We did not see any shows or eat at any buffets or high-class restaurants. Just did plenty of gambling and relaxing with a spa day thrown in.

Mon 12/15

Our trip started off at 6:20 AM Monday (12/15) with a stop at Grandma's to drop off our little one. This was suppose to be a trip for the two of us (Wife (D) and myself) not to be parents for a few days. After the first stop we encounter little traffic on the way to O'Hare. Booked flight on American using miles. If I had put the pedal to the medal we might have made the earlier flight as security was no problem at 8:15 am on a Monday. Find out our flight is going to be 20 minutes late. OK no big deal. Other than that flight was uneventful, and wasn't full so we had an empty seat between us. Didn't check bags so we head to get a taxi. There was really no line and we were off. I of course told the driver no tunnel and said to take Koala instead of the strip to the Bellagio. Fare was 12.80 before tip. Check in and were offered a fountain view room at no extra charge. I was surprised enough that I forgot to inquire about a suite, but was happy with the fountain view. Head to room and find it very clean and nice. We were on the 9th floor and at almost the end of the south wing. So besides the fountains we could see plenty north of the Bellagio. As many of you know Bellagio is renovating the rooms along with the construction of the new tower. Our room had not been renovated, but was still very nice. D was impressed. From the room did not hear any construction nor renovation work being done. I have not stayed at the Venetian so I can't compare.
So we head down to get me on the list for some Texas Hold'em poker. There is a big 4-day tournament starting up and the place is jammed. It is one of those WPT (World Poker Tour) events. $10,000 buyin. So all the big names from TV are there. If you are a poker junkie you are in heaven. I am way down on the list for 15-30. I decide I probably will have time to eat lunch before my seat will be ready. I go over to the players club and get my cards as I lost them from my last trip in July. I ask for a line pass and they give me one. On the way to pick-up D from the BJ table I stop at the Roulette table to play my normal $30 bet on my daughter's birthday. I hit it for $1,050. Now I am feeling good. I give D the 2 $500 chips and we head to the café at the Bellagio. I surprise D with a reservation for a spa day for Tuesday. At the café the line pass saves us about 25 minutes which is cool. The café is very expensive. We decide since it is almost 3:00 PM we would eat a large meal now and a smaller dinner. D has French Onion soup and a Chicken wrap and I have Burger and soup and coke. Bill is $45 before tip. I do have to say the Burger was plenty big and fully cooked. So after lunch its back to the poker room to see where I am on the list. I get there and get a seat within 5 minutes. D settles in at a $5 BJ table. I play for 4 hours and breakeven. D loses about $50. We head off to my favorite casino the Barbary Coast. We sit down at a $5 Pai Gow table and proceed to lose about $40 between the both of us over the next 1 1/2 hours. On the way out stop at the craps table an win back the $40 plus $100. We head over to the Aladdin. Walk through the mall, which is longer than I expected. We stop at a Mexican place for a bite (La Salsa??). We had nachos and taquidos. Nothing special but edible. Bill was $22.50 before tip. We breakeven at craps and BJ then head back to the Bellagio to bed.

Tues 12/16

I am up early and head out to get on the poker list and over to Starbucks for Hot chocolate and bagels for breakfast. I bring those back to the room and D gets to have room service provided by me. After eating I head back to the poker room to get my seat. D gets cleaned up and then comes down and loses $100 at BJ before going over to the spa. D had the full treatment, massage, some wrap, facial, and pedicure. D said it was great and the spa was really nice. They provided you with everything you would need. She spent 5 ½ hours there. I played more poker and won about $200. She came and found me. She looked plenty refreshed. I was done for the day playing poker so we went over to try to catch Big Elvis at the Barbary Coast. His shows were canceled for the day. We grabbed a bite at the Victorian Room. Good meal D had a burger and salad and I had coconut shrimp. Bill was $27.40 before tip. We hit the craps tables and had a nice run winning $230. Then we hit the BJ table. Before I knew I was betting $25 a hand. We realized if we going to bet that high we should do it at the Bellagio. D lost $100 and I won her $100 back plus $100. Cash out and head over to Caesars. Just wanted to look around to see the progress on the construction. Just mainly window-shopped. Then head back over the Bellagio. Went over to see how the tournament was going. Lot of big names busted out. Decide to play $25 BJ and lose $300 over the course of 2 hours. Then we go over to Snacks to grab a bite. D had a chicken wrap and I had a burger and coke. Bill was $21.50 no tip as it is like a snack bar. Play some slots to get some points and try winning the megabucks. Lose $150. Call it a night.

Wed 12/17

I am up early and again head out to Starbucks to bring D breakfast again. We eat and D starts to get ready for day. I head back to the poker room. I stop at the front desk and request a late check out. They offer 1:00 PM, but I hold out for 2:00PM. Back playing poker. D eventually finds me after running $100 through the Megabucks machine. I am up $400 and decide that is enough for me. We find a $25 BJ table and D sits down with $200. She plays for 2 hours and eventually loses it. We ask for a comp to the café and the pit boss eventually gives us one. So we have about 2 hours to kill before we need to checkout and we are up for the trip. So we bounce around the tables playing $50-$100 a hand and walking away quickly if we get up. We end up about $350 up from this strategy. We were up more but got a little greedy. So we go over to the players club to checkout from there. They give us $11 in cash for slot points. I ask about the meal charges. The lady says no play from today has shown up on the computer. She sends us to the casino office. A gentleman there comps our first meal at the café ($45). I was surprised we got anything as the pit boss had already given us a comp. Maybe their computers were slow. We then go up and grab our bags and check them with the porter. We head over to the café for our comp. Use the line pass to save us about 30 minutes. D has the NY strip steak and a salad and I have pasta. Total bill was $58 but they comped hers so the bill as $18 before tip. D said her steak was great. My pasta was good as well. D wants to go to the spa to pick up some product before we leave. I play one last $100 BJ hand push then win after getting a 15 against a 10. Leave Bellagio on a good note. Head to the airport to find our flight is delayed 30 minutes. Then plane arrives and is having mechanical problems. Delayed another 1 ½ hours. But the flight was nearly empty so we had whole rows to ourselves.

We did not go to a show or eat a buffet, but we just want to relax and do some gambling. We had already seen most everything during previous trips. Bellagio is a great hotel to stay in. It is expensive, especially the food. It does have the best poker action in town. I probably would not stay at the Bellagio on a guys trip. But D really likes it. Overall we paid for the hotel, food, and spa and brought back about $400 more than we came with. Can't really complain. Somewhere in there I left out a $200 BJ hand that I got a BJ and won $300. Sorry first trip report didn't take notes.