This was a spur of the moment trip which made it kind of nice since I didn?t have weeks of anticipation. The flight was booked only 10 days before I left. I was leaving on Monday and coming back Christmas morning. My son surprised me and said he would give me $200 for plane fare to come out to see him. He just moved to Sin City last December and he would have been all alone for Christmas. I was going to be alone also as my SO was going to visit his family in Nags Head, NC. A direct flight from Cincinnati to LV was only $236. Can?t beat that! Booked the flight and was choppin at the bit to go! This would be my first time that I was flying solo to LV and I was really looking forward to doing my own thing.

Left Cincy at 1:00 pm on December 22 and got into Vegas a little early at just after 2:00. Son picked me up and since I only had my carry on, we were ready to roll. Four Queens had sent me an offer for 2 free nights, Main Street one free room for the second night, and I had booked the Imperial Palace for the last night for $32. Checked into 4Q with a room near the elevator and on a floor with an ice machine. Had learned from previous visit in August that not all floors have ice machines on them so beware when you?re staying there. Room was a room, but who cares, you only sleep a few hours a night there if you can sleep. Only bad thing is the bed ? hard as a rock. I sleep on a water bed and these beds could have passed for cement blocks.

Dropped carryon off and headed to get something to eat. I had a coupon for the Magnolia Room for buy one get one free. Both of us had the Philly Cheese Steak and they were most excellent. Gave my son the rest of mine as I couldn?t finish it. Son had to be at work at 5 so off he went and off I went to gamble.

Played some nickel slots and all I did was feed the greedy little money suckers. Decided to head over to Fitzgeralds to try my hand at some BJ. Dropped $120 real quick. Not looking good. Went to Golden Nugget, Binions, and the Plaza and still could not hit anything. Wandered back to the 4Q and fed and fed and fed a Lobstermania machine and got zilch. Decided to head on up to the room since I had already lost $700 and had to conserve some funds for the other 2 days. Went to sleep around 11:00 and I think this was a first for me. Since I had to be back at work on the 26th, I was trying to stay on Cincy time.

Day 2:
Woke up at 4:30, got shower, and was down at the BJ table at Fitz by 5:00. It was freezing in there. The pit boss kept on asking them to turn on the heat and they kept thinking he said turn on the air! Played for about 4 hours and only lost $3! That?s a win for me!!!! Strolled on over to Binions to play some poker. All they had was 2 tables of Hold-Em. I like Hold-Em but I was looking forward to playing some 7 card. Guess not. Walked down to the Plaza and realized that I had left my player?s card up in room. Went back to room, got card and walked back. I was worried that I would be cold since it was supposed to be in the 30?s at night and 60?s in the day. Never wore my jacket. I had a sweater on and was plenty warm. Lost some at the slots and decided to head back to Binions to play some BJ. Binions has one of the best BJ games in town. Played for about 4 hours and won a little. Son called and I told him were I was and he came and we both played for a little more. Decided to go to the Cannery since I needed a chip from them. Played some BJ and lost then saw some MultiStrike poker machines. I had been playing this at home on Son and I played for a long time and only lost a twenty a piece. Strat was next on the list to play BJ at. Had a dealer who must have been brand new and didn?t speak much English. Dropped a few and left with our tails between our legs. I needed to check in to Main Street hotel even though I had another night at the 4Q. Wanted to see if their beds were softer. Son dropped me off and he went to run some errands. When I went to check in, they had my reservation down for the night before- UH-OH! My bad because I got the days mixed up but I didn?t say anything and they gave me a room ? Whew! Room was great location with right by the ice machine and elevator. Normal room though and bed was still hard! Went down to the BJ tables. Lost $120 real quick and decided to change tables. Good move because I won back that and a little more. Son showed up and we played together for quite awhile. We were getting hungry so headed to the Main Street Buffet. I had heard a lot about this buffet but in my opinion it was so-so. You have to realize that I?m a picky eater. Tt was T-bone steak night and the total for both of us was around $24. The desserts were very good. Son had $40 to spend at BJ. He is the kind of person that if he has $20 dollars in his pocket, he will sit down at a BJ table. He?s that kind of BJ player that you learn to hate. A TABLE JUMPER! Oh well, headed up to Plaza and I was winning a little so I kept on giving him money to play on. We finally both ended up losing and I decided it was time for bed and son was broke anyway. Walked back down to Main and said goodnight. Did a little better today and only lost $200. Got to bed around 12.

Day 3:
Last full day ? Boo Hoo. Got up later this morning around 6. Found some FPDB machines and hit 4 Kings on one machine and 4 fives on another. Yea Baby!!! They give you a scratch off card is you get four of a kind. On the first card I won $2. On the second card I won $20! Since I was on a roll, headed over to my favorite Lobstermania machines. Won $30! BJ was calling my name but I couldn?t win this morning. Wandered over to the California. Played a few slots here and there and then up to Binions for more BJ. Sat down and realized that I had left my player?s cards at the California. Kept on playing and after about an hour, went back to California and cards were still in the machine! Went over to 4Q to get my free 200 points for 200 earned. Had a total of $13 cash back. Now I can be a high roller!!! Played machines at Fremont, Golden Nugget, Golden Gate, Fitz, Plaza but really couldn?t hit anything. Son finally called and I said I needed to check into Imperial Palace. Needed to make a stop at M&M?s and boy was that a mistake. Wall to wall traffic. It wasn?t the traffic so much as the people crossing the street and the traffic couldn?t move. They would continue to cross even though the sign said not to cross. That held up traffic forever. We finally got in the left lane and got to the IP. Son dropped me off as he had to go to work. Checked in fine with a room on the 18th floor near the ice machines. Talk about hard beds. This bed was the hardest of all! Went down to the Champagne Pit BJ tables. Had a pretty good run and made about $100 before friends who live in town picked me up for dinner.

Drove over to Friday?s where my son works as a bartender. Got a table near the bar and ate about everything on the menu ? or so it seemed. manager came over to meet me and comped us $30. Total bill for all 3 of us with 2 drinks each and appetizers was only $36. Left and headed over to the Orleans. We all played FPDB. I won a little but my GF lost. She then sat at a nickel machine and hit 2 four of a kind ? both 5s. Ended up cashing out $65 on a nickel! While she was playing I sat down at a nickel Lobster machine and hit for $150! BF?s husband hit for $150 on $1 Wheel of Fortune. Next on the agenda was to see the Bellagio fountains. Friends said they played Christmas music for the fountains. Got over and one was just beginning. No Christmas music ? Bah humbug. No lights around the trees either. They were both disappointed. Went into Bellagio and played some slots but none of us could do any good. Back across the walkway to the Barbary Coast. Hit the quarter Stars and Striped for $40 then we found the MASH machines. All three of us hit on the 2 cent machines GF?s husband hit for $140, she hit for $70, and I hit for $36. Said our good-byes and they dropped me off at the IP where my son was waiting. Son and I sat down at the Champagne pit where I won earlier. Dropped $80 and couldn?t hit a thing. By this time it was 1:30 and decided to call it a night. Kissed son goodbye and told him this was my best Christmas present ever.

Going Home:
Woke up around 8:00 packed and still had an hour to kill at the casino. Sat down at BJ and dropped $40 and decided to change tables where everyone wasn?t talking in Chinese. Dropped another $40 and said enough was enough. Went to my favorite Lobsters and won $20! Got luggage and a cab and got to the airport with an hour and 45 minutes to spare. Gave the cabbie $5 tip and went to gate. Security was a breeze and didn?t have to wait at all. Only downfall was the sub place wasn?t open. Burger King was so got a breakfast sandwich and went to the poker machines. Hit 4 3s for $100. Yea! I?m a winner leaving Vegas! All in all I lost around $1100. This was my 3rd trip in 3 months. The next trip probably won?t be until August as I need to save my pennies. Happy Holidays to all and win big!