure Island Sirens show was very entertaining! Being hotel guests
we got a great view. I recommend the show, but some people say it's not
for kids. It wasn't that bad for kids in my opinion. It's similar to some
of what you see on MTV. We saw it the day after its grand opening and its
choreographer, Kenny Ortega, was also watching it, surrounded by his staff,
who were jotting Kenny's comments in their notebooks. He seemed to be the
only one critical of the show!

There is still the big screen outside the Mirage with the image (picture)
of Sigfried and Roy. And other areas on the strip had tribute big screens
saying things like 'we send our love' or 'our thoughts are with you'. The
big bronze heads of Sigfried and Roy and a cat that are between Treasure
Island and the Mirage had lots of flowers and mementos being dropped off,
and people were able to sign a large book. I wonder if next time I go back
to Vegas if all this will be the same.