The Frontier is one hotel that gets very mixed reviews. I stayed in an Atrium Suite and was fairly satisfied with the accommodations. The rooms are clean, but don't expect brand-spanking new and shiny anything. The fixtures are old and missing some electroplate and the tap on the wetbar showed calcium deposits - evidently they don't scour those taps. The wood furniture shows some wear and tear - probably no more or less than on your furniture at home, but for those looking for "more than home" this may be disconcerting. However, at $65 a night for a 2-room suite, if you expect perfection, you're delusional.

I've heard that the regular rooms in the Frontier are really bad, and indeed, overheard a woman telling a horror story about her room - musty smell, non-working shower, etc. So, if you stay there, take a suite.

We took a City Lights tour and were informed by the tour guide that the Frontier is next in line to be demolished, so don't expect the accommodations to get any better there.

The casino itself is small and cosy and all the restaurants are in close proximity. Contrary to some reports, there was no musty smell in the casino - or at lest no enough to make me wrinkle my nose. Maybe they did some work on the air circulation system?

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet every morning - it's kind of expensive at $9.99, but satisfying enough considering the omelet station. Probably not as large a selection as some breakfast buffets but if you go away hungry, it's your own fault. We were disappointed in the dinner buffet. Very limited selection there. However, we were pleasantly suprised with what we ordered off the menu. Food was tasty in large portions. Again, selection is pretty limited, but good, home-cooked-taste fare. The best part is that there are virtually no lines or waiting at any of the restaurants.

In closing, if you are going to Vegas on a limited budget and don't mind less than pristine surroundings, an Atrium Suite at the Frontier might serve your needs.