Well first of all i would like to say thank you to the many people who helped me and my wife with all the first hand information we received on this web site and a special thank you to Dearcabbie who picked us up from the airport and took us round to the famous las vegas sign and pointed out some of the hotels and places of intrest on the way to our hotel and i would recomend dearcabbie for pick ups from the airport he knows is stuff and is a cool guy .

DAY 1. Well the morning of the 12th of november sat at the airport in Manchester England waiting for our first trip to Las Vegas and our first trip to America for that matter you could not hold back the excitment me and my wife had back. Like 2 kids waiting to see our favourite disney film our numbers called to board the plane. Great plane little t.v to watch which took up most of the flight time away and made for a very enjoyable flight landed at Philadelphia and got our connecting flight to Las Vegas all in all the journey took about 18 hours and when we got there we were just a little tierd but the adrenilin was running high and the excitment of being in Las Vegas was much more a buzz than taking high caffine tablets once we got our bags at the airport i phoned Dearcabbie who was a top guy he was still waiting for us from 20.45 when we should have arrived but arrived at 23.20 thanks once again Dearcabbie well we got to our hotel which was the imperial palace not the best hotel on the strip but the view,s where great we stayed in room 1880 right above the letter i in the middle of imperial and had a fabulous view. The room was clean and the bed was massive and everything was just right except they did,nt have a coffee or tea making facilities in the room which my wife needs first thing in the morning to function properly but never mind we where in L,V.!!.
Well after a few drinks and a quick look round our hotel we decided to go to bed and have a good look round the day after ....
DAY 2.

Time we awoke was little after 07.20am breakfast and then a look round outside see where things are and to our suprise when we exited the hotel lift there where people still playing the tables and slot machine now to us brits that is a strange thing for anyone to do but we did exspected to see some strange things to happen.
Anyway once outside we decide to take a walk down to the stratosphere because we where to dine there at night at the top of the world restraunt.
As we approached we could see the rides at the top and where amazed that people where riding these rides as if there is,nt enough excitment in vegas to start with. Anyway checked the reservation was right and find out the time to arrive for our meal. Once we had we decided to check out other hotels on our way back to our hotel the t.i. and the mirage and venitian where all fantastic hotels and we where suprised with the grandure and and size they are all better than the imperial palace but dont get me wrong size and what there is inside did,nt matter we where there to sleep only in our hotel and like i said earlier the views from our hotel where fabulous which meant that if we stayed in the cearsers say! then we could not have had the views. Anyway once back at our hotel we got ready to have our meal looking like a million bucks we set out to the stratosphere in style we got a cab .lol. once there we checked in only to find the elevators had stopped halfway and they had to reset them because they where all run by computers well the 20 min wait at the bottom was,nt to bad till the arrival of a private function which was bieng held at the top of the tower for the press and news people you have in and around the vegas area i think they where there for the xscream ride well once up in the restraunt our table was one looking out to vegas up a level and the lady who waited on our table was a nice young lady called lynella she was there when we needed her and helped us out with our menu we decided to have the set meal at $75.00 each with extra,s added like a cool beer for me and martini,s for my wife. The views from the restraunt where stunning and the restraunt give us the oppotunity to film Las Vegas from all sides.
While we where eating our first course meal there was a firework display starting at the base of the hotel and it was breathtaking seeing fireworks underneath you insted of the other way round.
well the meal was great we had prawn starters and a thick creamy chicken soup followed by loin steaks with veg and a peppered sauce followed by the world famous startosphere chocolate tower with rasberry sauce and all this came with a bottle of champange to and it all came to around $200 and we tipped them nearly $40 which i think must have been a lot to them because they (all) came out and said thank you very much in a strange way than just thanks for coming if you know what i mean but we enjoyed the meal and the sights and we thought we would check out the roof to see and film the views from outside and the new ride was shut off to the public because of the private party that was still going on we filmed a little bit the playstation ride and the rollercoaster which i would not go on for a million bucks especially as we had just enjoyed our meal inside .
For anyone wishing to eat at the top of the world reastraunt i would highly recomend it but book in advance as they where turning people away while we where waiting to go in .
Well once back at our hotel we where a little full and tierd so we decided to go to our room with a couple of drinks and the rest i cant tell you because thats private ????
DAY 3.

Early start to the day to day as we are going to see the grand canyon to day we are going on a rim to river trip which took us to the west rim and through the joshua tree forrest .
Once again to our amazment people still playing the casino tables from the day before.Anyway waiting at the north lobby for the coach to pick me and the wife
up and take,s us to the depot where we book in and wait for the next coach to take us on our trip the first coach was driven by willy a English gentlemen from London who was helpful .
Then once we got our tickets to the west rim trip we boarded our coach front seats because we where first there and we changed drivers our new driver was called larry who was very imformative about our journey and very helpful to his knowledge of the arizona desert and the hoover dam and the joshua tree forrest and everything else that we saw was spot on a great guide .
Well he dropped us off at the helicopter port where there was only me and my wife from our group which where flying down to the base of the grand canyon and riding the pontoon down the colorado river .
May i say that in my life i have seen a lot of wonderful things but the grand canyon was and will always be somthing that stays with me as the best photographic memory of somthing natural and untouched by humans hands i will ever see again we where taken by helicopter to the base of the canyon by the side of the colorado river where the pontoon picked us up and we have some great shots from our camera and some stunning film footage in our camcorder well our guide on the pontoon was called steven and his knowledge was also upto date and very imformative he seem to know lots of little things we asked him also so like we have with everyone else we tipped him for his freindley manner and knowledge of our trip once we finished our pontoon trip we got the helicopter back to the top of the canyon we waited for the coach driver to pick us up and take us to the rest of our party who where eating lunch at the edge of the canyon west rim the scenary from the west rim was quite breathtaking standing on the edge overlooking a 3000 ft drop without any safty fencing around any of it was a huge WOW!!!!!!! moment trying to take all that my eyes could see and i will say that i will never forget that moment as soon as i stood at the edge .
This was a must trip for anyone and everyone in with the trip was the hoover dam and the joshua tree forrest .
Well back on the coach and back to our hotels where we where tierd but still buzzing at what we had seen the one thing i will say on this trip is that if there are people who want to go on the trip with any walking difficulties then it is best to check which things you can go on and cant i mean anyone bad with there legs in any way it,s not a good idea for the pontoon ride but you can go on the coach trip to the rim of the canyon .
W where going to go to the hard rock cafe for a meal but tieredness took over so we went to the casino in the hotel played a few slots got a drink and went to bed.

DAY 4.

After breakfast we are going to check out ceasers palace and pick up tickets for the celine dion show to our amazment the size of ceasers inside is huge but we find the ticket office ok and have no problem getting our tickets which we booked in advance thank you again dearcabbie who on his advice we took to book shows and trips in advance and had no troble through booking via the internet well we looked round ceasers and bought loads of things to take back to england for presents and bought loads of goodies for my wife who is the big celine fan between us i just took her to see her we got about 110$ of celine goodies from her shop i did,nt mind to much because my wife was like a kid in a sweetshop as she put it and after the day before she could have had anything she wanted i got my trip so fairs fair from there we check out the rest of the hotels on the strip and there are some great hotels here in vegas the belagio with the stunning fountain dancing routine and the mandelay bay shark reef and all with free shows to watch at any given time of the day or night and there are some good free shows like the animatronics in ceasers and the volcano at the mirage the t.i battle fight on the ships there are a lot to mention we could,nt see them all so thats my excuse to come again next year any way i was saying that when we had done most of the hotels headed back to ours to get ready for the celine show and my wife looked stunning as she was told by the lady waiting to collect our tickets at the colluseum and i have to agree she was stunning we got great seats block 3 row g and i have to say i enjoyed the the show very proffesionally done with most of the songs my wife knew she was exstatic the time of our show was 8.00 pm and it was all over to soon for my wife but she was happy and even said that the canyon trip was much better than her own show well had a few drinks in the lounge bar with a singer there that sounded like frank sinatra he was good to well back to hotel and down to the casino for once again drinks and a few dollars spent on the slots as we are not big gamblers and don,t know the way the tables are played we leave them alone but we do watch and try to pick up some tips and rules well off to bed ready for the next day i will say that at the imperial the information i was given about the niose level under the balcony at the front of the imperial was correct to the exact timing of the music being played 2 a.m it all finished but because Las vegas is a buzzing place we where tired out to much to bother about the loudness of the music below .
DAY 5.

Our last full day in Vegas we woke up around 7.20 am and decided to go to the cafe for breakfast in the hotel then we would check out the mandalay hotel to see the shark reef and and pick up our tickets for the mama mia show at 4pm once we picked them up we checked out the hard rock hotel and casino met 2 nice shop assitants john who was from scotland and morgan who was very easy to talk too.
we found that the hard rock hotel was not as big as any of the other hotels but nice.
From there we went back to our
hotel checked out the car show very impressive collection of old and famous cars . right back to our room to get ready for our show once ready we get the cab to the mandalay watch the show and once again a fabulous show a great mixture of the abba songs with a story line too very entertaining .
We went to the excalibur for a meal before going back to our hotel to pack and bed .
DAY 6.

All ready for the off and to say our good bye to staff and people who helped us out on our first trip to the wonderful Las Vegas on our way to the airport everything is running smooth until we get airbourne and we are flying over the centre of America where we are hit with storms that are throwing our plane round like a base ball scared me a bit not seen storms like that ever mind you being from the uk we dont get them that bad i was glad to land in philedelphia even if we where a bit late catching our connecting flight back to Manchester England we made it and it did,nt take as long going as it did coming .

to sum up our trip it was everything that people said it would be fun exciting a completley different experience that has most deffinatly changed our lives we thank all the people we met and made our stay a great one so from me and my wife thank you thank you thank you