First time in Vegas, and had originally bought this package for parents' 50th wedding anniversary. They could not make it, so, I was "forced" to go. haha. Took my Uncle who does not gamble. So, I was in fantasy land.

First off, Ceasers rooms are outstanding, we got an upgrade to a room with a jacuzzi, due to Unlde Don's complaining about construction noise on first nite. The walls must be 8 feet thick, as we never heard any noise from neighbors the rest of the time.
The slots at Ceasers are very tight. Did not hit anything the first nite and lost big time. Hit a quad on VP (quarter machine)first thing in the morning and spent the $200 bucks site seeing. The forum shops are great and if you plan on going to vegas, be prepared to walk 10 miles a day. Play slots some place else besides Ceasers. Oh, and if you do not drink alcohol, forget about ever getting offfered a soft drink, the waittresses are not interested in anything but big time tippers. Cafe Lago has a great buffet, but at $16 bucks each we would not have eaten there, except we were comped. Courtesy of my losing the night before.
We went downtown for the light show, and saw the cops chase down some guy who came off the slum/ghetto/barrio. Word of warning, stay on fremont, do not wander off. It gets pretty scummy away from the casinos.
Once I got over my gamblaholic daze and just enjoyed the sites, I had a great time. Monte Carlo has the best slots and we saw the Lance Burton magician show. It was great and for $5 dollars more we got upgraded to the third row from way up in the balcony.
We took a dealers advice and went to Terribles casino. Played craps and blackjack for the first time and the dealers were either great or shitty. The craps dealer was hung over and acted like he belonged in wal mart, but the other dealer at black jack gave us good advice and was very friendly. The buffet at Terribles is horrible pukey. Do not eat the buffet!
Overall, I loved vegas. Go to as many casinos as possible, people watch, and don't be afraid to try new games. Forget about budgeting your money, it doesn't work. See some shows and sites. Oh yeah the IMAX Race for Atlantis was cool. Thank god for quarter video poker, I hit four quads for total of $1,000 and spent that money on food and site seeing. The Treasure Island nite show was pretty lame, sorry. Have a great time, vegas is way better than I expected.