Trip report November 11-15th

November 11:
Flew Sun Country out of Minneapolis. I upgraded to first class. I love Sun Country and the HHH terminal in Mlps. It is easy to negotiate. Arrived in Las Vegas at 10:45 am. Taxi to the Mirage-no tunnel. When I went to check in, I mentioned it was my birthday week and wondered it I could get a room with a view of the pool. Aha, but of course. They had a room ready on the 25th floor, south wing. I went to my room and it was wonderful: separate soaking tub, big bathroom, very bright. I could see the dolphins jumping and playing from the window.
After unpacking, I made an appointment for a manicure and pedicure. I had a couple of hour to kill, so I went to Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris for lunch. I was tempted to order the French onion soup, but the soup du jour was my favourite-lobster bisque. That, with a house salad and some of the beast bread ever, I was happy. After lunch, I walked around, just enjoying the 70-degree weather and being in Vegas. Perma-grin!

I went back to the Mirage, soaked in the tub and went for my treatments. There was a couple of women, also their Birthday trip, also getting manicures and pedicures. They kept ordering bottles of wine from room service to be delivered to the salon while they were soaking. Now, that's what I call living!

Played $1 video poker at the Bacarat Bar. Put $20 in, left with $245.00. Ah. Nice start. From this board, I have heard so much about Kokomo's and their lobster bisque that I decided to eat there. I also had their cold seafood platter and a lovely pinot grigio. Absolute bliss. I went to bed fat, buzzed, and happy.

November 12-Birthday!!
My ultimate day of luxury. I love spas-the soaking, steaming, saunas, all of it. I had a hot rock massage, salt scrub, facial, 3 showers, a soak, steam, and sauna. Smooth as the day I was born. After 5 hours of pampering, I went to my room and got ready to go to the Bellagio and see 'O'

I went to the Petrossian after I picked up my tickets. Really pampering myself, I ordered Osetra caviar and champagne. Smiling ear to ear, listening to the piano bar, I realized why I come to Vegas for my birthday. It is the ultimate for pampering myself and being the Diva I always wanted to be.

'O' was phenomenal. My seats we great. I ordered them 90 ahead of time from the Bellagio web site. I would recommend it to anyone. The water, acrobats, costumes....

After 'O', I went to Aqua for dinner. More seafood. I had the cold seafood platter. And lemon drops. The platter was bigger than my head! Oh, oysters that tasted like watermelon. Scallop seviche. More lobster. More lemon drops. Sublime.

This is where it starts to get fuzzy. Since I did so well at VP the night before, I tried my luck at the Bellagio. Nope. No love. Money in, champagne cocktails, more money in, more champagne cocktails, more money in. A pattern presents itself. Ah, whatever. It's my birthday. I go see the fountain show. More grinning. I feel like I am in the movie Ocean's Eleven. I walk back to the Mirage. I did well there the night before. Nope, no love. The pattern continued. Money in, champagne cocktails, money in, oops, no more money. Perhaps it's time for bed.

November 13
Argh. Oohh. Ouch. I woke up at 8am and wondered who put my head in a vice while I was sleeping. And then I realized, I consumed many adult beverages. And spent all my money.. Not all of it, mind you. I put my money in envelopes for each day, and only bring with me the allotted day's amount. But I had extra on my birthday. $400.00 down. I felt hollow and sorta sick. That's a lot for me. I ordered room service, Eggs Benedict and whole milk to kill the hangover. I watched a movie and went back to bed. I woke up at 4pm, feeling much better. A little guilt is good for the soul. When I finally rationalized that loosing is also a part of gambling I quit feeling like such a shit. Snap out of it- you're in Vegas
After a good soak, I went to the Bacarat Bar, saw my favorite bartender Ricky (he was there last year when I won my first royal) and proceeded to play VP. Slowly drinking cape cods and slowly winning money. Doubling here, doubling there, I was $200.00 ahead. Time to stop. I got sucked into 'spin for cash' slots-my guilty, mindless treat. Won 400 quarters! Whoo Hoo. Yes, time to stop. I had quesadilas at the café, bought a gooey from the coffee shop and went to bed.

November 14- Last Day
I hate the last day. Regardless of how much I have planned, it is always the last day. Ordered room service for breakfast, such a treat, watched a movie and fell back asleep. Ah, decadence. After I woke up, I packed. I had tickets for Zumanity at the NY NY at 10:30pm. I went to TI to try my luck. It is a nice hotel, but the new sign is hideous. All I could think about was pi, you know the 3.1427....never ending number. Don't ask me why, it's what came to mind..
After TI (pi) I went to NY NY. I had never been there before. What a great hotel. It is small, almost cozy. It had a good energy. Watched a Tom Jones cover band (It's not unusual...) and a Springsteen cover band. Awesome. Then, the Dueling Pianos. Oh my!!!. Just superb. I sat at the bar, played VP and listened. Sang American Pie with a guy who kept requesting 'My Sharona' I was in bliss. I was also doing well at VP. Yipee. $150.00 up.

Zumanity was spectacular. Some people made it sound like it was sheer perversion. Nasty filth. The theater is plush, red and dense. The theater is as much of the show as the performers. The seats were great, right on the floor. They walked around with fruit, snakes, feathers.... The show was great, on equal caliber as any Cirque show I've seen. I think they are just taking the covert sexuality of their normal show (don't deny what you're thinking when you see those contortionists) and making it more overt. And making fun of people's fears and stereotypes. I'd see it again.

After the show, I wandered around a bit, then took a taxi to the Bellagio to cash in my ticket (damn I hate those things). The taxi line was horrendous! Eh, oh well. I cash in at the Bllagio, sat in the conservatory, had a cocktail and walked back to the Mirage. By this time it is 2:30am and I have to get up in 3 hours. Ah, Vegas

November 15-
Slept for 2 hours. I am as pretty as a song. I check out. 2 of my nights are comped, ( Birthday, I assume, I didn't ask). With the comps and some fair winnings, I didn't spend all my money! Coming home with cash. The best way to end a vacation. Checked into Sun County, upgraded to first class (ah..) Ate breakfast. Went to the sports bar to watch the beginning of the Minnesota/Iowa game. Met some rowdy Iowa fans. Started drinking greyhounds, doubles. Slept all the way home.