Sorry this is late and I'm unsure of the order of things, but I'll give a quick rundown.
Checked in at Flamingo at the airport, and headed for my Dollar rental car. 45 minute wait in a long line to get on the bus to take me to Dollar, to stand in line for 45 minutes, to get outside and see my row full of Family Size cars was empty! They did give me a Chrysler pacifica for the family size rate.
We spent 6 days in Vegas, and none were really pool weather. The missus loves the pool here and it was too cold. Bugsy's deli was closed. The buffet was actually pretty darn good, but the service was either excellent or lousy, no in between. The rooms were decent and the cleaning stuff did a good job.
With all our bouncing around, The Flamingo is the only place I was lucky on slots. Hard to get a drink at the slots here though. (asked a waitress for a bottled water and she told me I could buy one at the deli counter!)
Gambled at Mirage, and Harrahs, nothing special at either place. Bally's was a good time, had a free band that energized the place. Went to the Palms to see what all the excitement about it was. There's definitely a young crowd full of Brittney wannabes, but since I'm 40 ...and married...I'd recommend it to the younger crowd. MGM must have a rocking club too, because Friday night was just as hot there... for the younguns of course...
O'sheas and Barbary coast had a seedy looking crowd and tight machines. Circus Circus and Slots of Fun were boring to me. Got knocked out quick at the Sahara Texas Hold'em tourney. The Stardust treated me Ok on the tables, and the video poker there was good for a couple of hours.
The Venetian looked wonderful, but the missus found the shops and I lost there.
Downtown. I love it. Golden Nugget vallet, then hit the Freemont. (made the mistake one night of parking in Four Queens self park...never been so scared in my life! Dark, dingy and spooky!)
The weekend clientelle is definitely wilder than the weekday crowd. Played the tables at Binion's and Golden Gate. Wife loves the $3 tables. Did okay on the slots at the little casinos, like Mermaids. NEVER have to chase someone down for a drink at the downtown casinos. Enjoyed Fitzgerald's. Seems like a nicely run joint.
The Paris rooms are just as nice as Bellagio's cheapos. The staff here is Ok. (Slipped the guy $20, and he acted like it's never happened before, shaking my hand!) The buffet here is really nice. (tried Alladin's breakfast buffet. It was just good, but hard to judge a buffet on the breakfast)
Anyways, I'd recommend both the Flamingo and Paris. Go downtown at least once. People watch: it's the best place for it.
Sorry this is all over the place! Best I can remember.