I've found a lot of interesting info in previous reports...seemed only fair to reciprocate. 2 couples:

AIR: US Air/United Charlottesville/Pittsburgh/Las Vegas First Class ticets from Expedia that were only $125 each more than coach...well worth it to me and my wife. Security tight, and I'm ok with that. On time into Vegas, but small problem leaving on the morning of the 30th...SNOW and ICE. Great job by US Air wth de-icing by hand, took off 1-1/2 hour late but made a lot of it up with a 100 mph tailwind. NOTE: HUGE security line at LAS for morning flights, leave plenty of time. Virtually no line for first class passengers, however.

HOTEL: We ONLY stay at The Golden Nugget downtown. I am a Green chip BJ player and my wife plays beside me for $10. The Nugget treats us very well, is liberal with comps including rooms, and in general is a beautiful property. We also like the whole Downtown vibe, and appreciate easily visiting other close by casinos.

SHOWS: I am a professional musician, so the entertainment aspect of our trip is very important to us. We try to see a show every night...no where but Vegas can you see the quality and diversity of entertainment in one city.

Saturday Night: Zumanity @ NY NY. INCREDIBLY erotic...spring for the love seat, take your partner (crucial) and prepare to be amazed. NO ONE under 21 needs to see this show and no one should see it by themselves. Sexy, lacivious, lewd, even obscene, and wildly entertaining.

Sunday Night: The Tribute to Frank, Sammy, Dean, and Joey @ The Greek Isles. What a sad little hotel. We picked tickets up in the afternoon, and not one person was playing a slot, eating, or even hanging around. 13 pc orchestra advertised, cut to 9 plus the performers. Not quite there yet, not yet as good as the previous Rat Pack Tribute @ The Sahara, but still VERY enjoyable. Used a 2 for 1 from billhere.com saved $108 for the 4 of us. Stub is marked discounted, an even a $20 tip to the maitre 'd got very ordinary seats and a comment from him about the discount. BIG MISTAKE...I'd have gone to $50 for the right table...several of which remained empty througout the show. If they were holding them for Greek Isles high rollers, they are very confused.

Monday Night: Legends at the Imperial Palace...a tradition for us every trip. Go Go Go to this...I promise you'll have a GREAT time. Great band, dancers, and this night had impersonators of Garth Brooks, Donna Summer, 4 Tops, Ann Margaret, Liberace, Elvis, all singing live. Ann Margaret and Elvis did the number from Viva Las Vegas in the same costumes as the movie and synched with the original film clips wich showed on the side. We've seen MANY shows including Danny Gans front row, etc. Legends and Lance Burton are our favorites.

FOOD: We did it a little different this time, and hit the specials @ Ellis Island, Golden Gate, Binion's, Fremont, Main Street Station, and the Nugget Sunday Brunch...no high end, (although we love Hugo's Cellar and Lotus of Siam). Food and service were exceptional in every case.

SIGHTSEEING: Took our friends to NY NY, Venetian, Bellagio, Outlet Mall, Fashion Show mall, and they did the Red Rock thing.

GAMBLING: Came home with more than we left with, and paid cash for most everything while there...doesn't get much better than that.

SLEEP: Save that for the plane ride and after you get home.