This was my first trip to Las Vegas. I booked the trip back at the end of Septmember and got airfare (from Honolulu) and three nights at the Luxor for $754 through Worryfreevacations. We flew out on Saturday morning on Omni Air, which was just fine.

Very short lines when we checked into the Luxor (around 4); however they didn't have any type of line system which I'm sure would lead to a huge mess if it were busy. We got a double room in the East tower. Travelocity and others rate the Luxor as a four star; however I didn't think our room was any better than a Holiday Inn. The people that we were visiting Vegas with left on the 22nd, so we switched to a king room in the pyramid and it was a whole lot better. We stayed on the 22nd floor directly above the sphinx and facing out towards the airport. If I liked watching planes, I would have been thrilled. The view from the inside balcony was a whole excellent. We had to take the #1 inclinator which only goes to the 22nd-30th floors so it was a very quick ride each time. The inclinator did not seem any different than a typical elevator to me. If I stay on the South strip my next visit it'll be at the New York, New York or MGM Grand. The slot machines at the Luxor were very tight. We didn't really win anywhere we played, but our money seemed to last a little longer at other places. The best part about the Luxor (other than the inside view from my pyramid room) was the spa. I went there one night around midnight and sat in the jacuzzi and steam room and it was great.

We ate at the Excalibur buffet the first night we were there because it was close and cheaper than most. It was nasty. Sunday morning we had the Champagne brunch at Boulder Station and it was really good. I had a two for one coupon so it was only $8 for the two of us. It was probably my best bargain the whole trip. We also ate the Seafood Buffet at The Orleans on Monday night (again with a 2 for 1 coupon). Since I don't like seafood it was nothing special, but the desserts there were really good.

While walking around, I saw $5 blackjack tables at all the casinos; maybe this was because of the slow time of year. The only place I played blackjack though was at the Orleans, they had $3 tables on Monday when we were there. I won for a little while and then walked away. It was really the only money I won (other than 1,000 nickels at the Tropicana). We all entered the no risk slot tournament at the Aladdin and I felt it was well worth it because we all got to pull the handle quite a few times for our $25. Instead of getting the $20 voucher most people talk about to use at the buffet we got some nice fleece pullovers to take home as souveniers. We also won back part of our $25 entry fee with the $10 free slot play they give you. In the tournament, you have to get at least 9,000 credits to win $50 and over 12,000 to win $100 and the highest our party of four got was just over 7,000 credits.

The three days I was there was no where near enough time. We ran ragged the whole time and didn't get to see or do half the stuff I had planned. I know my trip report wasn't too exciting, but I hope that doesn't keep anyone else from trying to write one. I really enjoyed reading everyone else's while I counted the days and then hours til my trip. I can't wait to go again.