The Cast: Me (Kiddo); my younger brother, Steve, visiting from WI; MJinNY; SueinVegas; my eldest sister, Diane; DustyinVegas; and all the folks from 2 meets.

Departed Denver 10:15 pm, once I got over 8000 ft elevation, the snow started. Normally, I could just push through the snow, but being I was so tired, I didn't want to risk it. I drove white-knuckled, eyes peering through the blinding snow, until just past Vail, then pulled over and parked it until 4 am. Got a little nap in too. Both Steve and MJ arrived Saturday and my plan was to pick them up. Having my car usually means that I play chauffer for the most part.

Day 1, Sunday, April 25
Since I was arriving later than planned, I called bro and MJ to head to their respective hotels. I usually stop at Casablanca in Mesquite, but resisted and pushed on. Made North LV around 2 pm, and of course, had to do my routine of stopping in The Cannery. Played a $20 through, nothing. Ok, I'll do 1 more, then head out. Down to my last $1.25, and get the quad 4's. Whip out the LVA coin-bonus cpn for another $12.50 Cash out $72.50 to the good and out the door. A thought crossed my mind as I got in the car..."Hey, if I turn around right now and go back, I'm a winner!"

Both Steve and I booked LV Hilton, using their 4-night web special @$172, which included $10 play, 2 free buffets, and 2-1 show tix. Ordinarily, I'd stay where I got comped, but wanted us to be in the same hotel during Steve's first ever LV visit. I valeted, and Steve met me at checkin. Geez, it was almost 4 pm, and still couldn't get a non-smoking room in the North Tower right away. So, off to drop my bag off in Steve's room on the 25th floor. He is a Hilton member, so got an upgraded room, overlooking the mtns.

Off we went to the slot club. Having a Connection Card, I wanted to know why my comp points from last Dec., were not showing up, nor would the PIN work. It took 2 uncaring clerks to hem and haw about how it got linked, unlinked, saying they'd be sold as of May 31, etc.. and that a supervisor would have to fix it, i.e. come back later. Mind you, I've been up since Sat 7 am, I'm tired and cranky, and this was the last thing I wanted to hear. Hey, I'm supposed to be on vacation, and I'm stressed. Steve gets his new card, but I had to have him go ask for the 2fer1 cpn for The Star Trek Experience.

We head to the Buffet for dinner, using our free cpns. Buffet didn't have a lot of selections, but some good quality. There were 2 types of Peking duck. They also had free beer and wine with the buffet. After stuffing our faces, it's back to the Connection counter to get my card comps straightened out. I now have $38 in comps.

We go in the Space Quest casino, and played a few machines. I got one quad and walked away +$60. It was to be the only winnings I got from this place. I've heard good things about casino here, but I didn't see it. $10 up tables, very few payable VP machines, and hardly any decent variety of slots. And this place was jammed packed with 20&30-something people getting smashed. I thought I was at Hard Rock for a second.

Off to The Star Trek Show. Price is now $29.95 for both shows. Good thing for that 2fer1 cpn! Note, you can NOT charge the cost to your room. Large room with the timeline, characters, ships, costumes, weapons, etc... of all the ST movies and series. Funny how I recalled most of the episodes displayed. After that, they took your picture, which I didn't even bother to look at or buy. You then had you choice as to what show to go through. Lots of lame role-playing, I thought. But, the recreation of the walls, bridge, etc.. were pretty good. I suppose you could say I was inside a ship or shuttle. Final part, was a ride on a shuttle. Belt yourself in kiddies. We actually landed at the Hilton. I liked the Borg4D, a tad bit better. More role-playing of Borgs attacking,etc... Then, a 10 minute 4D show, with the Queen Borg herself. Each attraction let you out in the gift shop and Quark's Bar. My final analysis: It was ok, nothing spectacular. Or maybe, I'm just not Trekkie material? I wouldn't pay $29.95 for this, and was glad we had the 2fer1 cpn.

Back to checkin, to get my room key. Room 20132 on the 20th floor, north tower, overlooking the big Hilton sign and parts of the strip. I was at the end of the hall, closer to the glass elevator. This made it quite convenient to park in the North garage. Other than a couch, a hi-speed pc cable, and a few more feet, it was identical to Steve's room. Not the usual standard tub, a nice larger one, even my fat butt could fit in. The curtains are motorized, just push a button. Toilet was so powerful, I though it would flush me right through it! Excellent water pressure and it got hot right away. Safes cost $3 a day, and $1 per local phone calls.

So ends Day 1. Tomorrow, Steve at Grand Canyon, and $$ to pay for the lights.

Day 2, April 26

Steve leaves early for an all day trip to the Grand Canyon. I head over to Sunrise Hospital and spend a few minutes with DustyInVegas (who is home now), and then go pick up MJ at Harrahs. We head over to Boulder Stn, and grab lunch at their buffet, using my LVA 2fer coupon. Nothing special stuck out, just their usual good selection.
Time to hit the VP machines. It now takes $2 in to get a point on the optimum machines, but we played them anyways. I got my 1 quad, and was able to sustain a fairly good time of play. MJ goes through $60, moves over to the TriplePlus, and on first hand, is deal a $1000 hand! After me taking a beating, we head over to Sunset Stn.

We mosey up to the center bar, and we order Cosmos. I went through $120 and 4 cosmos pretty fast. MJ gets 3 quads in a few minutes and I'm about ready to whack her. Some people just have the golden touch. We were tipping the bartender each time, yet we almost had to bend over to get a refill. After I left, and MJ stayed at the bar, the guy really became a jerk, saying he didn't have time to serve MJ. It appeared the bartender had more time for the locals. This is not the first time I've had bad service at the Gaude Bar. It's getting so that bartenders don't even want to do their dang jobs anymore without you feeding their meters.

Next stop, was the $1.00 store, where we had a blast picking up trinkets to make a Derby hat for MJ. Plastic money, roses, dice, horses, etc... It ended up having a real Vegasy-style to it!

We needed a gambling breather, so stopped at the liquor store to get some Margarita mix and tequila, and then back to MJ's room, to start designing her hat.
The super glue wouldn't hold the items to the plastic, but sure stuck to our fingers and the coffee table.

Having Tequila after Vodka was starting to make me a little giddy. We both decided to forgo dinner and stick to the drinks. It was now after 7 pm, and hadn't heard from my brother, and he didn't answer his cell phone. You hear about planes and helicopters going down in the Grand Canyon. About 10 pm, I called his room, and he was there. He got back early, and then walked from LVH to the Fashion Show Mall in the 90 degree heat. No wonder he had a headache. I left about 11:30pm and crashed as soon as I hit the bed. I didn't know it would be the only decent night of sleep I would get the entire trip.

Day 3, April 27

Bro is meeting a co-worker, and I pick MJ up after she checked out of Harrahs. We valet over at Mirage and eat lunch at their coffee shop. We both had appetizers and I had an excellent dish of baked salmon over rice.

We played a few machines before the Meet, but nothing special for either of us.
I'm down to my last $200 or so.

The Meet at Ava Lounge. With the exception of some new furniture, it looked the same as the old Lagoon Saloon. Same fountain, same location, same expensive drinks. My cosmo drink here cost $7 a piece. We had a nice turnout, and always enjoyable to chat with new and old friends. After the Meet breaks up, MJ and I go get some more play in.

For some reason, I seem to do better on the nickel novelty slots here than VP. I like the Leprechauns Gold, crocodile cash, and stampede games. Ended up getting a hand pay off the Stampede machine for $150 or so. MJ gets nothing, so we head over to GN, to get her checked in.

GN: Just sucked me and MJ dry. MJ had a food comp, and we ate dinner at Carson Café. Excellent menu choices. I don't recall what we had, but we also had desserts, and we both waddled of there and I headed back to LVH for the night. Met up with my bro and gave him $10 for his $10 chip and headed to the BJ tables. Can you say loser? My $100 went so fast, I didn't have time to get comfortable. More $$ in machines, with no luck. This was only Day 3 and I was into Day 8 bankroll. Yep, I came to LV practically broke and paid for next month's lights!

Day 4, April 28 MSS & downtown

As I woke up this am, I couldn't help remembering my thought after my first 'win' at The Cannery. Maybe I should have turned around. It was a bummer that my usual daily bankroll is $300-400 day, and I came with less than $100 a day. Even though I had limited funds, I just couldn't cancel a trip I had planned since last fall.

Bro and I check out of LVH. Ended up with $52 comp on my Connection Card, which I knew I'd be using at Paris later.

Park in MSS's garage, and checkin. I had a mailer for 2 free nights and 2x points, and asked the host for casino rate for Friday night and casino rate for all 3 days for Steve. We got one room ready and another later. Worked for me, as we just dumped our bags in the one room and walked over to GN, to meet up with MJ.

MJ has been playing at the bar all morning, stating how bad the play is and how much she has dropped all ready. Can't say I didn't warn her. We 'borrow' MJ's food comp and line pass, and Steve and I go have lunch at Carson Café. I do like this place, very varied menu, good food, fast service, etc...

After lunch, MJ and I decide just to stay downtown, so Steve takes the car to do some sightseeing. Being I have $100 left, I get $200 from cc from main cage.

We go over to LVC because I had a 3x point coupon from LVA. Got my card and a tourney entry, and MJ & I played for awhile. Neither of us had any luck.
MJ and I browse at a few shops and then go into Fitzgerald's. We decide on seeing the free 5pm show, some singer named Paull (yes, 2 ll's) performing. I lost $60 on VP right away. We had a little time to kill, so we both bought in for a whopping $20 at the $5 single deck pitch BJ table. I ended up +$10 and MJ +$35.

The Free Show, actually would cost you a $6.95 drink, but we had LVA coupons for a free drink. Not that we ever got the drink. Most of the audience were older (hell, I fit this crowd now!) people. We happened to see Paull in the casino prior to, as he was passing out flyers to his show. He looked pretty handsome in his silver jacket, either Italian or Latin. However, on stage, he wore a white shirt open all the way to his waist, displaying his manly chest of hair. Ohhh, was I suppose to get a thrill or something?? His performance was a takeoff of Wayne Newton, et al. The music was all piped in, and he sang with it, ala karaoke. For free, and to kill an hour, some may like it, but I was sorta bored. I sure hope he keeps his other night job. Don't look for him to move from downtown anytime soon IMO.

After the show, MJ and I head back to GN. A few more dollars dropped and then dinner back at Carson Café. More food, more waddling around. At about 9:30pm, we both decide to call it an early night. I decide, what the hell, try the nickel novelty games again. First $40 went by, then I moved over to some game I never played before, and went to 2 bonus rounds. I cashed out at $252. While I was waiting for the attendant, I moved over to the next machine, the Munsters, in $20, and hit cash out at $150. Another $20 at next Munsters, and cashout of $120. Now, that's more like it. With now over $500 in my pocket, I'm feeling a little better. Out the door at 11 pm to see the Fremont Show.

The Fremont Experience is still under partial construction, so the Main Street end was all blocked off, and they only had the show on about half of the canopy. It really distracts not having the full canopy and show. Hope this gets finished soon for all the other viewers.

On the way back to MSS, I just had to stop in again at LVC. Figured I was getting 3x points until midnight. I played all the nickel slots, playing $2.25 a spin. Had 3-4 really good payouts, and sure nice to have tickets out. An hour later, walked out of there a few hundred to the good. Finally, into MSS casino around 1230am and my first gambling session here since checkin. I plunk $20 in I Dream Of Jeannie and get it up to over $100, but figured I needed to get some play/points in anyways and played it all back through. Sat down at the .50 db/dbb right in front of the cashier, and it the Ace's for $400. This was to be my biggest win, until my last night. Cashed out and finally up to my room at 130am or so, and took a $$ count. Wow! I was back even to what I brought, plus the $200 I took from the ATM. Tomorrow, Day 5 Rio, and Hard Rock.

Day 5, April 29 RIO, Hard Rock, MSS

Today I'm spending the day with my brother. We went to MSS buffet for lunch. I used my LVA 2fer1 coupon. Steve's a big guy, and if you feed him, he is happy. After lunch, we stopped at the Gambler's General store on Main Street. I bought fuzzy LV dice for my car and a plush LV sign pillow. Paid $7.77 for it here vs. $11.99 elsewhere. Next time I'll get the huge single plush dice to hang from the ceiling.

Next stop was RIO. I had planned on using my LVA 2fer coupon to see Ronn Lucas, but MJ gave me 2 free comp tickets, she got at Harrahs. Just had to pay $16 for 2 drinks. I saw Ronn last December, but thought Steve would get a kick out of it. It was pretty much the same routine, but I laughed just the same. I like the open seating they use for his show. One strange and irritating thing though. After waiting in the huge line since 2 pm, they open the doors at 2:30pm. Moved pretty fast, then all of a sudden it stops at the door. Some Russian speaking lady stops each group, asks how many, and says they take your picture. Most of us couldn't understand a thing she was saying. Of course, you viewed your pictures after and bought them for souvenirs, but of what, you and the doorway? Once we got up there, I said we didn't want a picture taken and we zipped right in.

After the show, we watched the 5pm Show In The Sky. Looks like some revamping, which seems to appeal to most. We sat in the bar and watched 2 of the beverage-entertainers real close. I kinda sorta felt sorry for them. Steve stated that one of them needed to keep her cocktail waitress job!

Next stop, Hard Rock. Being a Thursday evening, it was pretty quiet, with only half of the table games open. Steve got a players card, and his free shot glass, and I got 2x points. I really don't know why I continue to come here, being there is hardly anything decent to play and I very seldom win anything here.

Dinner was at Mr. Luckys Café and we were unlucky in getting some male waiter, who kept disappearing in some off room. He showed up promptly when we sat down and wanted our order, but we hadn't even looked at the menu yet. After that, service went south. He would come out, go to one other table, then hide, back out to same table, do one thing, then hide, over and over. we're waiting and waiting. Finally, he brings our food out, and I inquired as to where the salads were. He mumbles 'sorry', and rushed back to kitchen area and put our salads together, and brings them out. Then he disappeared again. I never saw him go to any other table. I had to wave and motion when he peeked out just to get the check from him. Well, he got a little tip. I think HR is off my to-do list from now on.

Back to MSS for the night. Bought in for $100 at single deck BJ, playing mostly $10 hands. I'm down to my last $10, when MJ shows up from GN, and she sits in for a few hands. I suddenly had some good wins, and MJ busted and finally said she was going to bed. I continued to play for about 30 more minutes, and cashed out $150 ahead. Oh goodie, now I have some VP money!

I walk toward to cashier/,50 machines, and lo and behold, there is MJ sitting there, on MY machines, with almost $1000 credit on the machine. I said...'hey, what ya doing on MY machine, what happened to going to bed, and where did you get all that?' MJ stated she got the Ace's twice. So, I ,of course, sit next to her on the other one, and proceeded to get DIDDLY-SQUAT, whining all along the way!
We just like to compete and brag about our wins to each other. Nah nah.
So, over the next few hours, I lose back all what I got at the BJ tables, and finally hit the bed. Little did I know what state of mind I would be getting into the next morning.

Day 6, April 30 The MSS Lockout, GN Meet, Sunset Station

Ok, MJ and I both slept in. We planned on getting together for Noon lunch before the GN Meet. Bro calls, and wants to know if I can take him to North Las Vegas, to where his co-worker is. It's about 10:30 am, I had a cup of java brewing, I throw on my dirty clothes, and bop downstairs to the gift shop for some medicinal supplies. All I carried was my room key and cc. Back upstairs in 5 minutes, and crap..door won't open! Back downstairs to get another set of card keys. Back upstairs, still doesn't open. Spanish-speaking housekeeping wouldn't attempt to try or help, they were trying to tell me someone was in the room with the deadbolt on. I'm yelling in the hallway, 'cause I had a tight schedule, hadn't had a bath, hadn't had my meds, my coffee, was cranky, etc... Finally got black housekeeper to call someone. After 15 minutes a guy comes, who was only a "battery changer", looks at it, and said he has to call security with a master key. Being the mentally-unstable person I am, I was really going ballistic at this point. My bro probably thought I WAS NUTS! Guy has to call on radio twice, security goes to floor 14 when 16 was stated numerous times. After 30 minutes, getting more and more frustrated and steaming mad in the fricking hallway, slow-ass security man finally shows up to get the door open. I mean, this is a 400-room hotel, not some huge megatoilet, and it took them this long? Was there a line of something or did I take the security guy time away from his morning donut?

Ok, so door finally gets open, tell Steve to call MJ and tell her I'll be 30 minutes late or so, I comb my hair, leave the dirty clothes on, and bro and I get car and I get on I-95 up to Decater, and then north to Ann Road. Drop Steve off, and then back to MSS. At least, Steve will be occupied for the rest of the day, and both he and co-worker leave in the am, so I won't have to take Steve to the airport.

Meet MJ at Noon-ish, we eat at MSS Buffet. Just doesn't seem to be as good as earlier, or maybe my mind just wasn't into it? We head over to GN Meet, just a few of us this time...Frank, and Sharon from NY, and Fatfish. Fatfish was helping my understand how to bet on the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

After the Meet, I head back to MSS to get my car, being I needed to 'checkin' at Sahara, even though I was staying the night at MSS. I call SueInVegas and we decide to meet for dinner at Sunset first. I breeze over there, and we have a nice dinner and conversation at Capri. Some times just a one-on-one chat is nice. I had some Shrimp Parmesan dish, that was soo good. After that, I got sucked out of $75 and then headed over to Sahara.

The Kentucky Derby Offer I got from Sahara was for Fri-Sun nights, and included the Kentucky Derby party and hat parade. I still needed to check in though. I was going to stay here Sat and Sun nights, until my Paris Offer came in. Like, why stay at Sahara when I get 3 fully comped night plus $$ and food at Paris?

Valet at Sahara around 10pm, get room 607 in Tunis Tower, and go up to drop a small bag and my derby hat off in the room. My room had an awesome view of the valet area and garage, but it was close to the way out. All the hype about the Tangiers Tower being remodeled, or the better one, sorry, I don't agree. I stayed in Tangiers last June, and after that vowed never to stay at Sahara again. When I got the "free" offer, I took them up on it. My total bill was $12 (energy surcharge and phone). Once you got past the reeky elevator and the slight musty smell in the hallway, the room was quite adequate. This room also had it's own a/c controls. I actually used the shower vs wouldn't touch the one in the Tangiers Tower. The slot club has moved into better digs since last year. The only play I gave them was on Saturday for an hour at the bar and a horsebet...which I won....way to go Smarty Jones! The lady bartender was one of the best I have seen for service and made some mean Cosmos! Didn't go any other food outlets or play any table games. The tables looked to be pretty full Saturday night. Oh, and once it actually gets running, the monorail will take you right into the casino. I thought about gambling a bit in the casino, but was too bushed, and headed back to MSS for the night.

Day 7, May 1 Sahara and The Kentucky Derby

Bro comes by early, he and friend are on the way to airport, hug, hug, so long.
I go to slot club, and check with host about getting Friday night charges taken care of. Ipo takes charges off, informs front desk, and mentions any misc charges will be billed to cc. I know I made 1 or 2 local phone calls, that was it. After I got home, I checked my recent cc activity online, and there was a $10.05 charge from MSS. Still can't figure out what this was for. Maybe the security guy's time?

MJ and I then head over to Sahara. We attempted a stop at Luv-It-Custard, but they didn't open until 1 pm. SueinVegas was suppose to come, but bummer, she chickened out. We registered for the derby upstairs, found out there was only going to be ONE derby hat winner for $500, and I said, why not 3, like Win, Place, or Show? We freshened up in room, got our $10 freeplay from the slot club, and then hit the vp at the bar, and ordered Cosmos. Lady bartender was great! Excellent drinks and we never had to ask for a refill, like at Sunset. I got 2 quads, and played on $20 for a while, but it all went back in.

The Derby! Before we headed upstairs, I made a total of $18 in bets, and placed a boxed exacta for $5 on Smarty Jones and Lionheart. We get our hats, and in we go to the Garden Room. 3-4 large screen TVs, large tables through out the room, seating for 10. We each got more than enough coupons for food and drinks, and our raffle was 2 of the horses. None of ours came in. All us gals wearing hats gathered, and we were told, there was going to be 3 winners, $500, $250, & $100.
Shoot...I should have gotten a kickback just for the suggestion! We paraded around the room, like cats in heat, and strutted our hats. I though mine was pretty good, with the money-theme et al. The winner was some old coot, who just happened to have the LARGEST hat with a fricking boa feather thingee on it.
Ok, let the race begin! My 2 horses win, and I collect my winnings...$163!! Not too shabby, considering this was my first horse bet ever.

I drop MJ back off at MSS, and on the way back to Sahara, finally get to stop in at Luv-It-Custard. Just the owner running it, and it took forever. This guy needs to get some help. Custard was good, but so glad we have it all over here in Colorado, and you poor Vegas souls can only get it in 1 place with limited hours.
Crashed as soon as I hit the room, and never did go gamble anymore at Sahara.

Day 8, May 2 My sister, Paris and LaCage

I pick up my oldest sister at Stardust in the early am. She was in for a few days, to celebrate her 50th birthday, and then head to CA. Plans were for me to checkin at Paris, and us have brunch there, using my comp points. Went to kiosk and comped myself $50 of my $52 available. We got there about 930am, and found out brunch doesn't start here until 1130am. We aren't much into champagne anyways, so waited in line about 30 minutes, and had the regular breakfast. The cost was about $6 less, so any unused portion of my comp $$ goes back into your account. I really like The Connection Card for this.

This was the first time I ever tried the Paris buffet, and I have to say, it is pretty awesome. I liked the station where they made up fresh crepes for you. There was so much, many things with the French flair, of course. After stuffing ourselves, we headed to checkin.

I went into the invited line, and asked about getting something non-smoking with a view, not like the one of the a/c I had last year. I had $20 folded with the cc, but clerk pushed it back to me. Why is it so hard to get a KING non-smoking room? I ended up with 2 beds, but at least non-smoking on the 10th floor. Also, got my $25 slot coupon, and $50 food comps. Sis and I go up, and relax while we wait for my bag to be brought up. I got a great view facing the pool complex and the Eiffel Tower. I took many pictures from the window, including the Bellagio fountains in the background.

Next stop was the Eiffel Tower. Tickets for the 2 of us came to $12, which I charged to my room. They take digital pics of your group, once you are on the bridge. For once, we both thought it turned out ok, and sister paid the $20 for us to ea get a 5x7 print. There's not a lot of room up there, and in close quarters with other folks on a hot day, makes it even more 'hot'. We stayed up top, until we got to see the Bellagio Fountains go off. I'm glad I finally got to go up here, but just like the Strat Tower, I think once is enough.

Sis is a 30-yr+ collector of owls, so off we went to the Antique store on Flamingo and Maryland Pkwy. The smell of this place reminds me of a Salvation Army store. After browsing for a few hours, we both came away with a few trinkets.

Final stop of the day was Riveria. Valet the car, and we both got slot cards and our free spin. We didn't take them up on their $40 for $20 come-on. Used my LVA 2fer coupon for tickets to 7:30pm show of LaCage, total w/box fee, came to $51.

After some play with no luck for either of us, we chowed down a quick bite at the food court, and then it was show time. That was some LOOONG line, with VIP's let in first. I tried to upgrade at the box office, but no go. We were seated in the back area, with the removable chairs, and we moved back to one of the booths, which was a step higher, and we could see over everyone's heads. Overall, I liked the show. Not that I would go see it again, but it was funny at times. There was a new addition of a spoof of Madonna and Dolly Parton, which had everyone laughing so hard.

After the show, I dropped sis off at Stardust, and I crashed for the night, without gambling, at Paris.

Day 9, May 3 Paris and MC Meet

Today was to pretty much be a ME day, so I lazy'ed in the room until 1130am. I called Sahara and 'checked out'..bill was $12. Called MJ to wish her a good trip, and she stated she had to go to ATM for $$ home. (I mention this, because this will come into play later.) Down to the buffet for a try at lunch, charged to my room. Lunch was even more splendid than breakfast. I went to Ballys to get my $25 slot play, and was surprised when the cashier just gave me $25 in actual cash. Ya know where that went.

Off to the MC Meet. After a few bad timings, finally got to meet CarolWi. Also, in attendance was Frank, Norm and Andrea, BigE, Hugh, and TheRealMrVegas. We had a slight delay in getting a table, and once we did, couldn't get anyone to serve us. MrReal and I finally just went up to the bar to get a beer. We had some good laughs, and a big OUCH, when we all saw Carol's head wound. The picture she showed us after she was stitched, was more gruesome than the present.

After the meet, I headed back to my room, and decided just to stay put. Eight plus days of running around, and I was feeling a wee bit bushed. I got dinner from the bakery and ate it in room, and YES..just watched TV and looked at the Eiffel Tower all lit up. And still no gambling in Paris!
Day 10 May 4 FINAL DAY Dusty's Day, Paris and The accident

Ok, I'm out the door at 8am, having to get my sister to bus station by 9am. Stop at bakery and use my last $11 food comps for coffee and munchies for sister. Pick sis up at Stardust, and get her dropped off at Greyhound, where's she's on a bus to CA. Yuck! Hug, hug, so long, I still am in Vegas, baby!

Gave Dusty a call, tell her I'm on my way. This was to be Dusty's Day, me playing chauffer and possibly see Clint Holmes. But, with Dusty being not so mobile, our events were limited. We chatted a bit, then off to Organized Living, lunch at Souper Salad, Joann Fabrics, and then Wal-Mart. I swear the screaming child from the lunch place, followed us into Joan Fabrics. The heat, and us going in and out of the car, finally was tiring both of us. We headed back to her place, and it was 430pm when I left.

Ok, so I'm thinking about heading over to Fiesta, get on Frank Sinatra Drive, then thought, if I want to bet on the hockey game, it might be prudent NOT to go to Fiesta, provided the game starts at 5pm. I backtrack to Palms, park it, and get a $20 bet on the CO Av's 5-miutes before start of game. Well, that was a loser.
Drop $55 in nickel slot, nada. Move over to DB VP, and play $20 though, nada. Ok, I've got about $200 left to my name, and figure another $10, then go back to Paris, and get a good night's sleep before I leave in the am.

Pop the $10 in, play a few hands, then an A club, junk, junk, junk, 10clubs comes up. Now, correct strategy is to hold only the Ace. I hold the Ace and 10, and out pop the K, Q, J of clubs for a $1000 Royal! Whoopppeeeeeeeee!!!!! My first sequential royal..darn I wasn't on that type of machine that would pay me more.
I had to get on the phone and tell Sue. I was lamenting how I was going to pay for my car insurance and tags when I got home. No worries now. Amazing how getting a royal, all of a sudden gives you a second wind. I now have 2 royals in LV.

I continued to play a bit more, some good wins, some loses. Ate dinner at the buffet, using my 50% LVA coupon. Ugh, wasn't impressed at all. Played some more, and left once I saw that the Av's had lost.

It's about 9pm, my last night at Paris and I am actually UP $200 or so. I should be thinking about getting to bed, because I have a 12-hr drive in front of me. But hey, it's Vegas, baby! I walk around a bit, and notice they have some decent VP machines. $20 in one, and get quads 4's and another, cash out over $200. Little in, here and there, few more wins on nickel machines. It's now after 11 pm, oh oh, I better get to bed. $20 Slingo, first time for this, cash out almost $200. Ok, now I'm daring..$20 in $1 machine..quad for $250! Now I'm really stupid..$20 in $5 machine, and 2 hands, nada. Time to call it a night.
Up at 730am, get all packed, comp myself breakfast at Café, and checkout, total bill was $14.50, which I used my comp dollars for.


New things I did: Star Trek Experience, HorseBet Winner, Luv-It-Custard, Eiffel Tower, LaCage, Paris Buffet.

Hard to believe I spent 10 days, and I missed out on my usual drop-ins of Caesars, GVR, Terribles, Tuscany, and Fiesta. Still had lots of unused LVA coupons...maybe use them in December?

Always make it a point to save the best room for your last days. Last trip, it was GVR. Would be a bummer to start at Paris, and end up at Sahara.

Still wonder how I got the Paris Offer, and amazing that I actually won there.

Felt like I did way too much running around this trip, and not enough time for myself. Of course, next time I'll most likely do the same thing.

Cost Breakdown: $152 2 night LVH, net after goodies
$12 Sahara
$10.05 MSS For what?
$0, NADA, zip PARIS
$110 gas for car, 1770 total miles, including LV driving.

I hope I didn't bore too much of you with this report, and glad that I finally finished writing the dang thing. I know I left things out, but you get the gist.

And finally, THE ACCIDENT...... I came home with more $$ in my pocket than what I left Denver with! This was a first and hopefully not the last.

*** Pictures of events, people, and sites will be posted out on VegasPix. ****