Husband and I decided to head to Vegas for Thanksgiving week. Flew out on Sunday morning, flight was nice and uneventful. We were both upgraded to first class due to frequent flyer cards(fly a lot for work). Great way to start. Walked to baggage claim and our bags were just heading down the belt, another bonus. No line for cabs. Arrived at Paris about 1:00, and expected not to be able to check in. We were upgraded to a nice suite, in fact, the exact same room we had last time we were there - room is 875P, a Le Mans suite. The view is of the Bally's parking garage, but the room itself is nice. Paris is still associated with Hilton HHonors, this is how we got the upgrade. Another bonus for those of you who have a Diamond level Hilton Hhonors - you get free access to the 31st floor lounge. They have a nice continental breakfast - all the pasteries and croissants, yogurt, etc that they have in the bakeries.

As for gambling - we could not win anything all week. We mainly play Blackjack and Pai Gow. We tried 3 card poker a few times, and some video poker. We just never could get much ahead, but didn't lose too bad either. We'd basically buy in with $200, and cash out an hour later with between 170 and 230. So, no big wins or losses, butwe had a great time playing. Decided to go downtown one afternoon - hadn't been there in years. That was OK, but I prefer the strip. Watched some good impersonator bands (Madonna and Rod Stewart) in the Big Apple Bar at the NYNY. That was fun. Husband saw some of those nickel slots where you play 9 lines with 5 coins each - these were based on the movie Young Frankenstein, which he likes. So, we tried them out. We each put in a 20, and cashed out with about 130 for him, and 65 for me. Not bad for a nickel machine.

Some of the better meals we had:
-- Coyote Cafe in MGM for breakfast - we always go here once each trip. Good as always.
-- Lombardi in Alladin Desert Mall. Good Italian. Very rich food, but a vacation treat, so what the heck.
-- Chang's in Bally's. Good Chinese
-- Ah Sin in Paris. Good Asian - I don't remember seeing this one there last time, it may be somewhat new.

Heard some good rumors from the dealers. Not sure if any are true or not.
Alladin will become a Planet Hollywood. I've heard a lot about their bankruptcy problems, so I suppose this could be true???
Celine Dion's contract was bought out by Caesar's - they were sick of the "Diva" behaviour. She is being replaced by Elton John. Don't know about this being true, but I did notice you can buy Elton tickets for next year.

I also had some luck on those souvenier coin machines. The ones with the $10 silver coins. I usually put a dollar in, and see what happens. I wound up with 6 coins from different places this time. Usually, I don't win these too often. In the past 8 years or so that I have tried to get them, I only had 8. So, I almost doubled my collection. Not bad.

Flight home again uneventful - back up to first class for us! I guess all the flying for work pays off when you get to go first class for free on vacations. Landed early, but had to wait for the gate to open.

Well, that's about it. I can't remember the big details I see on some of these reports. What we did each day kind of runs together in one big blur.

We'll be back to Vegas in about 5 or 6 months. Can't wait!