First let me say that these reports helped me tremendously on our trip if nothing else but what to look out for. That said, we got out of Seattle late and arrived late in LV. Ended up at the V about midnight after a shuttle ride that was like a tour of the backstreets of the strip, learning all about the routing problems because of the new monorail being built. . First impression of the Venetian was WHAT IS THAT SMELL??? Some "mists" as the concierge called it. Flowery and burning the sinuses. They "mist" on that one for me. But oh well, no problem getting a great room with a great view of the Volcano at the Mirage. The $20 bill given with credit card seemed to help. After getting unpacked we found a box of condoms in the bedside drawer I first thought that maybe it was suppose to be there but alas it was empty and then we were just grossed out so when the housekeeper brought us some extra hangers we gave it to her and she was very apologetic. I hope she reported it because we did at checkout. The housekeepers were very good overall on this trip. After getting settled I finally got down to the casino where I had to track down a manager to get me my players card because it was after midnight and the players club was closed. He was very nice and very professional. I played some VP and broke even and went to bed. The next day we went to breakfast at the restaurant where they had no rye toast and no biscuits but lots of excuses and cost a bundle and we never went back. We ate at the food court or Dennys mostly after that except for one trip to Downtown where the California Hotel's Prime Rib is still the best. If you want to win at gambling, play downtown and only downtown. Those people are alive and want you to win! I did have one pretty hot streak at the V one day on the dollar VP but I made the mistake of checking in with my wife who promptly spent all my winnings in a Wheel of Fortune Progressive. Our 14 yr old was with us and we took him to see "Mystere" and "Star Trek the Experience" which he enjoyed. He was not impressed with the stupid downtown "Neonopolis". Overall a good trip but will not take a kid again. Vegas has mostly changed back to adults only mentality. Venetian is nice but the "mists" really turned me off and there is no live Keno at all. The security was tight most of the time but seemed inconsistant at times considering we were on orange alert.