Thursday 11/6

Fly out Thursday night, & just getting out of house is a pain. 5 Minutes before leaving, my oldest son comes home & tells us he?s not going to play basketball this year. I?m pissed that he?s quitting. Get a mile away and have to go back for backpack for my youngest son. Drop the 2 young ones off @ Grandma?s & head to O?Hare. Park in remote parking, 1st space. That?s never happened before. Hop on the train, get to the terminal, & it hits me, I hit the unlock button on the remote, not the lock. Check in, & hop back on the train to lock the car. Get to gate, flying America West, and on with no problem. Row in front of aisle, so can?t recline. Can?t even sleep. Plane is about ½ hour late because of headwinds. Luggage quick for Vegas & shuttle to Alamo. Regular line is huge, but get thru Quicksilver in 5 minutes. Lots of pissed people in the regular line, guy in front said he was waiting 45 minutes. Get a Malibu and decide to drive the strip. Gorgeous as always and notice lots of new construction. Get off on Sahara and take the highway to the Suncoast. No line @ check in and get to the room real quick. Now 12:45 Vegas, 2:45 Chicago time and my last meal was lunch. Café Siena has $.99 breakfast specials, so we fill up. Was ready to hit the machines when we got there, but after eating, decided to hold off. Up to bed.

Friday 11/7

UP by 8:30, get some juice from the gift shop, shower & head to the machines. Play VP for awhile. Nothing spectacular, but ahead maybe $30, so we head to the strip. Stop for lunch @ Jason?s Deli on Maryland, find out later there was also one right by the Suncoast. Park at the garage by the Showcase mall, Walk the strip up & back to Ceasers. Do some shopping @ the mall in the Aladdin and just enjoy the beautiful day. Man, it?s great just to be in Vegas. Decide to head back & play @ the Suncoast. Guy sits down next to wife @ 50 play VP & hits 4 of a kind on the deal, playing 50 hands on his 2nd deal. Play fior awhile, both end up ahead, and decide to head downtown. Stopped by the Icehouse 1st. What a great place, but it was crowded, so, we stayed for a drink and deided to eat downtown. Ate in the 24 hour place in the Nugget, decent food and no wait. Watched the light show, took in downtown, stopped and played a few places, won about $100 on WOF @ Fitzgeralds. Decided to head back & give Suncoast more play. Hung out in the casino til about 2, then hit the sack. Both wife & I each are probably even or a little ahead at this point.

Saturday 11/8

Wife decides she wants to check out a scrapbook store, so we head north up near Santa Fe Station. Not much in the store, but while we?re there my best friend calls, he & his wife are @ the Suncoast, about an hour early. He moved to Palm Springs area last year and this is his first time to drive to Vegas. Saw him last in August, so it?s good to catch up. We decide to play some BJ, women head for roulette. Play a couple of hours & get hungry. Cheesecake Factory across the street is the choice. Very good lunch as always.
We make reservations for the Improv @ Harrahs for 8:30. They couldn?t get a room @ the Suncoast, so they stayed @ Holiday Inn Express on Sahara. They could only stay 1 night. They go check in, then we pick them up @ head to check out the Strip. Hit the shops @ Venetian, us guys go down to the casino and make a contribution to the machines there. Couldn?t hit a thing there. Walk over to TI & have appetizers & drinks @ Kahunaville. What a fun place, sit & drink until showtime. See 3 fair comedians, check out the party pit @ Harrah?s, but it?s packed & can?t get on a table, so decide to head back. Frank(my friend), decides in car that after getting up @ 5 & a 4 hour drive, he?s exhausted, so we drop them off & head back. Hang out in the casino for a couple of hours and call it a night.

Sunday 11/9

At last, football day. Our friends check out & head over for breakfast. WE hit the tables, but I head to the sportsbook to watch my Bears. Boring game. Go over to a different bar to watch, wife is playing VP right by there. Watch the rest of the half and wife comes over and tell me she just hit a ROYAL. But, she was only playing pennies! AH!!! She was playing 10 hand VP and only head the Jack and hit the Royal on one of the hands. Yee Haw, $40 whole $. Lesson 1 learned by her, no more damn pennies, at least play the nickels. Friends decide they have to start back, so I have wife drop me @ Chicago Brewing Co. to watch the 2nd half with Bear Fans. She goes on more Scrapbook adventures. Watch my Bears lose. Only hit 2 teams on my 4 team parlay. Oh well. Go change, have tickets to Mamma Mia @ 5pm. Get to Mandalay Bay, or as it was known this week, YeeHa Land. Cowboys everywhere. The Official hotel of the PBR show in town. Find out we have front row, orchestra pit seats. What a great show. A lot of fun.
Decide to find a place to eat, end up @ the Claim Jumper out by our Hotel. What a neat place. We don?t have those here, but the portions were huge. Great food, I highly recommend. Then decided to get in one last night of play before heading home in the am.
Stay @ the Suncoast and can?t hit a damn thing! Every machine I put $ in, just takes. Put up $50 for BJ, gone in 15 minutes. Had a chance to actually walk away with at least as much $ as I brought with before this. But not after this. Head up to the roon, gotta get up about 7.

Monday 11/10

Up to pack, hit the buffet at the Suncoast and drive to Alamo to drop off car. Quick shuttle to the airport, check in and a normal flight home. Could have used one more day, but Grandma & Grandpa were happy to see us.


Will definitely stay at the Suncoast again. We kinda like being able to get away from the hustle of the strip. Will bring my clubs next time and get in some rounds.

Not a chance in hell I would ever ride the new ride @ the Strat. Just seeing it from the ground was enough.

Why the hell would the Mirage allow the Forums shop addition to be built where it is? Will block half of their sign.

Please build Claim Jumpers restaurants in Illinois (or even Wisconsin).