This was trip number 10 for my lovely wife and I. This trip was the latest in the years that we have taken and may be the last. For some reason the weather was 15 degrees below normal for this time of year and the smoke from the California fires was blowing in to the point that you could not see the Stratasphere Tower even from standing in front of Harrahs. But I guess that is enough on that because it was something out of our control.

We arrived in Vegas at 9:00 AM and proceded to Harrahs to check in which took about 2 minutes once we got there. Our room was already waiting for us and we had a partial view of the Strip which was not bad but because the winds were so high they did not light the valcano in front of the Mirage which was a bummer.

We did spend less time sight seeing on this trip than any other because of the weather and smoke but had a good time as usual. We started hitting the slots within an hour of checking into our room and had no luck all day, so we decided to take a break, eat and head to TI's for the new Pirate show. It was cancelled also which was another bummer. Michael Jackson was in Vegas running around the strip with his kids and we would have got to see him if they had the show. After that we decided to take a walk over to the Mirage to play soon slots and my luck was still the same (could beg for a hit), but my wife got heated up when she hit for $300.00 and 20 minutes later she hit for $750.00 (bring on the $$$$$).

It was about 2 in the AM so we headed in for alittle sleep and headed out for a little shopping the next morning. We went to the mall and some smaller shops (we spent twice as much as planned) but it was worth it. I located a friend of mine who moved to Vegas from Indianapolis and he showed us around the casino and pointed out the good slots to play. Well, with in 15 minutes my wife hit a jackpot for $250.00 and I followed suit with a $200.00 hit. (cha ching).

I spent the rest of the day playing Keno with a little luck and from there headed to the Mac King show which was excellent (a must see). We then headed to the Venetian to ride the Gondola's which was great and worth the $12.50 each we paid.

We left Vegas with alittle less than we brought but have already began to make plans for our next visit in May. This time we will be bringing about 20 people with us which will make for an interesting trip since none of them have ever been to Vegas. Be ready for my next report which I hope will have more detail and excitement than this one, but if you have been to Vegas you know each trip is different. Until next time, See you in Vegas!!!!!!!!!