Let me start off saying that you definitely have to ask to get anything you really want.... We ended up with 2 $5 and 2 $20 comps to the Diner and a LOT of coupons. With that being said, we checked into the Plaza and they upgraded us to a Deluxe room from a standard one because we were celebrating our anniversary. We got to our room and it wasn't bad, but didn't have a very good view. I went in to take a bath and had no hot water so I went downstairs and asked if they had any other rooms (with a better view and hot water) and they said they were booked, but I should check back in the morning. I checked back and they assigned me Room 802. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. They upgraded us again for free to a petite suite. Had a balcony staring down Freemont Street (with HOT water)!!!!!!!!! I was happy at this point considering it was for a full 6 nights.

It's not the Ritz, but its worth what you pay. I didn't experience any foul odors that people seem to talk about either. (That had me scared before we went).

We took off walking down Freemont Street to Binions and hubby is happy that he gets to watch the big shots play poker. We messed around Freemont Street and went back to the Plaza and I played Blackjack and he played some Poker. The first night, we did well. By the end of the trip, I can't say I did well, but he broke about even.

Funny thing happened though. I have never had an encounter with a "casino host" or anyone of that caliper in a hotel. I was playing my minimal $5 blackjack and a host came over and started talking to me. Blatently, gave me his card and told me to never make hotel arrangements in Vegas without calling him first. After he walked off, I had no idea who he was so I asked the dealer. The dealer smiled and said (in a half laugh) casino host. I was impressed. I have always heard that that is who you want to know if you want better rates. We'll see if I get good rates going thru him instead of a travel agent next time we head out! :-)

Hotels visited this trip: Plaza, Golden Nugget, Binions, Fitz, 4 Queens (saw a lady hit that $10,000 on the free spin), Vegas Club, NYNY (we went to Coyote Ugly), Bellagio, Aladdin, Palms, Stratosphere, Sahara, Riviera, Westward Ho, Slots o Fun, Monte Carlo.

Cost of Trip: Airfare from OKC to LAS and 7 nights hotel (Plaza) = $728
Car for full week from Dollar - $161 after all taxes. Geez, there were $50 in taxes alone!!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot... got a hour massage at the Golden Nugget. It was WONDERFUL! There is nothing like being pampered!!!!!!!!!!!