The much anticipated date finally arrived and we were on the way to the airport. Got to the airport five hours early, hubby asked the reservationist if we could possibly get on an earlier flight, and we did - were able to leave 3 hours earlier than planned. Northwest flight was smooth and uneventful. Landed in LV on time, took a shuttle to the Paris Hotel - had called the Paris that morning to preregister, a very short wait in line, we even got a P room that you all talk about - not much of a view, but nevertheless, a very pretty "P" room.

We did much walking, we walked to both ends of the strip, and saw many beautiful hotels, it was almost too much walking, our feet were very tired and sore by the time we got back to our hotels - but it was good exercise I guess!!

Our favorite restaurant was Ah Sin at the Paris, we sat outside and watched a mime, what delightful entertainment it was. At Ah Sin the fried rice was delicious, made with chicken, beef and big shrimp. Our favorite buffet, even if we had just one, was the Paris breakfast buffet. The prices at both were reasonable.

We saw the Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace, it was wonderful, price included a cocktail, around $35 dollars with a coupon we had and worth every penny. The gal impersonating Tina Turner was dynamite. Got to rest our feet for 90 minutes too!!

Our main goal of this trip was to see the hotels, and they were lovely. Saw some entertainment that we enjoyed. Ate at some nice restaurants. We of course did do some gambling, not prosperous, had a few wins, but put it right back in. The "Top Dollar" slot machine were really fun to play.

It was great to get away a few days but it was even better getting back home.