This was a much discussed vacation as hubby has not had a full time job for 7 months. Debated cancelling our annual anniversary trip but we decided to bite the bullet and go but really limit our play, so I began work on a trip that would be fun, relaxing AND as economical as possible, so here we go :)

Main goals are getting great room for best price and keep hubby occupied and happy so he won't haunt the casino for too long at a time....

We already had flights out of Abilene on American for $545 for round trip. This was a first for us because we usually drive to DFW in Irving or Lubbock to fly was nice to fly directly out of home, but it felt like we spent most of the days going and coming in the airport waiting on our connecting flights since you have to get there so early now....we are use to direct flights, so I'm not sure if we will do this again or not.

Reserved and rejected many deals at various hotels and ended up with Winter Special at Mirage with Double Freeplay or cash back option on play there. Mirage is a beautiful hotel and treats you right. We were able to get a Tower Deluxe room with strip view on the restricted 27th floor for $55 per night.
This includes private elevator that only goes to 2 floors, turndown service and chocolates on the pillow at night :)

Rental car from Dollar was $81.39 for 4 days including taxes for a Concorde using the DESLV code.

Way to keep hubby happy and out of the casino was GOLF for 3 economize we got tee times that were twilight rates and teetimes of 11:35, and 12:45 for the 2 other days...Now he takes a chance that he won't get his 18 holes in before dark, but was lucky that there weren't many people playing and he did finish all 18 holes all 3 days. He played Desert Pines, Stallion Mountain and Silverstone and liked them all.

We got up each morning ate breakfast, gambled for about an hour and then he'd leave to get there in time to warm-up, hit a few balls and then the time he got back to the hotel and clean up and we'd have dinner, then play for awhile at night....

Saw Mama Mia our 1st night there and we had front row center seats that looked down on the musicians and were great for the stage. Enjoyed it very much as it puts together a story to all the Abba songs I've heard for so long. I'd rec. this show to anyone as a great way to spend an evening.

We ate at CaliforniaPizzaKitchen when we got to Mirage, our favorite shared meal, Hot Spinach dip and Wild Mushroom/Garlic Chicken pizza, yummy !!
Had dinner at the Caribe Cafe after MamaMia that 1st night.
Other meals were at Aladdin dinner buffet, Kahunaville, GrandLux Cafe.
Mornings we had coffee and rolls at Roasted Bean in Mirage and one morning at Caribe Cafe.

We charged all our meals to our room, except for GrandLux and Aladdins, and also our coffee/roll benges each checkout the slothost on duty took off all our food and 1 nights room, so we ended up with a bill of $184 for all 4 nights in the Tower Deluxe room and all food....not bad IMHO cosidering we limited our play...

Gambling was pretty much hit and miss...if it weren't for a certain Top Dollar machine at Mirage it would have been all miss :((

Looking forward to another trip, but next year we will have to be satisfied with only 1 or 2 trips as opposed to our usual 4 trips a year....Already planning and hoping ....