Left for Vegas on New Years eve. Arrived at the airport with plenty of time, flying Delta, connecting through Dallas. The flights were great and before we knew it(girlfriend and myself), we were there! We had other friends meeting us from Houston and friends from the San Fran area meeting us there that night also. We all spent the first night pretty much getting loaded and catching up with our friends from California. I will say that even though the hotels were free because of past play, I will NEVER go there for New Years again. I'm happy I did it once but it was so insane!!

I'm just going to go over the highlights since we were there for a week...which in fact may be just a day or two more than I would stay next time. Aside from the usual casino hopping and barhopping, we played alot of blackjack and poker! There's nothing better than being in the Mirage or Bellagio Poker room at two a.m. with your best friends cutting it up! I had a pretty sweet run at the blackjack table in the Bellagio....turned $1200 into $9500. That made my trip! Since this was a trip mainly just to enjoy good friends, there was quite a bit of time spent in Lounges and even a strip club or two. (heehee) We all went to eat at the Top of the World in the Strat which was very cool. Great food and a great view. Also, if any of you ever go and play blackjack at the Stardust...go see Lori and tell her Jason from Houston says hello! She was the best dealer I've ever had!

So my friends leave and my girlfriends' friends came in from Omaha for the second half of the week. That was a good time as well but by the end the week I was worn out.

We saw O, Wayne Newton, and Carrot Top. All very fun and worth it. But the greatest part of the trip had to be...us be awaken by massive noise on floor 27 of the Bellagio at 730am our first morning there. WTF! I called down to the desk and they didn't believe me....so I asked them to come up and see for themselves. Well, as soon as they realized there was noise they offered us the freaking PENTHOUSE SUITE for the remainder of our stay!! It was awesome!! That was the icing on the cake for an overall amazing trip. Sorry that this was so crazy and fast but I only had a few moments to write this. I'll be back in May for the world series at Binion's!! Until then!!!