players flag (me) wife (m)daughter (T)
this was our 1st xmas trip to vegas, T's 1st time
i guess i'm a bit of a dope, we took our daughter w/ us for the 1st time. she & m shopped & did the spas'& the shows, this left me all alone to wander about vegas , OH woe is me (lmao) (the old guys' dumb like a fox) lol
i've read bad reports about the new frontier.... they must have been about a different casino, our stay there was great. we were treated like high rollers. the entire staff was friendly, professional, & as helpful as possible. the room was clean & comfortable, maid service was great, & the gals serving drinks were top notch. i tip my hat to everyone at the new frontier, & especially sandy sears in marketing, truely a nice person, & very helpful. thank you to all of you for making our stay so nice (al williams)
now on to the trip report!
we arrived via us airways, gr8 flight,phl to las 12:30pm. rented a car from thrifty(f/f miles). after a quick jaunt up I-15 arrived at frontier. small check in line.... but fast.while waiting in line the cocktail gal offered ua a drink. we were VERY impressed. while waiting....i hit a v/p for 60 bucks, now how can you beat that !
we got our room in 20 mins.... unpacked & hit the floor. M & T didn't do very well playing slots, but i got hot on v/p & hit several machines..... finished the day up appx $700 between us. went to bed at 1 am, we'd been up 26 hours.
i arose at 5 am (morning ppl here), did the 3 s's (brought a coffee pot loaded a discard cup & hit the floor. i put a c note in a d/d v/p, 3rd play hit 4-7's, 5 plays later 4-4's, cashed out w/$500. i thought ok gr8 start at this point i'm up 1-k. went back up to the room to ck on the gals they were ready to go at 9 am. we hit the floor again, t lost $100 (let it ride) m lost $200 (slots) I lost $300 (v/p)but thats ok.... we're still up for the trip. so off we go downtown.
we're casino hoping, T & I hit big at L/Luck, m's still loosing. for this session T & I are up about $800, M's down $150. we ate dinner at binions'24th floor 6 pm.... great food,,,,, but even a better view. well worth the $125 bill ! as we fin eating the FSE show starts, I'd taped it the last time we were here, & T had seen it.... but this was the 1st time shes' seen it live!!! the look on her face was priceless !!!!! I'm sooooo glad she came w/ us. it's not the norm for a 23 yr old to vacation w/ the old floks ! lol, we played a bit more.... headed back to n/front. & hit the sack.
morning came (even i slept in) after room service we went to the riviera. this was m's day.... everything she touched turned to gold, she fin. up about $800 T & I lost $300 each. M called me an OPL for those of you not from the east coast.... thats..."ONE PATHETIC LOOSER" lol (she right) then we did some sight seeing & walking..... oh soooooo much walking. I'm in gr8 shape(i climb flagpoles for a living) but the walking really got to my legs(thank god for vioxx) lol
on sat. M&T did the spa & shopping thing.... i walked the strip popping casinos'& lost big !.... but such is vegas! (still even for the trip)headed back to the room to watch the E.A.G.L.E.S spank the skins "go eagles" any true eagles fan can't watch a game in a sports book...... the other looser fans just don't get this ! lol(just kidding) but i have to be able to hear the game as well as watch it. when at home.... i turn off the commie bastards announcing the game & listen to merrill on 94 WYSP.... this is how a true eagles fan does it ! lol so much for the education..... after the game we hit the floor & lost our collective asses ! lol so much for riding the eagles victory ! lmao
sunday M&T saw a show.... i rode the "big looser in the sky ride at every casino i hit " lol we had dinner at gillies & did some dancing.... lots of fun!
monday it's time to go home, we ate, checked out, they really comped us nicely, returned the rental car, & got to the airport 3 hrs early.... w/ alll the security we were worried.... but everything was fine & very short lines. soooooo i started playing v/p & don't ya know i got on a hot streak & actually hit 6 machines in a row !!!!!!! fin. the day up $250. nive way to leave vegas !!!!!!
again i'd like to thank everyone at new frontier,,,, great casino & a great value! thx all for listening to my very winded trip report.... i hope it helps