Left RDU on time for an un eventful flight to LV. Checking into the Aladdin went smooth. Upgraded to a room with a vies of the Bellagio fountians for $30 more. Not really worth it, never did see the fountains from the room. I loved the Aladdin with the exception of the bed and pillows. Not comfortable at all, but everything else was great and the other 8 people we went with had no complaints, so maybe I jaut had a bad bed. I liked everything else about the place. Great shopping at the Desert Passage, Zanzabar Cafe was great for Breakfast and Lunch, people were very friendly, I would stay here again in a minute.

Shows - Celine Dion, not a fan, didn't want to go, figured it was a $175 nap, boy was I wrong. Fantastic is all I can say. ZUMANITY - again incredible, unfortunatly words can'y even describe it, who thought of that.

Had dinner twice at NYNY, first at Gallagers (couldn't get into Emeril's) big mistake, had the dry aged beef and it was exactly that dry, Baked Oysters were great as was the Ceasar, but $1023 later for ten of us and everyone was like "it was OK", next night we eneded up at NYNY again because of show, so ate at American Grill, again just not good.

Gambling - Great at Aladdin, played thre card poker, hit the straight flush with $10 on the bonus, also real good at Venetian, NYNY, I didn't really like downtown casinos that much. I came home with about $1200 more than I left with and that includes after food and drink, so it was a great trip as far as that goes. If I would have stayed away from the slots and horses it would have been even better, but what the heck.

In a word about the trip - FANTASTIC - eveyone have fun