I was fortunate to find a great airfare some months ago from Green Bay to Vegas, and just could not pass it up! This was a short trip, strictly to gamble. Turned out no one could come with....oh well! Got on an earlier flight by flying stand-by, so got in around 2 p.m. Got ripped off by the cabbie...I know the tunnel thing, but he kept talking about Paradise being blocked off. Live and learn.
Got to the Frontier, and after waiting in line, was irritated that my room was not ready. They told me it was a Penthouse suite, but wasn't cleaned yet. I said I would take something else (I like to check in, unpack, and GAMBLE...this was throwing me off!!), but they didn't have anything else.
So, checked my carry-on, and off to check out my favorite VP games. After losing some $$, went back and got my room. WOW!! 16th floor (that is the top floor in their Atrium suite area), with huge bedroom, huge jacuzzi bathroom (carpeted, double vanity, walk-in glass shower, etc.) AND a separate room with table/chairs, chandelier, bar, TWO loveseats and big-screen T.V. The best: a COFFEEPOT!! It was actually kind of funny, as I had no one to ooh and aah with! So, I unpacked, and walked down to the Riv to see how the progressives looked.
The dollar VP was a little over $4000, so I slipped a Franklin in. On my second machine, hit a small quad with a kicker for $832. While waiting to be paid, put a $20 in the machine next to it, and got another low quad for $400. Managed to hit another $800 before leaving those machines.
Headed back to the Frontier, where I donated for the rest of the evening.
On Sunday, played for awhile before going to mass at Guardian Angel.
Beautiful weather, and I couldn't be unhappy even tho I couldn't seem to win much. Played in that area of the strip until mid afternoon, when I bought the Sunday LV Review Journal, and went to the Frontier coffee shop for a BLT. When I went to put the charge on my room, the cashier said "you signed to not put charges on your room". When I looked puzzled, she said, "Don't worry, you're on the 16th floor...we'll straighten it out". Too funny. Sunday night continued my losing streak....yuk.
On Monday, another beautiful day, with bad luck all morning. I was considering some time at Bingo, when I managed to hit a royal on quarter VP at the Riv. Held 3 to the royal on the bottom line of a Triple Play, and wasn't even paying attention when the last two cards popped up on the top line. Woo Hoo! Finally! I had had so many hands with 4 cards to the royal, that it had started to get kind of amusing! Managed to get Aces on Super Aces that same afternoon ($500) at the Frontier, so knew I would make it thru the trip!
I had checked into Harrah's for Monday night (standard room, Carnivale tower), so walked to the Bellagio for some sightseeing. The sidewalk was closed in front of Caeser's, so walked all the way thru the casino to get around. Conservatory was very nice...lots of tulips and miniature roses. A new fountain show at dusk...gotta love it.
Back to Harrah's, where I sat down at the bar near the Casino Royale entrance. I was winning at VP, had some great old fashions, and loved the 60's tunes that kept playing. How could one be unhappy?
Left Tuesday at 1 p.m., with my flight from Chicago to Green Bay cancelled unexpectedly. Finally got rebooked, and home around 11 p.m.
Don't have another trip booked until Dec. (lots of summer stuff 'up north'). Will be watching for other reports for my "fix".