Well, I'm finally getting around to writing this trip report. I tend to write long reports, so beware. The players for this trip were my boyfriend (BF), myself and my son who is 32 and lives in Vegas. This trip was from a vacation timeshare that we viewed. It ended up costing us $75 a piece for 4 nights with airfare! Two nights at the Sahara were included with the timeshare and we had 2 free nights at the RIO. We are in our 40's and this was our second trip this year. we're really low rollers and had budgeted $2000 a piece. The gambling summaries are for myself only. I used to play mainly table games with a $20 now and again in the slots. That has since changed dramatically. I got hooked on the nickel slots and I'm now truly a slot slut. I've lost 10 times the amount of money on slots compared to what I used to lose at the tables. You would think that I would get smart but no, I live for the Bonus rounds.

The flight from Cincinnati with a layover in Chicago was on time. The problem occurred when we got to the Dollar lot. I'm a Fastlane member, but the driver said my name wasn't on the list. Went inside to see what the problem was. The Fastlane line was longer than the regular line. Finally get a rep and she says 'there's nothing wrong with your reservation' and hands me the paperwork. I ask to speak to a manager. One comes over and checks the manifest and sure enough, I'm on the list. I ask why I wasn't on the driver's list. She says that somehow my name was missed being put on the list and that mistakes do happen. Here I was looking for an upgrade or something and get ZILCH! I'm thoroughly steamed by this time! When I get to the lot....there aren't any cars. I tell the lot attendant my sob story and he says next car out can be mine. Meanwhile, I spot a red Sebring convertible. My answer to him was 'I'll take the convertible.' He said 'It's yours.' Well, at least for all my trouble, I'll get to travel in style. We kept the top down most days as the weather was in the high 70s to 80s.

We finally get on our way after wasting an hour of precious gambling time. Took Dessert Inn Road by mistake and added another 10 minutes of driving. Finally we're able to check in at the Sahara. Asked for an upgrade and they said 'no rooms at the inn.' Room was just a room. Since we don't spend much time there, no biggie. Played some nickel slots and won $50 on Elvira but gave it all back. Decided to head downtown to try the slots down there. I had got the ACG and wanted to use some coupons. Started out at the 4Q and won $25 on FPDB. Yea!!! Uh-oh...gave it all back and more to those slimy, money sucker nickel slots. Over to Fitz to play some Flip Frog upstairs. I lost but BF won. Went down to the Golden Gate where I had a coupon for 3/1 on BJ for the first hour. Ended up winning $50 and what do you think I did? That's right...gave that back and more to the nickel slot gods. Tried the never ending saga of searching for the bonus rounds at The Plaza, Fremont, Binions, and the GN. Very few and far between. Finally headed back to the Sahara around 4 am.

Gambling summary:
BJ: + 100
Slots: - 350

Day 2:
Details are getting kind of blurry so I think the rest of the days report is going to be a lot shorter. Got up at around 8 with about 4 hours of sleep. Decided to head over to Wild Wild West for some breakfast. BF had a ham and cheese omelet and I had the $1.99 special. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast filled me up. Played the new MASH two cent slots and won $38 dollars! I'm on a roll now! (NOT). Wanted to continue using my coupons so we headed over to Terribles. Won $135 at BJ! Went casino hopping searching for that elusive win. No such luck. Did finally manage to catch Big Elvis at the Barbary Coast. Man is that man huge, but he can sing. Caught one of the fountain shows at Bellagio. Called my GF and her husband who live in Vegas and arranged to meet them for dinner at the Arizona Charlies, Decatur . Played BJ while waiting and lost a quick $140. Lost on nickel Lobstermania and every other slot. Nobody was hitting so decided to head over to Santa Fe. My son was broke so he and I sat at the bar. I was playing DB and not doing so hot. Gave him $10 to put in his machine and he hits 4Js. We split the money and ran! As we were leaving my friends said they put $20 each in the $5 slots. I decided to try and won $15! Got to bed a little earlier around 3.

Gambling summary:
BJ: - 5
Slots: - 300

Day 3:
Got up late today at 8:30. Checked out for our move to the RIO. The forest fire smoke from CA had made its way to LV. You could barely see the mountains. Headed up to Henderson and the smoke was really bad up there. Green Valley was nice as usual. The Lobster machines were nice to me and I won $80. Gave $30 back on the 2 cent MASH machines, lost $20 on penny Jeff Foxworthy, lost $20 on Scatter Magic and $40 on Enchanted Unicorn. Went over to Fiesta Henderson for there Pai Gau tourney. Smoke was even in the casino. Entry was $10 and both of us got out pretty quick. They have different tourneys on different days. It's a nice way to pass some time. Played BJ for about 4 hours and only lost $70. I consider that a win! Met son at Orleans and played Lobstermania - won $40, FPDB - lost $80. Since son was still broke, we sat at the bar and played DB. Drinks were good and I finally hit 49s and cashed out for $65. Son couldn't win anything. Left and went to RIO to check in. Got a room in the Ipenema tower but it was cccccllllllleeeeeaaaaaarrrrr at the end of the hall. A long trek. Picked up the car from Valet and headed over to Suncoast for dinner. The convertible was nice with the top down all the way. Stopped at Rampart on the way and lost at Lobstermania Went to dinner at the Mexican place at the Suncoast and it was ok. Played quarter FPDB and lost $180 at 3 different machines. BF wanted to go back to the RIO so I took my son home and went to the Palms. Dropped $200 playing nickel Lobstermania. Those lobsters would not come out. Went back to RIO and lost another $300 on the lobsters. Decided that was enough and headed off to bed.

Gambling Summary:
BJ: - 70
Slots: -540

Day 4:
Got up around 9 and headed over to the Mirage. Played a few machines and hit $40 on one nickel lobster. Walked across to Harrah's and lost $10 DB, lost $20 Flip Frog. Went back to Mirage to get the car and had a very long wait to get car from Valet. Longest wait we had from all the times that we had valeted. Headed back downtown and stopped in at Main Street Station. Won $50 on Reel 'em In and $55 on Lobsters. Went over to GN and sat and played BJ for 5 hours. Only lost $80. Another Win! I must have gotten something in my eye and scratched it from the forest fire smoke. My eye was really hurting. Went back to Rio and played some more slots and went to bed around 2.

Gambling Summary:
BJ: - 80
Slots: - 400

Day 5 Last Day:
Got up around 6 and went down to donate some more money to the nickel slot gods before we left. Hit a couple of lobster machines but lost on Flip Frog. Flight home was uneventful and I already want to go back.

All in all I had a wonderful time but we both lost around $2000 each. Hopefully, I'll have a winning trip one of these days.

Good luck to All! Can't wait to go back and donate some more to those hungry money sucking machines!